Kadima beats Likud in new poll
Published: 27.10.08, 07:27
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1. Polls
Yisraeli   (10.27.08)
I cant believe anyone with any semblence of intelligence can still vote for a party like Kadimah. The worst party/government in the history of the State of Israel.
2. Kadima beats
jeremy ,   hula valley kibbutz   (10.27.08)
Let's hope that in general elections that Kadima does even better and all the others do worse. We need better goverment, one without all these small nonses parties, that black mail the govt. to give away our hard earned taxes.
3. the kadima-leftist media propaganda already started
4. hahahaha !!! let the leftists dream...for a moment
5. Polls that don't mean anything
Yoel ,   Ra'nana   (10.27.08)
It's spoken about a situation that already doesn't exist, but also on Journalists' wishes. Knesset members and Ministers are considered as individualists, people that don't care about general interest. For me, they only wanted to keep their Mandate Positions, and worked only for that. To my opinion, Kadima will remain with Olmert's negative opinion. Considered as corrupted, they won't be trusted. Likud will go up, because Bibi will start beeing aggressive in the Media. Also because israelis feel they need a strong person facing to palestinians. Plus: economic recession that is something already well known to Netanyahu. Religious parties will be united, and their score could be high because their message will be considered as bringing some hope. Shass will remain as it is, because he did evrything for his voters. And they ALL vote... Labor Party will lose some voices because it lost values. Peretz is seen as a looser, and Barak as opportunist running only for himself. They don't have any other leader. Keep this analysis in mind, and let's talk about it after the Elections.......
6. Either Way it won't be a Stable Government
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (10.27.08)
With less than 40 seats, the ruling party's going to be too weak to dominate the Knesset. It will depend on small, self-interest parties to build a coalition, again resulting in an unstable government. One bit of good news: the money grubbing Shas might vanish, for at least a while..
7. Where was this poll taken?
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (10.27.08)
I don't know ONE person that would even 'consider' voting for Kadima. I know several people that voted for Kadima and they rue the day they did so and are mostly embarrassed by their mistake. Mike
8. Ha- Yeah they polled the 500 employees at the paper
David Levy   (10.27.08)
YNet and their polls are useless. Let's assume that Shas loses one seat, that doesn't mean they will cease to exist. Could this be any more bias?
9. Polls are an invention of
Stephanie ,   Israel   (10.27.08)
left-wing-brain washing media and they do not reflect the actual mood of the country that does not want more of the same. A PM guilty of fraud a deputy PM guilty of a sex offence. So I am saying it loud and clear I am backing Bibi.
10. Ahhhh please God!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.27.08)
Shas get kicked out - a government without them would indeed be a wonderful thing. Tzipi is back in my good books and for sure she's going to get my vote!!!
11. israel mimics USA in so many ways
Zippy   (10.27.08)
The polls also favor a Dem landslide victory. But Hillary's supporters and obama's very fearful americans will vote him out in a landslide---unless his fraudulent polls and ACORN fraud registers steal the election. The media also annointed a do nothing, no record, unsuccessful , radically aligned untested politician. Obama and Livni remind me of each other in many ways---free passes and the will weakening agents of their countries. They garner no respect from the thugs of the world. Again, Israel's media is behaving as judge and jury and will lie and steal the truth of the concensus of a Likud landslide vistory.. Everybody knows kadima, labour and meretz are finished and have no respect or support. Let's hope the media and the "democracy" play fair this time--but i doubt it. The media in both these countries are responsible for trying to kill democracy. This year truly is a state of life or death for both these countries! How ironic, especially as the rest of the world moves to the right--and america and Israel are in the forefront of fighting Islm--and their "elites" want to move radically, suicidally Left.
12. To Jeremy in the Hula Valley
Rabbi Ashkenazy ,   Jerusalem ISrael   (10.27.08)
You do realize of course that a Kadima led coalition will effectively turn your kibbutz into a war zone right when they give the Golan Heights to Syria right?
13. My polls show I'll be the next prime minster of Israel.....
Asher ,   NY,USA   (10.27.08)
14. Generally I like Bibi better
Aharon   (10.27.08)
His policies are just better than Livnis, there's no question about it. But if Livni shows that she can form a coalition without the Haredi parties she'll gain an unprecedented amount of support from the Israeli public - that's why she's so popular now. The secular public isn't dead just yet, we still have a lot of voting power.
15. Polls :Drippy and Co ahead of Bibi
DT ,   TA Isr   (10.27.08)
To the "Friends of Achmadinejad, Abbas, Haniya, Bin Laden, Assad, Nasrullah, Taliban " vote Livni and Co. and Israel will be yours without firing a shot - no need for Martyrs.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (10.27.08)
Knowing how trustworthy and unbiased Ynet is in its reporting , we all firmly believe in this poll. Unfortunally there to many naiive people who still take the news at face value. With elections coming up one can be rest assured that Ynet will go full throttle in dirty trics and even dirtier reporting.
17. Disinformation
R.K. ,   brooklyn ny   (10.27.08)
Kadima is a thing of the past, it is time to move on! Kadima PM's please turn yourselfs in for commiting a crime for betraying Israel and selling it piece by piece. I will forgive you but I will never forgive you for playing with Jewish future because of your own interest to make money.
18. I thought democracy was about voting
israeli ,   israel   (10.27.08)
not about polls. Would any one in their right mind "crown" a winning party based on polls?
19. B.S., Poll was done at Mental Hospital
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (10.27.08)
Or the Knesset, same difference. We already know Likud will only get a couple seats like labor. Shas will be the biggest winner probably doubling its current amount. Nobody I know would ever vote for kadima or labor.
20. The Seinfeld party (about nothing)
Gideon Reader   (10.27.08)
This poll was likely taken in NYC or Boston, where Kadima is very popular amongst non-Jews and very liberal U.S.Jews; who delight in the sole stated purpose of Kadima, i.e., Dispossessing Jews from their ancient and traditional, as well as legal homeland.
21. Tzipi has a better chance of Seeing G-d then winning electio
Messiah   (10.27.08)
zionist forever   (10.27.08)
Polls can be affected by alot of things. Where were the people who were asked residents of. I imagine in Tel Aviv your going to get a much larger percentage of Kadima voters than you will in Jerusalem or Acre. What percentage were men and what percentage were women? Livni will probably get the womans vote simply because she is a woman nothing to do with policy. What questions were asked? Do you think that Livni is a more capable to lead the country than Natanyahu alot of people would say Livni simply she has no record to criticise because she has no history while Natanyahu has done things both right and wrong. If you said do you think Kadima or Likud are more capable of running the country I think more people would say Likud because they associate Kadima with Olmerts failed policies not Livni. At the end of the day I think people are sick of the left and their failed policies and are leaning towards the right. Kadima got elected last time not because they wanted Olmert but out of sympathy to Sharon whose vision of Kadima was very different to the one that Livni & Olmert created I think alot of people want an end to personality politics and want a return to policy politics. As ashamed as I am to say it first time round I voted Kadima because I liked Sharons vision for the party and thought Olmert would continue it but now I have seen the Olmert / Livni Kadima I willl never vote for them again. As for Meeretz I can't see the far left increasing its majority, we have all seen what the left have done and the last thing the country needs is far left allthough I do think that UTJ may take some of the $ha$ votes becausre those voters choose the religious parties all the time. The big loosers will be the likes of Gil who I belive were a one time wonder.
23. 14
zionist forever   (10.27.08)
Coalitions are not made untill AFTER the election. Based on decades of history because of this undemocratic system and the largest parties at best represent less than a third if the population it creates bad government the Haredi parties have always been one of the deciding factors in coalitions because their suportes vote for the same parties year in year out it's the rest of us that dont like them. As long as they promise to deliver more welfare to the Haredi jews who can't afford to keep their big families and spend their whole life studying Torah they need the welfare money then there is no reason to think their dedicated voters who choose them year in year out will abandon them,. At best $ha$ will loose a couple of seats to UTJ which is another Haredi party. Considering though coalitions are made after the election nobody can promise the haredi will not be part of the coalition if its the only way to get enough support to form a coalition.
24. Election Poll
Laurence Tauber ,   New York, USA   (10.28.08)
A distorted headline - The Poll points to a likely Likud-led government: 62 seats for Nationalist and Religous parties; 48 for the Left parties including Kadima; and 10 for the Arab Parties who would not be part of either coalition.
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