Livni advisers push for elections
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 24.10.08, 12:02
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1. If you go to elections you've won my vote
Chaim   (10.24.08)
If you prove that you're really willing to take political risks by standing up to the Haredim then you've got my vote.
2. elections
elliot ,   usa   (10.24.08)
whenever they come i hope there is less factionalism --too many cooks spoil the broth!
3. Livni said she wanted a broad-based coalition.!
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (10.24.08)
and not just that, but if she didn't have it before Rosh Hashana, then elections. Barak said Labor would only agree to join the coalition if it were broad-based so why did he rush? We now see that the only two parties in the coalition are the ones that are most terrified of elections. Olmert must be having a laugh at Livni's expense because he knew she was an amateur and would fail. Mike
4. she will never go to new elections
chaim ,   brooklyn ny   (10.24.08)
because she knows what everyone knows,that in elections,traitorous gangster party KADIMA will be vomited out by the electorate,and will be wiped off the political map
5. Livni and electionsElections
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.24.08)
Elections ? Great ! We could then tell how many "half wits" there in Israel by who would be dumb enough to vote Kadima along with those Arabs who are committed to destroying the State from within.
6. Kadima
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.24.08)
If we really have new elections because of Rav Ovadia's stance I'll personally apologize for all my thoughts about Shas politics!
7. EVERYBODY!!! "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!!!"...
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (10.24.08)
Am I being a little presumptuous here or is she gonna pull an Olmert?
8. Shes got more brains than the rest of
Eric... ,   Israel...   (10.24.08)
them.Shes a good lady and shes got my vote.Just the thought of wakeing up every morning and looking at Barak and Bibis faceses on the TV,makes me sick.
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