Livni: Sunday is decision day
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 23.10.08, 20:19
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1. sadly its another Livni empty threat to bring $ha$ running
zionist forever   (10.23.08)
She wants to avoid a general election at any cost including making cut backs in other sectors so she can spend hundreds of millions of dollars to buy off $ha$. The woman has just requested and been granted by Peres a 2 week extension on the deadline to form a coalition so why should she decide ahead of those 2 weeks that its government or quits. She will keep fighting to avoid that election right up to the deadline if needed and even then she will probably ask for another extension. Livni is just trying to call the bluff of $ha$ saying join me in the next couple of days or I will hold an election so the deal I have made is off the table and your probably going to have to try your luck with Bibi and you have no garuntees he will be as generous as I am being. Nobody is fooled by this tough talk $ha$ incuded because they know just as well as she does that the very last thing she wants to do is grant the public the election that Kadima has been refusing to give them for the past two years.
2. Elections ?
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.23.08)
If elections are called this is Israel's chance to stop the greed of self seeking, cowardly politicians who care nothing for the State but only for gluing their backsieds to their Knesset seats and looking for global freebies .
3. livini please go away and take olmert/kadima with you
yahn goodey   (10.23.08)
we are not interested in the policy of :being tired of victory or of "winning battles" as your predecessor put it. if this is the mission of kadima to hate being successful in life ,why do we need you? go be losers somewhere else please.
4. Hoping for "good news" by the time I land
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (10.23.08)
I'm flying to Israel in a few days. I'm hoping to hear the good news about upcoming elections by the time I land. The fact is Livni is trying to build a coalition based on the results of the last election. But Kadima, Meretz, Labor and Shas have less support today then they did back then. So any coalition she'd hack together is a priori lacking in public support. I guess that doesn't matter to those who believe in government by the 1%.
5. livni
sas ,   israel   (10.23.08)
6. It's a Democracy, let the people VOTE!
Mark Nusbaum ,   USA   (10.23.08)
7. "We'll Win" A lot hubris from someone with no substance!
8. Try a new Career, Chairman
Gershon Hunt ,   Wexford, Ireland   (10.23.08)
BH So according to Kadima Chairman, Foreign Minister, Livni, if there is an election, she will win. I am personally relieved that she made such a statement. The reason for my relief is that after the election, when she is a failed and rejected poolitican, she can at least earn a living in comedy, win indeed ! If she is so confident of victory, why oh why has she not asked the people for a mandate to govern, rather than continue to hobble together a make shift coalition which would be main aimed maintaining power. So concerned to hang on to power are Kadima & Livni,that it does not matter to them if they have to give our land to terrorists, if the IDF and ordinary citizens are continually at risk from murderous thugs, that large scale poverty is accepted. The time to stop this charade, is now, the time for elections is now, the time to start a new future under a strong truly pro Israel government is now. In short, the time for the Olmerts, the Livnis & the Peres' is now.
9. Elections
Jules Lawrence ,   London, England   (10.23.08)
Hopefully the Kadima train to disaster is finally grinding to a halt. This is the last chance saloon for Israel. Let's hope the Israeli electorate finally wakes up to reality and votes big time for Bibi so that Israel can stop capitulating to every arab demand in return for nothing.
10. Correction #10
Gershon Hunt ,   Wexford, Ireland   (10.23.08)
BH In my talkback 10, I wish to make a correction. the final sentance should state. In short, the time, for the Olmerts, the Livnis and the Peres' TO GO is now. Let me add that the sooner they are confined to the annals of history the better. Israel needs Netanyahu and needs him now.
11. The policy of land for peace.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.24.08)
Stop the policy of land for peace, which has really been concessions for terror We need to say clearly that there is a military solution to Hamas, that Syria must be isolated and that any big decision on a diplomatic agreement must be brought to a democratic vote in a national referendum." As to the disastrous Oslo Agreements it is a failure, from the start, it didn’t have a chance. After the horrible mistakes he commited as a result of his total lack of vision, Peres should keep away of politics and the Media. More at :
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