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Sarah Palin wig a hit among haredi women
Associated Press
Published: 25.10.08, 08:12
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1. Sure fooled me. I had no idea Palin, Clinton, or Aniston
Rivkah   (10.25.08)
wore wigs. Rexella Van Impe on television looks like she wears a wig that needs to be cleaned, but I honestly did not know Palin worse wigs. I just thought she had pretty hair.
2. pailin wigs
sad ,   israel   (10.25.08)
they should take her brains too....................................some screws are missing there.
3. Rivkah - are you smoking too much xtian weed?
Tania ,   Jerusalem   (10.25.08)
That its impacted your reading comprehension? The wigs are copies of these womens' hairstyles. Nobody said they wear wigs.
4. to 1, Rivkah
tFighterPilot   (10.25.08)
You lack reading comperhansion.
5. 3,4: I reread the article and it clearly says "Palin wigs"
Rivkah   (10.25.08)
indicating people are buying wigs to look like the wigs Palin wears. I have read that Mrs. Jimmy Carter wore wigs and lost one in a hotel room during a Presidential campaign. Her wigs looked real like Palin's. You both need to reread the article. I wondered how Palin could keep LONG hair looking that good 24/7 on the campaign trail. Wearing wigs is the explanation. Nothing wrong with that. By the by, I do not subscribe to Sunday sabbath lawless (Torahless) polytheistic Churchianity which is what most people who call themselves Christians are outwardly. I am Messianic Jewish and honor a sundown Friday to sundown Saturday Shabbat and I do not believe the holy spirit is a separate godhead. The Bible clearly says WE in Genesis and in Zechariah when referring to God, so there is a Father and Son with the same DNA. But adding a third person to the creator of the universe and heaven and earth was the act of Pope Damasus who also changed the sabbath to Sunday to conform with pagan religions such as Mithraism that Constantine believed in. It was the cross of Mithra that Jews have been slain, not the fig tree Yeshua was crucified on to graft the Gentiles onto the Jewish faith with Jewish roots. Go to and request Olaf Hage's research lectures on what Yeshua he calls Jesus was nailed to: it was a tree, not a cross like other prisoners. Yeshua carried the wood cross bar, not a crucifix like other prisoners. Yeshua was executed by his family according to Jewish law since he was and is and forever will be, Jewish. His adopted father Joseph of Arimathea who had the throne seat at the Sanhedrin nailed him to the tree with six pieces of different kinds of wood. One piece for the feet, one for the arms and three pieces to hold the nails in place above the feet and wrists. Then there was the piece of wood above his head that read, Yeshua of Nazareth, King of the Jews in three languages. Each kind of wood in the six pieces reflected an aspect of his life, as did the fig tree. That fig tree was grown from seeds Adam and Eve took out of the Garden of Eden and will grow back when the Messiah comes to rescue his beloved Jewish people who are Jews in their hearts at Armageddon. Then Zechariah says the Messiah will judge the nations for how they treated the JEWS. I am a Jew in my heart, but are you? Or are you atheist Jews who do not inherit the Kingdom of the Messiah?
6. palin wigs
elliot ,   usa   (10.25.08)
gov palin is a woman of valor and hopefully other women who outnumber men on election day will save electorate from itself!
7. "Palin wigs" Not "Palin's Wig" Rivkah
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.25.08)
It is very clear that the name of the wig is the "Palin wig" and doesn't mean that she wears one!!
sarit   (10.25.08)
PALIN has copied the style that has been worn by wig wearing chareidi women for at least twenty five to thirty years, if not more. So old fashioned and dated. Difference is that chareidi women have much more style than she ever will (the ones who are really fashionable, and many of them are). She's so heavy and out dated in her look.
9. Rivkah
Yerach ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (10.25.08)
You are NOT a Jew as you believe in Jesus which makes you a Christian!!!! A Jew that believes in Jesus is like a vegan who eats meat. Jesus & Jews don't mix period!!!
10. Credit crunch
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.25.08)
Nice to know that in times of Global Financial Meltdown ,Sarah Palin can spend $150,000 on clothes and make up.Reminds one of Marie Antoinette..."Let them Eat Cake ".
11. #8 More Catty Comments
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.25.08)
Sarah Palin looks great. She wears her hair in a simple, easy to manage style that suits her. I imagine these wigs would be flattering for women who wear wigs either for religious or medical reasons. As for Larry's comment on the $150,000 wardrobe purchase, guess he didn't hear this was just another false claim.
12. #10
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (10.25.08)
No one detests Palin more than I, however criticism of wardrobe expenses is beneath the belt. A business suit for a man does cost several thousand dollars. But one men's business suits are a lot less conspicuous than women's suits. She should be criticized for her lack of experience and her unsuitability, not her wardrobe expenses.
13. RE Larry
jazzy ,   Wash. DC   (10.25.08)
Larry, Palin is the only middle class (not a millionaire) person in the race. Her family is not rich. She cannot afford to dress the part of a vice presidential candidate. Therefore, if the RNC wants to help her out with the cost of looking the part of a VP, I have no problem with that. If she dressed in WalMart clothes on the campaign trail, you would probably still ridicule her. P.S. Her hair is lovely
14. No. 10 Larry
NYC Girl   (10.25.08)
First of all, the money came from the Republican National Committee, not Sarah Palin. Secondly, the clothes don't belong to her. They're actually going to either be donated or auctioned off and the proceeds will go to charity. But the reality is that we live in a society where even in the politic arena, image plays more of a role than it probably ought to, especially where women are concerned.
15. 9 Yerach, Yerach: Yeshua was a Jew and did not change
Rivkah   (10.25.08)
his religion when he died on a tree. The eyes of the Jews who are the root of the religion of Yeshua and Moses and David were blinded so the Gentiles could be grafted onto the faith in a branch Yeshua provided for them with his death and resurrection. The Jews who are the root of the faith of Yeshua who worship Adonai and believe their Messiah is coming as the Lion of Judah are a part of God's family. Christians who are lawless (torahless) are blind, too. Most do not see that the Spring Feasts of the Jewish root faith point to the coming of the Messiah as a sacrificial lamb or that the Fall Feasts point to the coming of the Messiah as the Lion of Judah to judge the nations for how they treated the Jews. Have pity on people who think they are following Yeshua when they have a Sunday sabbath and holidays instead of Holy Days. The religion of Yeshua was corrupted and most Christians do not know that which could cost them their eternal souls or eternal reward. The Sabbath is a sign of true believership and most Christians do not know they follow a sabbath of man instead of a Shabbat of God's rest. Pity them and pray for God to open their understanding. Jews who are Jews in their hearts worship Adonai or Yeshua. You don't sound like you worship God the son under those names, to think me not a Jew in my heart which is necessary for salvation. It was a false Christianity mixture of Mithraism and Yeshua's teachings that persecuted Jews. Yeshua said as he died, "Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do."
16. 10 Larry: Sounds like you do not keep up with the costs of
Rivkah   (10.25.08)
clothing. Jenna Bush's wedding dress cost $60,000. for ONE dress. People who want to influence policy have to dress in the stratosphere. A realtor in San Diego who gave up that lifestyle to run an orphanage in Mexico on the income she earned as a mega-bucks dresser said she had 125 pairs of designer shoes at one point. Her wardrobe paled Palin's in cost. But it brought in the big bucks so she could sell megabuck properties and earn enough to do what she wanted to do: establish an orphanage and be self supporting for many children she denied herself in her youth.
17. #10 - She did not purchase those clothes!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (10.25.08)
They were purchased for her and she is going to give them to charity when the campaign is finished!
18. #11 you must be quite young
been there   (10.26.08)
if you dont know and didnt wear, as so many of us did, this hairstyle in the sixties, made popular by Julie Christie in Dr. Zhivago and most other films and series of that era. Difference is that it suited her, as she was young and beautiful. This present specimen is certainly no role model, except for a matronly school marm look.
19. Frightfully old fashioned hair style
roberta   (10.26.08)
Just look at very old tv series, she's right there with them. Dowdy and oh so heavy looking.
20. Lets put an end to this!!
MaMa ,   Israel   (10.25.08)
Rivka...Go back to school.Admit when you are wrong also.
21. # 16 Wardrobe Costs
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.26.08)
I must admit I am out of touch with costs.$60,000 for a Wedding Dress? Marks and Spencer in England have reduced price of wedding dresses to about $ 35 From $200 ,you see people have less money to spend due to the current crisis.There is a lot of terrible poverty in the United States ,once again the rich get richer and the poor are damned .Just not fair.
22. Newsflash :U.S Bankrupt
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.26.08)
Good times are gone.
23. # 16 and # 12 You are out of touch
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (10.26.08)
If you think $ 150,000 is small change when millions of people are practically starving in the united states and elsewhere then it is you who are out of touch with reality,not me.
24. To Larry
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (10.26.08)
For folks like us it isn't a lot of money. But these media people do drop sums like that when they shop. In the world of media it's all image and maintaining image is expensive. Even here in Israel there are people who still spend huge sums of money on clothing. Go to the malls in Raanana and Tel Aviv. I've seen simple thong sandals for a thousand shekels. Someone must buy these clothes.
25. Lets talk facts
Marty ,   USA   (10.26.08)
The RNC decided on its own without Palin's approval to purchase $150,000 worth of clothing for Palin and her family to wear while they were in the public light. This was done because the Palin family wardrobe was the same as most of us middle class people and not like the Obama's, Biden's and McCain's that have been feasting at the public trough for years. In fact only $50,000 were ever used. This is ridiculous.
26. yabba dabba doo doo
mr hey ho ,   64 zoo lane   (10.26.08)
well slap my wrists and call me roger ill have 1 of those furry wigs cos im a jammy dodger .
27. hmm, where to start...
eric ,   jerusalem   (10.26.08)
first, why people would want to emulate the "style" of one of the most spectacularly moronic politicians on the planet is beyond me. second, rickvah, your comments at #3 and #15 are funny. youre desperately trying to prove your adherence to a bronze age superstition and your rejection of an updated version of the same. the comments going back and forth between you and others on this talkback are laughable. it doesn't matter which story you believe in. it's like listening to two people trying to convince each other that their imaginary friend is real.
28. No. 27 Eric
NYC Girl   (10.26.08)
You certainly have a right to disagree with Sarah Palin on the issues, and as someone who supports gay marriage, abortion rights, and physician-assisted suicide, I certainly do. However, the reality is that she's not moronic at all. In fact, if you read some of what's been written about her by supporters of Hillary Clinton who've met her and are disinclined to vote for Obama, they're quite lavish in their praise. After all, she's the most popular governor of any state in the union and she's been very effective in standing up to the Republican political machine in Alaska. Not only that, but she's a very strong supporter of Israel...and not just in front of AIPAC audiences or on the campaign trail in states like Florida and Ohio.
29. Palin's look
Marilyn ,   USA   (10.26.08)
When I took Latin long ago, we learned the quote vestis virum reddit or the clothes make the man, or in this case the woman. As can see the Republicans have done an excellent job in making her look good and she has more the Julia Roberts look going on. (If only the democrats could have done the same with HIllary, and wrestled the pantsuits away from her. However there is a certain charm to this). Anyways, the clothes, hair, glasses etc. are only the externals and we want a good leader.
30. #18 Young at heart
Cynthia ,   USA   (10.26.08)
If you follow fashion trends, you'll realize style repeats itself. Sarah Palin is actually a trend setter. Models walking runways in NY and Paris are copying her style. Sarah has opted for a look that fits her busy lifestyle. She probably doesn't have hours to primp over her hair like Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton. They go for a chiseled look while Sarah is more natural.
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