Israeli ambassador to US meets Palin
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 27.10.08, 18:56
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1. Why o why do the American Jews continue with their foolish
Al   (10.27.08)
politics? The answer is quite simple, they fear for their very own behinds. They figure if they go with an Obama they will be spared the wrath of his rabid followers, who at best can be described as out and out anti-semites. The truth is America has changed to such an extent that they are about to commit political social and economic suicide. Any Jew with an milligram of a brain in his/her head understands that not only is Israel in danger from this Obama but that they (the Jews) in America are in danger as well. The economic meltdown which will lead to internal social strife will be blamed on the Jews. Why would an empty suit like Obama win an election against a man who has dedicated his entire life to America and her needs? The answer is that America like Israel has lost its way and is searching for the golden calf to lead her out of the wilderness. What the American Jews have to ask themselves is "who will protect them against those who want their revenge for being in the economic dog house?"
2. wrong!
Yehudah ,   Boston Mass., USA   (10.27.08)
Israelis do not understand what is going on in America, just as Americans do not understand what is happening in Israel. Misinformation and outright lies are as American as apple pie! Do not forget that Obama is the first black man with a good chance at the White House.
3. Response to Al #1
Ryan Max ,   NY, NY   (10.27.08)
Al, although you don't identify your country of residence, I suspect it is not the US because you have not accurately captured the condition of the US and the havoc to our country, Israel and the world brought on by the Bush Administration. McCain is the intellectual and policy equivalent of Bush; Palin, who would be a heartbeat from the presidency, is a none to bright and downright scary. Jews have always prided themselves as being educated and thoughtful; it is no surprise that minutes after the Palin announcement the polls for Obama shot up. (In fact, I was a McCain supporter who went over when I heard her speak and listened to her positions on world, individual and economic issues.) The risk of 4 more years of Bush and a Palin potential would keep the friends of America holding their breath for the duration. Obama may not be the perfect answer, but he certainly meets some key criteria: thoughtful, smart, level-headed and measured. And as such, he is the choice we need to select.
4. Al is Bonkers
Al Nonothing ,   D.C.   (10.27.08)
Al has gone off the deep end. He's masking his politics with apocalyptic language. What a sod.
5. I am with you, #1
Art ,   Los Angeles   (10.28.08)
I have noticed that everyone who votes for Oba is either homosexual or anti Torah - sonei yisrael. Don't mind them, Al.
6. I had a dream
messco ,   Wroclaw, Poland   (10.27.08)
when Israel was just another European country, with boring problems. Instead, you are ind the middle of every worlds conflict
7. "Enigmatically" calling the Embassy of Israel...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (10.28.08)
a "Jewish agency." Is "enigmatic" a new way of saying "dumb ass?" The woman is a blithering moron. Its no wonder Jews are voting Obama in droves. McCain is an erratic, doddering old fool who hasn't had a good idea in a decade and a half. And Palin is dumb as a rock, and thinks foreign policy experience means ALASKA'S PROXIMITY TO RUSSIA. Voting Obama is a no brainer - for the US and for Israel.
8. You got it right, Al, #1.
USA   (10.28.08)
Republican Americans truly care about Israel and the people. I've almost decided if American Jews don't, why should i? I don't know where you live, but you've somehow managed to avoid the Liberal Agenda.
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