Livni to Peres: Nation will choose its leaders
Ronen Medzini
Published: 26.10.08, 17:30
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1. Haleluyah!
LEE ,   NY, USA   (10.26.08)
2. Thank G-d!
MC ,   UK   (10.26.08)
Shas has woken up! now the people must wake up and go out and vote a strong reliable leader who will protect the people and the land and start to repair the damage of the last 15 years. They have their work cut out. Make sure they can do it!
3. The Final Stage
Rahamim ,   Aurora Colorado   (10.26.08)
Finally the farce is over. It was long awaited by the Jews around the world for this to happen. Since 1993 Jewish nation was into grave danger by its irresponssible government mainly lefties. I hope with this elections the trend will change. Am Israel wake up return our lands in Judea and Samaria and never again surrender God given lands to our enemies. World Jewry supports you in keeping Jerusalem United Capital of the JEWISH STATE.
4. Bunnie@dock.netGood riddance to livni and all of kadima.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.26.08)
5. Peres has no tight to deside Israels fate
Shmendrik ,   Israel   (10.26.08)
He was illegally placed in this position as President by Olmert to stall on behalf of the bogus peace campaign. Now Olmert will have another 3 months to give Israel away! This was planned in the beginning by Olmert and Peres, knowing very well Livni is incapable of forming a government. Watch Peres hand the reigns back to Olmert now! How can these 2 crooks be allowed to decide the fate of Israel, when the whole nation is screaming for immediate early elections? This is not democracy!
6. public has tired of politics--she says
yahn goodey   (10.26.08)
correction please livini--the public majority is tired of olmert's and kadima's politics that is the truth of the matter. if your party was allowed to stay in office and carry out olmert's plans to their end results then we all will have to buy ourselves houseboats to live in because there will be no land left for us to live on.
7. Good democracy
steve ,   london, england   (10.26.08)
Democracy is usually always about making or living with compromises. I don't know why Livni was wasting her time trying to stitch together a unity government of minority parties1It seems thsat would be a useless fabric. Definitely not a fabric that could fly in the wind for long. It would soon be torn apart by storms of disagreement among the people supporting the various parties to it. Trying to sew together minority parties by doing deals over their respective individual party political agendas is tantamount to sidelining the national parliament. So now the whole demos (Greek: PEOPLE from Hebrew 'Dam' = blood), the whole nation can choose whether or not Livni is the one to lead the government and govern the State of Israel. That's right. I doubt she would get much support from anyone without first participating in a general election.
8. Livni, honorable decision, yet Netanyahu will get my vote
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (10.26.08)
9. Oh no!
Artur Benchimol ,   Rio de Janeiro, BRA   (10.26.08)
The right-wingers are partying in the ashes of this government. Shamefull.
10. Wonderful, now all we need is leadership
Concerned Israeli   (10.26.08)
I guess I am supposed to jump for joy when our broken Israeli democracy hangs on to survival by a thread. But how am I supposed to be excited when our own President Peres, rather than encouraging the most important pillar of society that is democracy, said that going to elections "is not a tragedy." With this cynicism, it's no wonder why Israelis have no desire to vote. Our own leaders have no democratic spirit. We have turned into a country where corruption, patronage and backroom "coalition talks" are the norm. We need to reform the political system these elections. If not, we are missing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. We need to create a system with transparency, accountability, and checks and balances, which would give us a little stability instead of going to elections every 2 years. We need leaders who believe in the value of democracy and see it as a vital pillar of society, not as a necessary nuisance that just gets in the way of the government's ability to do whatever it wants.
11. to #9
R.K ,   Denver U.S.   (10.26.08)
Oh no what? Look to what we have come as a nation Iran is threatening us, we don't have leaders to deal with Hamas we had to make ceasefire deal with Hamas, we couldnt deal with Hezbollah. We are talking about giving away Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, what have the lefty government given us? Just damage and humiliation well we are tired, we don't want this course to take place anymore, we need strong and decisive governemnt that is not scared to make decisions like in 1981 when Menachem Begin ordered strike on Iraqi Nuclear Reactor. Enough is enough!
12. Public is tired of mediocre and weak leaders !!
Moshe   (10.26.08)
13. Kadima/labor/Meretz should run one list
Ron ,   tel Aviv   (10.26.08)
These 3 parties are identical. Why do they need 3 parties. As the editor of ha'aretz and the brain of these parties said "Israel must be raped". this is also a point of Livni/Buraqa/Beilin.
14. To Artur #9
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (10.26.08)
Hi Artur, Maybe you ignore what democracy is. Maybe you suppose that democracy is just a nice way to keep the people you like in power not caring about what the majority says. Maybe be you should drink less cervejinha and come to live here if you really want to have the chance to insult people who are patriots, just think different from you!
15. Baruch Hashem
Stephanie ,   Israel   (10.26.08)
16. To # 9 Oh YES
Stephanie ,   Israel   (10.26.08)
The country is tired of this corrupt government, tired of experiements such as the Gaza experiment which 9000 Jews were thrown out of their homes so that a city, Sderot, should become hostage. The country is tired of youth losing their Jewish identy. The country is tired of losing.
17. Oy Shmendrick, go back to Chelm!
JPS ,   Efrat   (10.26.08)
Good grief, what a load of drivel! How do people like Shmendrick get educated enough to type in a talkback?!?!? Ok - Shmendrick, you listening? 1) Peres was elected by the Knesset, not appointed by Olmert. 2) There can be NO peace treaty signed with the Pals between now and the elections. The law says so. 2) Olmert was elected. He is staying as prime minister because the law says so. You don't like it? Then run for Knesset and change the law. 3) The elections are going to be held as the law states, not how any Shmendrick states....that's why we have laws, so that Shmendricks like you don't drive us all back to Chelm. Sheesh....
18. win in elections
alexi   (10.26.08)
Kadima will be defeated because of olmert. It will be payback time by israelis for this moron. Nothing Livni does will help because the hatred for olmert is many politicians are saying they will win, Barak, Livni-guess what. Netanyahu will win, Lieberman will do better than espected, Labour will be decimated.Livni does bear some responsibility for olmert, she can't deny it.
19. Correction
Avi   (10.26.08)
Livni says the people are tired of politics. That, is clearly not the case. What people are tired of is not being heard. The public very much wants to participate in the process so the country can correct its course. Livni had her chance to prove that could govern, and was unable to form a coalition. I will give to her the fact that she's dealing with a bad deck of cards in the Knesset. It's during these times though, that we find out whether or not we have a leader. So elections will come about soon. I hope that they feature political reform as one of the topics. Of course, defense, the captives, and maintaining the economy are and should be in it too. Let the campaigning begin.
20. Bunnie Meyer stay in your phone shop and shut up!
21. Is Israel a democracy or a theocracy?
bill ,   usa   (10.26.08)
What is the difference between Hamas and Shas? Both are theocratic parties.
22. Ding Dong the WITCH is DEAD!!!!
Dr. Dave ,   NYC   (10.26.08)
23. Strong, aggressive right-wing government needed
Israel needs some hawks right now. Time for 'talk fests" is over. There is no negotiation with the enemy from a position of weakness - if only implied. The world will squawk no matter what.
24. Ha Ha
Dina Ben Haim   (10.27.08)
Amazing how the media is recruited to crown Livni. They did the same with Olmert and later "killed" him. We get the feeling that some journalists are eager to manioulate their power to brainwash public opinion.
25. #17m JPS, dont have a little sissy fit!
Shmendrik ,   Israel   (10.27.08)
1) The people did not vote yo elect their own president. Like all the other fraudulent appointments that Olmert made, the Knesset only serves to please their master. 2) He will try and make the groundwork and promises that the next government will find hard to dismiss. 2??) Again, the people didnt vote for Olmert in! He stays Prime Minister because he twists the law to his needs. 3) In the given circumstances, Elections should be held immediately, not in 3 or 4 months! Is that too hard for you to understand instead of attacking me? Sheesh.......
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