Kadima: Pensioners' Party can't afford tough stance in coalition talks
Attila Somflavi
Published: 22.10.08, 09:31
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1. Note the difference in tone
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.22.08)
When Labor or the Pensioners negotiate for budget funding it is accepted as with the norms of coalition forming, but that the demands by Shas are met with derision and antisemite imagery (see Kaniuk's piece). It is this type of out right hypocrisy and hatred that has no place in Israeli society. If people used the same type of broad brush tactics against any other group they would be rightfully sent to hide under their rocks as the fascist hatemonger they are.
2. #1: You conveniently forget
5th generation ,   Israel   (10.22.08)
that a greater percentage of these pensioners and labor party members paid into the system with taxes, and just want a return on their investment. The Haredim have done precisely the opposite.
3. Kadima would also get only 2 mandates in elections
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (10.22.08)
4. #2 seems you forget what a 'blood libel' is
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.22.08)
The tactics of branding all Hareidim as parasites is reprehensible, against all Jewish values, and degrades the public debate to the level of name calling and hatred. Personally I don't think child allowances are the way to go, but spouting the same trash talk as jew-hating regimes of the last century doesn't advance a thing.
5. 1: The only difference, Ilan, is you
David ,   Rehovot   (10.22.08)
The last sentence of the article is very dismissive of Gil, very derisive. What has no place in this society is people who whine about not getting paid for being lazy and only pumping out more kids claim they can't be questioned and derided as are every other political party in existence. Explain how it's a "broad brush tactic" to point out that Shas demands what it demands, and end your own example of hypocrisy.
6. Dealing rationally with irrational hatred
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.22.08)
First, not all of Shas' constituents are unemployed and most of the people who would benefit from child allowances are not Shas voters. Yishai thinks that this will help alleviate poverty and in general the policy in Israel has been to give money, whether to the disabled or single-parent families in order to help ends meet. I think the policy is wrong, but then I also think that no money should be given for what Gil and Labor ask for either. I'm against handouts in general, but that as I mention is the system favored. Shas at least wants to help the poorer sector of the population and more non-Shas voters would benefit than otherwise. To close if you can't distinguish between claiming that Gil wouldn't pass the threshold and the claim that Shas Sephardim 'only want money for being lazy and pumping out more children' you are truly the pathetic, wicked and hateful person you seem.
7. The whole system is stupid
Ran   (10.22.08)
Kadima only ever got 20% of the vote and never represented more than a narrow sliver of the most stupid of Israelis - now they represent at most 20 thousand irremediably moronic ones. Elections are needed but parties should unite first. There is no warrant for having ethnic or generational blocks - how unprincipled is that?
8. Livni's desperation
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (10.22.08)
She isn't going to be able to form a government. She knows that Kadima and Labor will be minor parties after the next general election and this is her only chance at the top. Go Pensioners, go Shas, bring down this corrupt regime
9. pensioners party
elliot ,   usa   (10.22.08)
labor and likud and kadima and shas have no parents?you need a strong pensioners party to hasten israel's decline into factionalism which is just as terminal as old age.Elections or reform anyone?
zionist forever   (10.22.08)
To $ha$ its kiss ass offer hundreds of millions of dollars because you know they can get away with demanding it. With Labour they know Barak wants an election even less than Livni herself so make a few concersions to allow him to save face in his party but they know he is in Livnis back pocket without even asking. With Meeretz there is hardly anything to discuss they are just as left wing as Kadima. With UTJ your going to have to make some cocesions to them because like $ha$ they have influence. With the pensioners its you are in no position to make demands so shut up, do as your told by Queen Livni and join the coalition to help make sure there is no general election becase we hate that old fashioned idea of democracy in this country. If Gil were smart they would start talking with Bibi see what he will offer them if they join him in calls for an election if they win some seats. The elections will come one day and better now before Livni gets by default two years on the throne to make a name for herself, give Kadima a paint job so it looks whiter than white and more likley to win enough seats so Gil will be wiped out . Keeping Livni in power out of fear of the inevitable moment when elections are held makes no sense at least now you can negotiate with Bibi if he brings Livni down without their help he may not be very generous after the election.
11. Poor Ilan, still inventing arguments
David ,   Rehovot   (10.22.08)
"not all of Shas' constituents are", nobody ever said "all" are. However, since Shas' main point is it want increased welfare payments for large families, they understand that it's a significant number. "Yishai thinks that this will help alleviate poverty ." Wrong, he thinks it will give incentives for haredim to have larger families. "in order to help ends meet." is a different subject that subsidizing non-working people who choose to continue popping out kids, especially as what Shas wants is higher payments for each extra child. "if you can't distinguish between claiming..." Yes, they are separate points. That doesn't obviate their validity. Try again.
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