Jealous of America
Yair Lapid
Published: 24.10.08, 14:34
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31. Here's an issue being discussed you would not be jealous
Rivkah   (10.25.08)
of: Senator Biden said in the first six months of an Obama administration, a crisis will happen. Former US Secretary of State and retired General Colon Powell then said in regard to that on Meet the Press that, "The problems will always be there and there's going to be a crisis which will come along on the 21st, 22nd of January that we don't even know about right now." President Franklin Roosevelt said things don't happen by chance. When something happens, it is planned. What is planned? Senator Biden also said at the Seattle Sheraton that the crisis that will come will cause unpopular decisions to be made and communtiy leaders will need to help the federal government to control the population as unpopular decisions are made and Americans resist. Sounds like Jews and Christians and dissidents may be rounded up and taken to FEMA camps under the Rex 84 law where there are guillotines and three massive crematoriums. The secret session of the US Congress last March (the fourth in US history) said the federal government would run out of money in February 2009.
32. jelousy
sarah ,   jerusalem   (10.25.08)
jealouy not always from the better or best it is a selfe reflection .....my mother used to say i never be jelouse but only from the cleaner . my mother was so clean in her clothes and home dare only in looking for the clean people and many times she was the cleanest but said iam jealouse of what somebody did for a moment ..
33. At least you were honest about your bigotry
USA   (10.25.08)
Your dimwitted relatives. I can't believe bigotry against Americans is so acceptable everywhere in the world. Parents in the USA would lecture children who made fun of Israelis. I guess that's not a trait in the nonAmerican world. I've certainly seen the results of that for almost a decade. Keep spreading the bigotry. It's strange the dimwitted Americans built a country more successful than all of your countries put together.
34. israel politics
Bernhard A Kats ,   Ashkelon   (10.25.08)
israeli politicians are so jealous of each other, that they rather run Israel in the ground, than cooperate.
35. Your politician is "somehow" right
Sharif Hafez ,   6 October, Egypt   (10.25.08)
You are right and your examplified politician is also right. How come? In general the US elections can be viewed as real intellectual in some instance, but politicians, doen't say everything they believe in. It is in the end politics! In Israel, if the politician believes in "land for peace" but says, "peace for security", he will be elected the more he is vicious. It is a trend in Israeli politics. Let him say, he believes in the "REAL" exchange for land, and let him be elected. I would bring you an elephant that flies! Actually, by your article, you are doing exactly what you refuse: PR!
36. "all the issues that are not dealt with around here"
Global Citizen ,   Israel & USA   (10.25.08)
Those issues aren't dealt with in Israeli campaigns because they are (rightly) considered non-negotiable - unlike in the US, where care of the average citizen is a "frill".
37. Jealous of what?
Natan ,   Miami, FL USA   (10.26.08)
Between having to choose between bad and worse? I've thought about choosing one of the other miscellaneous candidates just because of the choices put out between the main parties.
38. #27, I'm not jealous....
Connie ,   Virginia   (10.27.08)
but I have never felt such a cloud of doom over an election in my life. The thought of Obama being president is depressing. My son will be out of the marines next year but he still could be called up if needed. Just what we need: a president with no executive experience and has close associations with shady people as the commander in chief when we are at war on two fronts.
39. at least he is jealous of the US and not EU
izzy d   (10.27.08)
I personnaly think that yair is wrong. following the elections scince the begiining of the drama, i can observe two things: both candidates have said absolutly nothing of actual relevance to reality. neither candidate takes the voting american seriously. furthermore, the politician that said the individual voter is smart but collectivly they are less then average is a straight shooter and telling it as it is.
40. 38 Connie: Take heart: America survived Franklin Roosevelt,
Rivkah   (10.28.08)
a democrat, who is believed to be involved in the kidnapping a murder of aviator Charles Lindbergh's baby to stop Colonel Lindbergh from running for US President since he could have defeated FDR. America survived President Harry Truman who was a mafioso from St Louis. America even survived Jimmy Carter who gave away the Panama Canal that American money paid for. America survived democrat Bill Clinton with his having the CIA fly illegal drugs into Mena, Arkansas, on government airplanes to protect the cargo in a deal with the mafia. Democrat swine, all. America will survive Obama, but will no longer be free or have freedom of religion after he imposes Sharia Law and sends dissidents and Jews and Christians and patriots to Rex 84 law FEMA camps for headcuts. Even US Senators and US Congressmen are not allowed in those camps because there are guillotines and crematoriums there. But the gas chambers in Obama's holocaust will be train cars that are already specially fitted with valves on the roofs for hoses with the gas to go directly into the train cars instead of pretending to have showers with gas coming out of the outlets. Get a few lectures from the Prophecy Club of Topeka, Kansas, by retired US government workers to get a clue on what is coming when America goes Communists and Muslim under Obama IF he gets elected.
41. #40, Rivkah
Connie ,   Virginia   (10.31.08)
I guess you agreed with my fears. America will still be here physically, but it will not be the same one I grew up with or my parents and grandparents. Even my pastor said we as a country are post-christian.
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