Shas decides not to join government
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.10.08, 13:36
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1. I am not in favor of new elections at this point...
DkS ,   J'lem, IL   (10.24.08)
...but I prefer it over selling out the country to the Shas parasites. Shas faction head Ya'acov Margi even has the guts to say that Shas was demanding a billion shekels in coalition talks for "fair and legitimate" child welfare payments. He said such an investment would lead to future savings in welfare, education and fighting crime. Yeah right, because those children won't learn a trade, won't work, and won't be dependent on state handouts? How can he say such a thing with a straight face? Unbelievable.
2. Haha, yeah right
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (10.24.08)
Shas should be offered more money and then they'd join the government by saying they can do more for the disadvantaged if they are in the oposition. What a bunch of worthless liars.
3. Torah Sages Council
yomy ,   jerusalem   (10.24.08)
4. The greedy religious are destorying the country again
Ron Morris ,   Herzeliya   (10.24.08)
A senile rabbi is destorying the only hope this government has for a stable government. Kadima is legally elected in our democratic process, led by the honorable Shimon Peres who knows how to properly relate to elections. Shas, a ridiculous minority, is able to leverage its way in and destroy a coalition led by a majority party. If we have general elections, settlers and charedi shouldn't be allowed to vote. They are destroying this country.
5. Shas won`t joim "Livni-led" Government
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (10.24.08)
Yeah? What about "Mofaz-led " government ? Mofaz is able to promise to Shas all what it wants. But, who said Mofaz keeps his promises ?
stude ham   (10.24.08)
Its massive corruption is too well documented. May its support never again be required for any government of Israel.
Chaim   (10.24.08)
8. Israel IS a serial conceder.
Marcel ,   Florida   (10.24.08)
The Rabbi is wrong. It's not a case of future tense but present tense. israel is already a nation of easy capitulation and surrender for nothing in return but lies. This weakness feeds the flames of jihad and does not bring peace.
9. #4, Kadima is NOT a majority party
Antonio ,   Haifa   (10.24.08)
It's a minority party--29% of people voted for Kadima in last elections. Less than 1/3 of votes is not a majority.
10. Time to politically destroy Kadimah..
Aviv Hodis ,   London   (10.24.08)
Lets prepare for a very pro-Judaism coalition post-next election. The moral of the story for Livni is to stick to what you know and never run to a ship that has bounties of treasure but weak foundations. Now the boat has sunk leaving the treasure gasping for life in the wild seas of Frishman Beach, thus now is the ' time to say goodbye'.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (10.24.08)
Now here is classic example of Ynet's censor policy , while they do not publish over 50 % of TB's from people who disagree with their political agenda , this fine gentleman from Herzeliya of all places gets to slender at his choosing. When one reads this Herzelist TB carefully one can see how our "free" Israelis see the democratic process and that the words legal and honorable have a very strange intrepetation by these same "free" Israelis. Only one conclusion comes to mind , insanity rules here.
IERGLIB   (10.24.08)
"THEM" or reject the other thieves getting too large of a slice of the pie ? GIVEN THE CHARACTER OF THIS WRETCH ,I'D SAY HER BRINKMANSHIP WAS TAILOR MADE FOR A DUPE SUCH AS YOURSELF ! She was negotiating with SATAN up and until the devil or she got too greedy ! She stands for NOTHING ! Her reseme suggests she'll fall for ANYTHING ! THAT'S WHY NEW ELECTIONS ARE GOING TO BE CALLED !
13. Livni - finato hopefully !
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.24.08)
Livni is as delussional as ever only confirming that she is not even fit to be in the govt let alone PM . Get rid of this whole rotten Kadima and Barak
14. minorities decide instead of majority
bad israeli system   (10.24.08)
How a country can governate if minorities can block all the system ? A party is the winner so it must be the decision maker for the country for a period.
15. Rav Ovadia is right
Yehudi ,   Jerusalem   (10.24.08)
May God bless Shash and Rabbi Ovadia. Shash stands for a fair deal for the poor and needy in our society.
16.  'Shas cannot be bought.' LOL...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem Israel   (10.24.08)
...I thought that's what they are known for.
17. Corrupt?
Shalom   (10.24.08)
Do Shas want the money for themselves? No! They want child benefits restored. Do Shas want to "give away" Jerusalem? No! They want a Jewish Jerusalem. Why do so many talkbackers not realise what to me is written in black and white?
18. $ha$
Elianah ,   Ramat HaSharon   (10.24.08)
$ha$ cannot be bought? Really? Say it ain't so! NIS 450 million to stay in the coalition when they started talking about Jerusalem. Millions in child support to join a new coalition. These people aren't about religion. They're about cold, hard ca$h.
19. The Hypocrites who critise Shas.
S Judah ,   London   (10.24.08)
If Shas says it will not join because Kadima will not support the poor and protect Jerusalem, it is abused. And if it did join, it would still get abused. There is in many of the talkbacks a disgusting streak of ethnic and religious racisim.
20. Shas - Tzuva For Oslo
David Jacobs ,   Hasmonaim Israel   (10.24.08)
Shas did the right thing by not joining a Government that wants to expel 100,000 Jews and divide Jerusalem. Tzipi Livni has the same views as Meretz and must be defeated if we want to have a Jewish State.
21. Could this be a good thing?
Steve ,   Fla.   (10.24.08)
It is questionable that a narrow, ultra-leftist government led by Livni, Kadima, Labor and Meretz can survive. Given the fact, Barack Hussein Obama appears to be the favorite here in the U.S., Israel cannot afford the kind of weak government Tzipi Livni would lead. This is no time for experimentation with weak leaders. Israel needs to go to elections. I never thought I'd be thinking or advocating anything less than a strong leader. I would prefer Moshe Feiglin or another strong leader. Yet, since Netanyahu is the presumed favorite Likud canditate --Netanyahu is also weak -- it would appear to be the case, Netanyahu and Likud is all we've got at present beyond a Livni, Kadima, Labor and Meretz government coalition? Israel faces two existential threats to her existence; President Barack Hussein Obama and a nascent nuclear Iran. Israel cannot afford an extreme leftist government led by Tzipi Livni.
22. shas
ami ,   israel   (10.24.08)
shas canot be bought ELI ISHAI says . how much will you get from Natanjahu? Shas was always out for money and was Blackmaling evry goverment .The poor never saw the money only the one who are leading
23. Now thats good news.They would put
Eric..... ,   Israel....   (10.24.08)
the money in there pockets anyway.They dont care about the public , just there own people.They care about Israel thats a joke, let them go to the army.The shas leaders havent a clue what goes on in Israeli everyday life.
24. Kol Hakavod Shas...They knew Livni could really do damage...
BJL ,   US   (10.24.08)
which Olmert was too weak to do. Either that or Livni wouldnt give them as much money for a bribe.
25. Shas = ?
Ben ,   Monroe USA   (10.24.08)
Question? What would happen if a government was formed without Shas? Famine, flood, earthquake? Would Shas survive??
26. To #17
Joan ,   Haifa   (10.24.08)
Oh, come on, Shalom. I think you're being a bit naive about Shas. I seem to recall supporters of Arye Deri saying the same sort of thing about him -- "But he never took (a/k/a( stole") anything for himself. (As if that makes everything OK). It sounds wonderful that Shas is trying to help impoverished children, yes. But it is the height of hypocrisy (IMHO) for a group that encourages *more* poverty by espousing more reproduction at all costs and at the same time discouraging men from earning or, Heaven forbid!, from serving in the army or even serving the country otherwise (i.e. National Service).
27. Re: No. 19
Jasmin ,   Haifa   (10.24.08)
Ah, I see. Only we who have the audacity to criticize Shas are hypocrites. Do I catch a whiff of ethnic and religious racism in your post?
28. Most Shas MKs served in the army...
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (10.24.08)
And most Shas followers work for a living. TBers tend to lump all religious Jews together, which is sad. I wish Shas well in the new elections.
29. kol hakavod. lets go for general elections.
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.24.08)
30. Finally, we can trust Shas again.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (10.25.08)
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