Gay Palestinian fears for life, seeks residency in Israel
Aviad Glickman
Published: 19.10.08, 16:22
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1. gay palestinian right of return?
elliot ,   usa   (10.19.08)
israel is first for jews who 'fear for lives' --too small for millions in fear among the nations--why favor the gays,let alone israel's enemies?
2. WHAT?
CIA ,   NYC   (10.19.08)
Are the Israeli people that stupid? Or are they soooo anti G-d, that they will even save thier enemy if it means goind against G-d? This is SICK!
3. Cant wait to see the feedback on this :)
Adam ,   Jerusalem   (10.19.08)
4. to 2, CIA
eli   (10.19.08)
Sorry you feel that way. As a straight religious Jew I would be proud to let the man in, if for no other reason for the good PR. And I think not everyone feels the way you do, and perhaps a closer reading of tanach would change your mind as well.
5. Gay Arab - Come to SF!
Hinda ,   SF Bay Area - USA   (10.19.08)
Every May or at times in June, the very odd people of SF hold a Gay Pride Parade to surpass all others -- the #1 float is called "Queers for Palestine." There amongst the posters of Araputz and Hitler (makes sense) are Arabs who are homosexual grinding and dancing on their float - calling for the destruction of Israel. When one was asked if he knew how life is for a person like him under Hamass and the PLO he simply stated that was not important. Go figure that one out!
6. Let him stay !
David Masada ,   Orlando, FL   (10.19.08)
The difference between us and those Arab mongrels is that we are human beings and they are animals, no wait, that is an insult to animals. Arabs are parasites, they are the cancer of this planet!!!
7. Israel's glass army and Defense ministyer
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.19.08)
Spot on ! With what we have as Defense Minister and possibly if "Drippy " ever gets to be PM as well
8. He should receive citizenship
Israeli gay guy   (10.19.08)
9. you guys should be ashamed
Noah ,   UK   (10.19.08)
Surely we should be proud of our country's commitment to freedom and the fact that Israel is willing toprotect this man. Remember on a very basic level this guy is the partner of an Israeli citizen. Also what has happened to us jews that we lack such compassion? Remember, the facists targeted the gays as well. If anything you are going against gods wishes by wanting to leave this guy to die.
10. perverted,sick culture of sodomites !
marcel ,   Florida   (10.19.08)
.and Israel prides it'self in blessing hwat is cursed and profane in the face of god. It's no wonder real peace is no where on the horizon.
11. He should stay
Clive ,   Suffolk,UK   (10.19.08)
This is a good opportunity for Israel to prove its belief in co-existance and let the guy stay. 9 years is a long time to prove commitment whether gay or straight..who cares, live and let live. There has been far too many attrocities in history to make an issue of this matter.
12. gay or straight we do not need arabs
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.19.08)
in our country. Who knows what this pali will do down the line if ham-ass threatens his family?
13. That SF post is the dumbest thing ive heard
John ,   SF Bay Area US   (10.19.08)
Ive lived in the bay area for years and have been to the parade plenty of times; what Hinda said is the dumbest thing ive ever heard written about it. There has never been such a float. Sounds to me like Hinda likes to use a little (or a helluva lot) of creative license in his descriptions. Let him attach a pic or link to prove what he says...otherwise he should just shutup.
14. Help him
Susanne ,   Germany   (10.19.08)
This guy is harmless. He's better than those terrorists who only want to kill other people. He seems to be able to feel love...
15. we dont have gays in gaza nor do we have gays in iran
rashid ,   palistinian   (10.19.08)
believe me i know sure some of us dont have a bushy mustasio ala sadam husain like what i have but that dont make them gays el rais didnt have a mustasio and he wasnt gay, ok its a bad example but you know what i mean. honestly you israil people are so slow
16. Marcel and your perverted, sick culture....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.19.08)
of fundamentalist christianity. We don't need that bullshit over here.
17. Yaacov, where are you?
Gimpel the Fool ,   Jhb, S.A.   (10.19.08)
You see Yaacov Sullivan! Why is Israel always held responsible for a lack of peace with people who are bigoted like this! They don't only hate gays, but Jews too. Puts things in perspective hey!
18. Jews should show their human face...
Harvey Milk ,   SF, USA   (10.19.08)
... and save this Arab's butt! It will make a great movie: The Schindler's Fist.
19. # 9 Remember Nazism started in a gay bar in Weimar
Bill ,   US   (10.19.08)
The anti-homo laws of the Nazis were never rally taken seriously. It was just to show that the Third Reich would be a pro-family, pro-Christian movement. If the Nazis were really anti-gay, Haider wouldn't have spoken so highly of them. He knew better.
M   (10.19.08)
21. Why didn't Arafat ask for assylum? (end)
Bartley Kulp ,   Safed, Israel   (10.19.08)
22. Its a question of humanity to help him .....
Rachel ,   usa   (10.19.08)
23. Israel, Gay and Supporter
Nachshon ,   Israel   (10.19.08)
As a gay Israeli in the IDF, I support this man 100percent. He needs safety and should be given return to israel... and assistance with that. Innocent Palestinians like this should be offered, not have to beg, to return to Israel and contribute to an Israeli society that can and should become united. This was his home and one point and how ashamed I am that this is not taken care of already!
24. This would reach the BBC only if his request is denied.
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.19.08)
Don't you think it's strange, that a Palestinian would feel more comfortable, and seek refuge in Israel, the country which supposedly oppresses, violates human rights, and kills Palestinians? Shouldn't that shed new, positive moral light on Israel, especially amongst those gay and leftist circles who criticize it the most? That is the precise reason, that this story would never reach the BBC or The Guardian (much like the story of the Iranian kid treated here), unless of course his request is denied, which would present a new opportunity to demonize Israel.
25. Re;#14-Help Him. "he seems to feel love."
Bartley Kulp ,   Safed, Israel   (10.20.08)
And therefore what? Are you trying to tell us that he is human or are you trying to tell us that is gayness is a proof that he is capable of love? As if heterosexuals do not necessarily. Do you suppose that terrorists are incapable of feeling love. What makes you think that many terrorists are not closet gays? Yasser Arafat was gay. Many senior members of the Third Reich and much of the SS were gay. Just because someone is gay does not make him more compassionate. This man does not like Israel, he just likes his own skin and for a lack of choices wants to live here.
26. Re#4-I could potentially agree with you Eli on the PR thing
Bartley Kulp ,   Safed, Israel   (10.20.08)
But umm, just where in Tanach are you sourcing yourself. Enlighten us oh master of religious reasoning.
27. Apply for immigration to US, will fit right in.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.20.08)
28. Religion?
Nachshon ,   Israel   (10.20.08)
Oh please do not pull religion into this! As if religion has anything to do with someones safety. As if religion has done anything really good for anyone lately. It isnt about religion. It is his right to safety. I dont care if you are ignorant and hate gays, this mans safety is at stake and we, Israel, should and will help him.
29. Gay Palestinian
Ludovic   (10.20.08)
I wouldn't mind meeting a gay arab
30. Don't grant them,
Daniel ,   ISRAEL   (10.20.08)
as it is we have enough of those head aches.
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