Larijani: Iran prefers Obama
Published: 22.10.08, 21:47
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1. Iran and a Dream
ZachJonesIsHome ,   Lincoln USA   (10.22.08)
The Haaretz Article, Top Iran officials recommend preemptive strike against Israel, has triggered the need to repost an article that I wrote some time ago about a dream I had when Iran was testing their missiles. I light of Sen. Biden’s recent remarks that Obama would be tested by our enemies, I ask the question, “What would Obama do?”
2. Another reason not to vote for Obama.
David Powell ,   Everett, Wa. USA   (10.22.08)
Obama is loved by all our enemies and those who hate the United States even by those who live here.
3. Iran & America's Jews Want......
Dan ,   USA   (10.22.08)
Of course Iran wants BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA and his anti Jewish, anti Israel pals the Rev. Wright, Louis Farrahkan, and terrorist Ayers. The ablsolutely amazing thing is American Jews want them too.
4. cheap flights
zhubin ,   usa   (10.22.08)
there's google ads on this site for "CHEAP FLIGHTS TO IRAN"? cheap flights?, any one?
6. A vote for Obama is madness
AlbertoGa ,   St. George UT, USA   (10.23.08)
It is time to face the fact. Obama is part of the Muslim World and ideology. Jews and all Americans...this Obama loves all the Terrorists. No Joke, his best friends are Terrorists lovers in the US and outside the US. Small and big fish. See the list here with the other very good comments. No on Obama.
7. Are you surprise?
e.m.Jordan is Palest ,   s.f   (10.23.08)
What positive idea Hussein Obama had before he run for Presidency? Anti Jewish, anti Israel pals the Rev. Wright, Louis Farrakhan, and terrorist Ayers Hussein Obama is Anti rich this man believe all the negative ideas that the fanatic’s Muslims believes too, Beside he is a Muslim too, He is a lucky because his mother was American and now he is taking the advantage of his citizen ship that he is going to bring disastrous to great Satan, Because of that he has support of the nations of Islam and the lefts in Europe ,and the leftist in U.S are not aware of this Atomic bomb which is going to blast in future.
8. Iran prefers Obama
Daniel ,   Dallas, United State   (10.23.08)
Well too bad Iran can't choose the next U.S. President. It's not their choice.
9. war against Iraq
prob ,   berkeley   (10.23.08)
let's get real or keep it real. One thing that drives this world is cold hard cash. Do you know what "saber rattling" is, all iran is doing is trying to get a better deal. if you actually think iran would nuke israel you are crazy, plus israel has over 500 tactical nuclear warheads and iran does not have 1, let me repeat 1. As for B.O. being a muslim give me a break. stop watchin cnn and fox news. people come on
10. ,   USA   (10.23.08)
Did you find this link on DRUDGE? You should probably check out blipnews.
11. Duh Who would have guest?
TLewis ,   Hollister, USA   (10.23.08)
Obama is the Iranian's government favorite candidate for president? Wow! Did you know that his middle name is Hussein. doesn't that bother you after the Iraq-Iranian War? Seriously, Obama, not Sarah Palin? I just don't get it. Maybe Nancy Pelosi had something to do with this, she's a heretic anyway. One more time Barack Hussein Obama, you like him because he kept the Muslin name which means in Iran Obama prefers Islam!
12. Iranian TV promotes Obama
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (10.23.08)
The Iranians have been promoting Obama for a long time. Here's an example:
13. What would Obama do, you ask?
Sigmond ,   Patriot USA   (10.23.08)
Obama and his loony followers would blame Bush for any mistake Obama makes.
14. Other Obama Supporters
edward ,   salisbury UK   (10.23.08)
Well, there you have it.. Hamas, Iran, Chavez, Castro, anti-semitic black panthers and domestic terrorists all prefer Obama. So let's all jump on that bandwagon..he is the Messiah after all...
15. Obama and Iran
Alex ,   Miami, Florida   (10.23.08)
It appears that all the terrorists, at home and abroad, seem to like Obama. Why is that?
16. Irans president respects real jews
Jason ,   Los Angeles, U.S.A.   (10.23.08)
Check this video out:
17. It's understandable
Persian CAT   (10.23.08)
If Obama becomes the US pres. there's a chance for a peace for everyone. If McCain wins, we'll have a nasty war which will engulf Israel too. The choice is clear. Larijani may be the next pres of Iran so his signals must be taken seriously.
18. A good reason not to vote for Obama
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko   (10.23.08)
Irans blessing is a good reason not to vote for Obama
19. So..
Robocop   (10.23.08)
Iranians support Obama, and what for the spying pigeons and squirrels ? for whom will they cast their votes ? Of course terrorists will always support Obama, because they feel that he is weaker than Mac cain on security issues. Because they are afraid that Mac Cain will unleash on them the fires of Hell ! I will vote for Mac cain just becaus e of that., because I don' want another 911, I dont want that my country became soft with terrorists and terrorist nations like iran
20. Obama brings in DOOM
Joe "The Lost" Vote ,   Houston   (10.23.08)
21. Iran and Obama
Brod ,   USA   (10.23.08)
Iran wants to advance their agenda of bringing doom and gloom to America. And they know with Obama's inexperience and naivete' they can accomplish it.
22. clueless
youreallsheep ,   america   (10.23.08)
You're all clueless. The other day alqaeda came out and said they prefer mccain, take your pick
23. Pushover
Yvette ,   Houston, TX USA   (10.23.08)
He is flexible and rational - AKA: Obama is a pushover.
24. And were surprised how?
fish   (10.23.08)
I know everyone is surprised by such, I mean come on, a muslim country supporting barak? I know it just surprised me so much I went out and bought come pork sandwichs.....
25. Iran favors Obama
W.C. Maples ,   Dallas USA   (10.23.08)
Big surprise on this one. Of course they prefer him, because if Iran attacks Israel, he is too spineless to do anything, or perhaps he backs their aggression. Either way, he is a lot less likely to respond militarily to Iranian aggression. The fact that Iran and so many other thuggish entities/people are backing Obama is one of the key reasons I am against him. I cannot see myself agreeing with radical islamists or the radical liberals on any subject, with the possible exception being Earth's invasion by Martians, and I am not sure I would be on their side even then. Bush needs to deal with Iran now and remove the iranian nuclear threat before he leaves office, then it won't matter who our next president is.
26. Al Quaeda pick
dla ,   austin,tx   (10.23.08)
Can't people see past the Al Quaeda pick?? Al Quaeda wants Obama and they feel they can get more votes for him if they endorse McCain. It seems so obvious to me. Surely the American people will see this and are not as stupid as Al Quaeda thinks! Iran, on the other hand, is trying to say things in such a way as to truly endorse Obama. It sounds like they are wanting us to believe that some kind of peace will be easier to meet if Obama is elected. Do not be fooled! They just want more wiggle room to get to Israel. It is a very real possibility that Obama could stop backing Israel and all Hell would break loose. Vote for McCain if for no other reason than to protect ourselves and our allies from the crazies of the world. At least he will not need breaking in on this matter. I believe THE most important thing in this election is foreign relations, and there is NO doubt that McCain is adept at this. I am scared to death of what Obama will open us up to overseas!
27. Safe Rooms
William ,   San Antonio, Texas   (10.23.08)
If Obama is elected, my advise to Israelis is to check and re-stock your safe rooms.
28. Terrorists vote for Dems
Vern ,   Winnipeg, Canada   (10.23.08)
29. freaks
Jonathan Edwards ,   Castle Rock, CO   (10.23.08)
I can't beleive the things many of you are saying. I feel like I'm stuck in 1984 as Winston, listening to duck-speak.
30. retard
Dan ,   Rochester   (10.23.08)
Anyone affilated with a terrorist group could come out and say that they support Mccain. But the fact that IRAN law making group supports him shows that Obama is a douche bag who will destory America. Im not too happy about Mccain either but its the lesser of two evils.
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