Nasrallah replacement chosen
Dudi Cohen
Published: 13.10.08, 16:19
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1. Assasination is a two way street!
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.13.08)
Hezbollah is not and has never been a one man show. So before the zionists get too excited, they should step back, take a deep breath and pray for their own salvation.
2. good news for Israel
George ,   Canada   (10.13.08)
Israel being assassinating Hamas leaders for years ,and what the outcome? one go more radical one comes.
3. #1 Bandar
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.13.08)
Iran previously demoted Nasrallah and now they're paving the way for his demise and replacement by Iranian leadership. Iran has every intention of taking control from Hizbullah. Open your eyes Bandar before it's too late and you find yourself living in the Lebanese Republic of Iran. It's not the "zionists" who threaten Lebanon's survival.
4. another not-one-man show ...
Ben ,   USA   (10.13.08)
Nazism was not a one-man-show featuring only Adolf Hitler. There were plenty of other bigoted, fanatical nazis willing to line up to take Hitler's place had he been assassinated. If one of the assassination attempts on him by his own generals in World War II had succeeded, the SS, in turn, would have killed the responsible parties, found another bigot to become the figurehead of Nazism, and resumed their crimes against mankind. Hey, aren't there pictures of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem back in the early 1940's palling it up with Hitler? Well then, no surprise that there is no lack of homicidal bigots willing to lead Hezbollah to attempt to harm Israel ...
5. Bandar ............Beirut, Lebanon
Charles   (10.13.08)
why do you stick around the Israeli websites ? You seem osessed and paranoid. Poor Lebanese.
6. #3...
Franklin ,   Paris   (10.13.08)
Bravo !
7. They should have appointed olmert!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.13.08)
he has done more to strengthen hizbollah than anyone else. zippy the pinhead can be his replacement.
8. nice try cynthia
radi ,   North Carolina   (10.13.08)
we are not wahhabis.. we know who is the enemy and who is the friend.. you are dealing with the real Muslims now dear... the sons and daughters of Mohammad, Hussein, Hassan, and Fatima.... absolutely not bunch of Arabs like in the 48,67, and 73.. ( notice, Israel fear the small Hezbollah more than the big Syria and the far Iran more than the close Egypt) WE, in America, Need to leave Israel before it is too late for us. ( REPENT and ask God for forgiveness for their brutality and innocent killing with our support and weapons)
9. no. 1 nasrallah is no longer a target
your army your infrastructure your villages your government is part of the hezbollah machine and is now a target. we are all hezbollah....
10. Dead man walking
Septimus ,   Rome   (10.13.08)
The new Shiite terrorist boss is a dead man walking. Like Mugniyeh, like others his name has been written on the book of of death. He will not know, when, and where, but someday he will met the violent death those terrorist deserve
11. reply to #3 Cynthia
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.13.08)
Where did you get you mis-information about Iran demoting Nasrallah? From the Mossad? In any case, I would be honored to be living in a Lebanese Republic of Iran.
12. reply to #5 Charles
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.13.08)
I stick around Israeli website to see how stupid your views are.
13. bandar from lebanon
if jews or israelis were stupid, you would be in israel right now. israel, contrary to your delusional analysis, is not afraid at all. they are RESTRAINED! this is a very big difference, my man. israel has existed here on earth for 60 years in spite of wars and terror and will continue. no matter what rhetoric of grandeur comes out of any mouth in lebanon, the simple fact is that they can't defeat this tiny state and jewish nation. israel didn't survive by stupidity or being dumb, bandar. it survived thanks to god by the stupidity of her enemies in fact.
14. I don't fear you
Bengurion   (10.13.08)
Nasrallah himself accused Israel of seeking to assassinate Hizbullah commanders. "I tell the Zionists: We don't fear you. Mr Nasralla what is your address? where are you hiding? If you don't have fear ...the mossad is looking for your address...
15. #13 kol hakavod
Charles   (10.13.08)
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (10.13.08)
Are totally misplaced.I wonder where the hell did you get the idea of Iran wanting to take over Hezbollah's leadership?What is there to take over?Are you in doubt about them being the same entity?
17. Hiding under rocks not so much fun, eh nasty rallah?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.14.08)
18. Bandar, you make me laugh serously!!!
naqba4u ,   Safed, Israel   (10.14.08)
Your country has been torn apart for over 31 years. Your beloved leader Nasralla hides in bunkers writing his will and having a successor appointed for him in the likely event of his demise. You people are so busy pissing on each other that you cannot even pop a zit on a camels ass let alone defeat the Zionist entity. Then you make make the hallucinatory observation that we Zionists need to pray for our salvation?! You need to audition for Saturday Night Live. You know what I am saying is right. Nasralla for sure knows that I am speaking the truth. Hold on to your dreams though if that is what keeps you sane!
19. #11 Bandar
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.14.08)
Many sources reported Nasrallah's demotion including Naharnet Newsdesk (Lebanese source). On 12/13/07, they wrote, "Iran's Spiritual leader Ali Khamenei has stripped Hizbullah's Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah of his military authorities and appointed his deputy, sheikh Naim Qassem, commander of the party's military branch". Following Mughniyeh's death, Iran brought in Muhammad Riza Zahdi, an Iranian replacement. Iran was apparently not happy with Nasrallah or Hizbullah over the financial loss incurred to wage the War in Lebanon. Bandar, I'm wondering how you feel being led around on a leash by the Iranians? Wouldn't you experience more honor living under a united and independent Lebanon than under Iranian occupation? Is Hashem Safi al-Din also Iranian?
20. #2georgey your correct
jerome ,   basalt co.   (10.13.08)
Isreal should kill them while they're chosen to be a repalcement, maybe 2 or 3 at a time. Or maybe they should move to your neighborhood in Canada?
21. Oy Why Did They Pick A Guy Named "Hashem?"
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (10.13.08)
22. Nasrallah the rat
American ,   los angeles   (10.14.08)
nasrallah, who has not seen daylight since last septembers 2 minute speech when his chief commander died, says "he does not fear the zionist attempts to kill him" in his hole under beirut. who is scared? u tell me? The fact that they replaced him shows that hezbollah is a loosing faction. just like al queda, hamas, islamic jihad and all the other junk.
23. Want more of Bandar?
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (10.14.08)
Take a look at his feedbacks on Al Arabiya Unfortunately you will see more of the same, not much insight or creativity, just more cheering for the Hizballah.
24.  to bandar , mahmood the dahya strategy
dovdevan ,   ashdod,israel   (10.13.08)
we could weep your country lebanon off the map in a minute !! have you heard about the dahiya strategy in case of a new war with lebanon ? all lebanon will look like the dahiya neighbourhood we will burn every villages from where a single missile is being sent no matter civilian lives in this area !!!!so you better begin to worry for your country
25. #8, radi
israeli ,   israel   (10.14.08)
One thing you should know: Israelis are not afraid of anyone or anything except G-d.
26. Nasrallah must keep a spirit of struggle and war among ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.08)
Nasrallah must keep a spirit of struggle and war among his men. Hizbullah has become a stronger political force in Lebanon since the end of the war two summers ago, winning enough representation in the Cabinet to veto any major decisions. Syria, which aided Hizbullah in the Second Lebanon War, last week established diplomatic relations with Lebanon for the first time in history, providing Syrian President Bashar Assad with a stronger political base in Beirut's affairs after having withdrawn its military from Lebanon before the 2006 war. As to the Hizbullah, it is doubtful that the Shiites will always follow Nasrallah to the barricades, and those who do so will expect material sustenance from Hizbullah. Nasrallah knows it and for this reason he must keep a spirit of struggle and war among his men. More at :
27. # 12 What a coincidence
Thomas   (10.14.08)
I go to Muslim websites to read stories about adults who live in fear of Barbie dolls and Pokemon cards and who get violently distressed over cartoons.
28. Hezbollah is a cancer. Have to treat the WHOLE cancer.
David ,   Boston, USA   (10.14.08)
29. reply to #24 dovdevan
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.14.08)
First of all try to invest in education by learning to write better in English. You meant to say 'wipe out', not "weep your country". You had your chance in 2006 and you failed miserably. We kicked your behinds and you left with your tail between your legs.
30. reply to #25 Israeli, Israel
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.14.08)
you say "One thing you should know: Israelis are not afraid of anyone or anything except G-d." I think you meant to say the 'party of G-d', or Hezbollah.
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