Livni ready to give haredim close to NIS 1 billion
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.10.08, 07:22
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1. Israeli taxpayers = suckers
Jared ,   New York, USA   (10.23.08)
Truly. I don't understand why would anyone attempt to work hard and be productive when their meager incomes are unfairly taxed, and those taxes are used to fund the demands of extortionist political parties with little popular support but wildly disproportionate political influence.
2. Dear Ms. Livni
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.23.08)
This is the reason you will fail. You will not fail because you are a woman. You will not fail because you are from Kadima or because you wish to negotiate Jerusalem. You will fail because you are misusing public money to fund citizens who are not worthy of these funds and in many cases are not even worthy of the title "citizen "The public perception of you is already one of a politician prepared to sell her soul in order to wear the dubious " crown " of Prime Minister. For this reason alone you will fail.
3. "These talks are more repulsive than we ever could
Talula ,   Israel   (10.23.08)
have imagined" Yeah! you got that right!!!!! I've just had a very sharp change of opinion about Ms. Livni. She FOR SURE won't be getting my vote if a national election is called not now! These skunks don't want to stay in the government to better our country and try and bridge the gap of hatred between the secular and haredi communities - they want to make it bigger. They don't care about making this country peaceful and tolerant for all sides - they JUST WANT THE MONEY!!! It's sick - it's repugnant – but money and haredim are synonymous. Repellent people and Giveret Livni is prostituting herself to them. What a shambles.
4. It's very frightening
how everyone in our government whores themself to Shas.
5. Shas and UJT
Dan ,   Herzliya, Israel   (10.23.08)
These parties are political whores, nothing more and nothing less.
6. # 2 Sagi
Raptor ,   Tel Aviv   (10.23.08)
How right you are. I hope she becomes PM and then falls flat on her face. If she sells out to the Charedim her fate will be sealed She is already hated just because she is discussing money in exchange for support. Disgusting politics and disgusting politicians will be the end of Israel. Is there not someone out there who can put a stop to this ?
7. Religious blackmail
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (10.23.08)
Just goes to show how out of touch with reality these peolple really are. The world is heading for the biggest ressession in recent history and Eli Yishai is demanding 1 billion sheckels for a bunch of religious parasites that don't work, dont serve in the army and contribute nothing towards society!
8. Well, whores have to be paid!
Laura ,   Israel   (10.23.08)
Shas always"performs" for those who pay the most.
9. Give them their own Country
Michael ,   New York, NY   (10.23.08)
Let them raise their own taxes Let them raise their own Army. Let them S'drei their own kups. It is time the real Israelis got their country back.
10. George Bernard Shaw
Sagi ,   Israel   (10.23.08)
once gave a lecture to Parliametarians in England. He opened his lecture by saying. I always had in mind another profession as the oldest in the world, until I met you.
11. Desperation!
Bandar ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (10.23.08)
12. New elections...
Juan ,   Spain   (10.23.08)
...would cost a whole lot less!
13. Don't give them a shekel, nobody deserves it any less.
DkS ,   J'lem, IL   (10.23.08)
I'd prefer pumping this money straight into Gaza or simply burn it instead of funding those parasites whose mentality and attitude will eventually bring down this entire country. When they'll teach their children something useful, and will work and go to the army like (almost) everybody else, I'd be willing to even double their funds and subsidize all their religious studies. But not without something in return. The only they contribute to this country are more hopeless children and problems.
14. give me money and
give me money   (10.23.08)
i forget about united jerusalem. They just don't care about israel
15. livni is a paper tiger
baron   (10.23.08)
16. legal bribery made in israel
yehudi ,   SHASSHOLE   (10.23.08)
17. #11 In Lebanon?
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (10.23.08)
18. Trumot, Trumot and more Trumot...
Rafael ,   TLV   (10.23.08)
This state lives only on Trumot!!! I hope there will be no financial help from the USA anymore, no more money from Germany, no more WIZO whinning througout the globe. The secular Israelis should wake up and move and not only always lamenting, start being active and drive this Haredi-Mafia out of power. Whom needs the Shasnikyim when the other parties would unite, if the Likud would show some flexibility as well as Kadima itself. Every Goverment will fail which buys Shas. Well, there is also another option: Stop being a "Freier" IMMIGRATE, get a Green Card, get the former citizenship of your parents and move to a better living standart!
19. But Wait! There's more!!!
Gideon Reader   (10.23.08)
Thank you for considering SHAS. We offer 24/7/365 service ; for the best and most "flexible" polititurds and thoughtless fools that taxpayer's money can buy. Try our proven "Sanctamonious" model with rermovable guts, for the blessing of any transfer of Israel's land to it's enemies, or the new "Enhanced Lips" model for that well placed buss on the nether parts of the purchaser. Satisfaction guarenteed, or we will come back for more cash.
20. Distressing way to run a government
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.23.08)
The only way to help alleviate poverty is to keep the budget intact and prioritize what public funds are available to only the most worthy and effective methods. Funding in Israel is by sector with each party: labor, pensioners, Arab parties, Meretz and the Hareidim walking away with bags of money for their people. It is a contest to see who is the last to go down with the sinking ship.
21. political prostitution pays very well in Israel
zionist forever   (10.23.08)
The universities have just anounced the new terms will not start on time this year because of the education budget cutbacks but Livni has managed to find $257 million for $ha$ & UTJ if they help her avoid holding a general election. That of course doesn't affect what they are going to be given in the next budget. What happened to this written letter that Livni would not negotiate Jerusalem. Even the capital & its holy places they are ready to abandon if Livni pays them enough and this is supposed to be a religious party. We have just finished the Hagim of Rosh Hashana - where we start doing teshuva asking forgiveness forr our sins of the previous year. Yom Kippur - the day we are judged Succos - the time we are supposed to remeber what G-D did for the jews when they needed it. Simchat Torah - when we finish the Torah and start over with the story of creation. Isn't this the time for $ha$ to recreate themselves afterall the Torah does forbid prostitution. Israel has become a second rate banana republic run by gangsters and prostitutes and if thats what we want the jewish state to be then we don't deserve it.
22. Livni
Millicent ,   Israel   (10.23.08)
What is she a complete nut? Giving 1 billion sheckles to the religious black mailers,where is the money going to come from,from education,military, health budgets? If the religious parties want to join the coalition let them without any bribes, we are headed for enough of a finanical crisis and oureducational system is in need of overhaul, as is the c\fact that the Gas Masks have not been returned due to budget constraints... if you give 1 billion sheckles to Shas,UTJ and other religious parties the rest of us will suffer! Say No to religious black mail, let them go out and work for a living no more freebies living off the rest of us hard workers!
23. Its socialist. Stupid!
New Yorker ,   new york   (10.24.08)
Israel is a socialist country, they pay about 55 percent income tax, 17 percent consumption tax. government paying for the arts is better?
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