Doha conference calls for protection of Al-Aqsa mosque
Roee Nahmias
Published: 14.10.08, 08:59
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1. ELOHIM accepted only Holy Temple in Jerusalem
Lutfi ,   Turkey   (10.14.08)
ELOHIM blessed me and I am Messiah of Israel Nation and to all mankind.In this respect I would like to transmit message of ELOHIM to all mankind. ELOHIM said me that I am from Jacob -Rachel race. Son of Israel Heaven door is open only to Torah Heaven door are on the Temple wall All mankind must unit under Torah Moses commandments is actual and to be complete by me and Israel Nation then Torah to be cover all mankind. On the world peace must be save,otherwise world to be end!! According ELOHIM law life to be continue. Till today I make my mission and ELOHIM accept my pray. Mission is upon me and Israel Nation!! my mission is to transmit ELOHIM commands to all mankind. ELOHIM sent me to Israel Nation !!
Petra ,   usa   (10.14.08)
3. Erase the ugly mosque and use its top as a satellite dish.
4. #1 Lutfi
Said ,   London, UK   (10.14.08)
Unfortunately for you, that's also what Christianity and Islam say. Go figure!
5. Doha
Millicent ,   Israel   (10.14.08)
A bunch of hate filled racists meet at Doha spewing nothing but hatred from their mouths. Israel has never harmed any Christian sites any where in Israel,nor has it harmed any Muslim sites as well. Unlike the Muslims who have destroyed not onlu Jewish tTemples in their own lands but Jewish sites in the Gaza area have been destroyed, and in Afganistan the Muslims Talibanist destroyed Buddist Statues and other non Muslim Holy Objects they came across in their land, so have the Iranians and every other Muslim land so stop the putrid lies from coming out of your mouths liars at Doha you are the ones not respecting other religions and their property not Israel!
6. UH???
Myself ,   NY   (10.14.08)
Ynet are you kidding? I wait for an article about WAFQ. And about how WAFQ put in the trashcan several historical objects from jew history. Quickly!
7. It would have been more realistic...
Michael ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.14.08)
To decide to protect the archeological world from the wanton depredations caused by the Waqf's indicriminate use of bulldozers for "renovations" that destroy archeological artifacts on the Temple Mount by the hundreds. This is a purely political action aimed at destroying evidence of cultures that occupied the Temple Mount prior to Islam in an attempt to justify their sole claim to the location.
8. Saudis destroyed Mecca
Muslim from Turkey ,   Ankara, Turkey   (10.14.08)
I visited the holy places in Jerusalem, no harm done by Jews. On the contrary Saudi government is destroying all remenicents of the holy prophet era to build ugly towers. Stop lying and ptotect Mecca first!
9. No rights to Arabs on Jerusalem.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.14.08)
Arabs and/or Muslims have no historical rights on Jerusalem. In the days of Muhammad, who died in 632 c.e., Jerusalem was a Christian-occupied city within the Byzantine Empire. Jerusalem was captured by caliph Omar only in 638 c.e. About 80 years after Muhammad died, Malik's son, Abd el-Wahd ‒who ruled in 705-715‒ reconstructed the Christian-Byzantine Church of St. Mary and converted it into a mosque, he named it El-Aqsa, so it would sound like the one mentioned in the Koran as described at :
10. Holy Sites
Timberwolf ,   Bristol, UK   (10.14.08)
As a Christian I have to point out that within true Christian teaching the Land was given to the Jewish people as an inheritance not specifically to Christians or anyone else. Christianity is for grafting in gentiles not replacing Jews as the chosen of the most high G-d.
11. The Al Aqsa is an abomination!
JAyjay ,   Israel   (10.14.08)
It is a pimple on the beautiful face of Judaism that needs to be squeezed and burst. I say destroy the eye sore as its only purpose is to insult us and hide our third temple. Jerulasem has no history in the Quran and it never existed during Mohammads time. Enough of the Arab lies. Also, why arent these Arab leaders charged with incitement. Isnt that what he clearly is trying to do?
12. When they stop desecrating other religous buildings
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (10.14.08)
then perhaps the world would show the Muslims respect. As a matter of truth, Mosques in Tiveria, Ashkelon and other places have been restored. We didn't destroy them. Not like Jerusalem and Akko where they used our temples as manure dumping grounds, and used our headstones as foot paths. So holy are they. The dome is not real gold either, its just a load of lead gilded. When they pray their arses are facing Jerusalem, that is how important our holy city is to them.
13. Why did muslims build a house ontop of Judaisms most holy?
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.14.08)
Why did the muslims build a house (mosque and dome) ontop of the temple mount? Was it because there were so few placesa to build, or was it to show supremacy over Judaism (in their eyes)? I wonder which one is the true cause. What do you think?
14. We have to protect our Temple Mount
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.14.08)
from islam!
15. ok, doha
show me ONE SINGLE INCIDENT WHERE JEWS IN ISRAEL DESTROYED ANY OF THE RELIGIOUS CHRISTIAN AND MUSLIM BUILDINGS AND SITES!!!! show me any jewish activity to undermine and destroy any of the sites you are talking about! now! show me the evidence that your "facts" are based on. now! when did they occur, when did the jews destroy anything on the ground, when did the israeli government made a policy of descecrating any of the religious sites you mention. show me one single incidence that supports what you are saying! now! on the other hand, i can show the world tons of descecrations and muslim mobs ruining anything that is jewish and christian by blowing up a church, by blowing up budhist temples, by blowing up and taking axes to jewish cemeteries, by dismantling and ruining rachel's tomb and other jewish tombs like joseph's tomb. yes, it happened. we all saw it on tv when it happened and there are youtube videos to show the muslims desecrating and ruining churches, blowing up houses of worship that are not islamic, blowing up churches and synagogues in acts of terrorism, etc... again, show me one incident where jews took axes and dynamite to destroy any christian and muslim holy site in israel or abroad. LIARS!
16. To Johnny number 13
Palestinian   (10.14.08)
The thing is that Islam (submission) is a religion that was started by Abraham who called his followers the submitters (muslims) and all other Prophets of (Allah) or Elah called for the same God of Ibrahim. Whether it was Moses or Jesus, for Muslims these are all prophets from the same God and that Muhammad is only the Seal of the Prophets and the one who revived the message and the original call of Ibrahim. For Muslims David was the first Caliph as mentioned in the Quran... Masjid al-Aqsa or the furthest site of prostation as mentioned in the Quran refers to that spot in Jerusalem in which previous prophets of Allah has established the second Masjid of worship ever after the Kaabah in Mecca... According to Islamic tradition Ibrahim and his sons built both the Temple of Mecca (Kaabah) and the one in Jerusalem. The Temple of Masjid of Jerusalem has been destroyed as mentioned in the Quran and that the duty of Muslims is to re establish and build this mosque again as was done later by Omar bin al-Khattab. In fact, it was a Jew who converted to Islam who helped the Caliph identifying the exact location. This Rabbi was called Kaab al-Ahbar. The Children of Israel have been mentioned in the Quran numerously as people that Allah have blessed and has chosen from among nations to establish the religion of total submission to him on earth. However, it is also mentioned that the Children of Israel broke there covenant with God and that God's covenant to Abraham continued with Bani Hashem the tribe from which prophet Muhammad descends. In short... Islam is not a new idea but a continuation of the religion of Ibrahim. And for Muslims the right thing to do is to protect al-Aqsa mosque from those who today have nothing to do with it. Finally, as a quick pioint, Herod who built the Second temple was an Arab who practiced Judaism. What this means is that for people in this reigon, Islam Judaism Christianity are only Ideas.... We the Palestinian people are only descendants of those grand fathers of us who happened to be at one point be pagans, or Jews, and are today mostly Muslims, Christians and a minority of Palestinian Jews like the Samartians of the West Bank town of Nablus.
17. To number 15
observer   (10.14.08)
visit and you will see many mosques that were turned to bars!
18. To Robert in #9
Observer   (10.14.08)
Yes, the Christian Kingdom you talk about is the Arab Ghassanids who were Christians and who were allies of the Byzantines... These Arabs converted to Islam, but some important Christian families of them remain today in the West Bank and the Galilee and Lebanon, Syria and Jordan, like the Hadadeen family in Ramallah and others.
19. #17
yes, i visited this site many many times. these mosques were deserted because the popiulation around it chose to live somewhere else and build different mosques. there is not a single mosque in any israeli city that was is or will be descecrated and destroyed by jews. there has never been any mosque in israel that jews bombed or dynamited for a bar and you are lying. these mosques were deserted and not attended to at the time and israel refurbished the area because they were never used! the same goes for synagogues in israel that are never used and an eye soar.
20. The 3rd Temple must be built now. The world needs it.
MrLincoln ,   usa   (10.14.08)
21. #16 Funny Abraham didn't mention that
Johnny ,   Stockholm Sweden   (10.14.08)
"The thing is that Islam (submission) is a religion that was started by Abraham". Funny thing is he didn't mention that in the Jewish Torah, which contains everything that is known about him.
22. Rich
Paul ,   Tuval Israel   (10.14.08)
That's rich! Where were these calls up to 1967, when the Western wall was under Jordanian control and the Jews of Jerusalem were "strenuously" denied access to it? Israel on the other hand has always allowed free religious access to Al Aqsa, and this privilege has been abused time and again by the waqf to hide and destroy important archaeological items, because they strengthen the Jewish claim to the area. The absolute hypocrisy and lies propagated by these people should be denounced by every country in the west which knows the truth.
23. #15 no single synagogue destroyed in any Arab country
observer   (10.14.08)
can you prove the contrary; that's the real challenge. According to a book by Dr. Meron Benvenisti, of the 160 mosques in the Palestinian villages incorporated into Israel under the armistice agreements, fewer than 40 are still standing. What is unusual about the case of Mash'had Nabi Hussein is that the demolition is documented, and direct responsibility was taken by none other than the GOC Southern Command at the time, an officer named Moshe Dayan. The documentation shows that the holy site was blown up deliberately, as part of a broader operation that included at least two additional mosques, one in Yavneh and the other in Ashdod.
24. Fill it ffull of cement, it will withstand an earthquake.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.14.08)
25. Racism and incitement
Cynic #2   (10.14.08)
This talkback is racist, full of hatred and incitement and the contributors definitely lack manners. To my mind they are not real Jews or Christians and are far away from the true values of Judaism and Christianity. SHAME ON YOU and Ynet is better off shutting this talkback down.
26. Im sory for last post have mistake in grammer
Lutfi ,   Turkey   (10.14.08)
ELOHIM And ALLA H is same God to all mankind. All faith to be keep goodness !! Heaven door are on the Tempe!! Temple is holy. Note to editor: in previous post have wrong grammer I am sory again I try to say that I'm not figure.
27. #23
not only that most synagogues were destroyed in most arab lands where jews lived for centuries, but arab mobs burned and killed jews while in the synagogue, slashed their throats and confiscated their property or destroyed it. looting, killing of jews, stealing from them and destroying their places of worship and cemetaries was a constant practice in arab lands ruled by muslim leaders. constant encitement against the jews in all arab lands with the exception of probably morocco produced arab mobs slaughter and destruction of jewish lives, houses of worship and property. the book, the forgotten millions will specifically let you know exactly where all this happened. too numerous to write here in this small space. the muslims made it their fun after friday prayers to riot against the mellahs jews lived in in the muslim world, segregating them as pverty stricken dihimis without protection from the mobs and exposing them to constant slaughter and violence. many synagogues and cemetaries were trashed by muslim mobs enticed by haj amin al husseini in the hebron arab riots 1929 and even before that. it is well doccumented and one can't deny it! as to other arab lands like saudi arabia, the golf states, etc... there is not a single synagogue to destroy...because they are outlawed and jews are not permitted to either live there or build them. also, during the decade of civil war in lebanon between the christians and muslims, tons of jewish synagogues were burned and jews in lebanon killed by arab mobs.
28. #23 here's the proof
2006 al zadik synagogue in yemen burned to the ground and 5 jews killed by yemeni arab mobs. read article in jpost of march 2006 1980's lebanon, beirut. during the civil war between muslims and christians some jewish synagogues were burned to the ground by arab mobs and jewish lives lost, though not too many, thanks god. jewish cemeteries also desecrated. iran, 1987 sharei elohim synagogue in theran burned down by mob and 3 jews imprisoned for "spying for israel". check jews' history in iran after the shah was deposed and the mullas took control and worked up the masses. egypt, 2008 a coptic church burned down by muslim brotherhood thugs and 3 copts lost their lives. check recent news. in palestine before the formation of israel by un, constant arab mobs led by the antisemite haj amin al husseini destroyed jewish synagogues, cemeteries and property, lynching jews in hebron massacre in 1929 and destroying synagogues and expelling religious jews from jerusalem in 1930's on a continuous basis. "icon of evil" great book for you to read regarding jewish life in jerusalem and hebron when husseini was mufti of jerusalem. muslim arabs/palestinians even today desecrate jewish religious sites like solomon stables, underneath the al aksa mosque jewish artifacts, rachel's and joseph's tumb which they burned and took an ax to to destroy it. jewish cemeteries were axed down when jordan owned the west bank pre 1967 and these head stones were used to pave a road on which dead bodies of jews, the muslims stepped. jordan's time owning the kotel. it was made into a horse manure dumping ground, neglected and abandoned. made no significance to islam and arabs then. they abused it, desecrated it with filth and rode horses who dumped their doodoo there. some respect you muslims have. now, show me, in modern day israel, not in the time of the 1948 and 1967 wars where bombs flew everywhere on both sides and places of worship to both religions have been me one incident where jews in israel destroyed a single mosque in any part of israel at all. again. liar!
29. 23&28-More proof as to muslim desecrations
Arie ,   BaGolan   (10.14.08)
Joseph's Tomb destroyed by palis: The Old Synagogue in Jericho destroyed by he palis
30. #27,28,29 admitting Arab Palestine, thanks!
observer   (10.15.08)
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