Canadian man sends Livni a diamond ring
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.10.08, 11:59
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1. Good thing she is from Kadima
Ilan ,   Ariel   (10.28.08)
They have no ethical reservations to cause her to say no. Maybe the 'couple' or is that tuple will relocate to Manitoba and save us all some grief.
2. lol. Perfect place for a JDate ad.
Logic ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
3. If he lived in Israel....
She would keep it and he would get a speed bump in front of his house.
4. She is not needed in Canada
Frank   (10.28.08)
We have enough Leftist losers in Canada.
5. Diamonds are not Tzipi's best friend!
Talula ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
Well done. She's clearly aware of 'gifts' while in government office. Damn! I really LIKE HER!!!
6. What a fantastic woman she is!
Enzo ,   London,UK   (10.28.08)
7. True Quebecois dont marry they shack up..
Al   (10.28.08)
I live in La Belle Province Quebec and here in Quebec we dont marry,,we shack up till we cant stand eachother then we move on. Much like Israeli politicos. When they finnish screwing you over they change parties to appeal to the next group of suckers. Suckers..
8. #5 -This is newsworthy? Or just free publicity?
Shmendrik ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
Obviously fools like you believe this tripe! Livni is as incompetent as Olmert, and as much to blame for the failures of Kadima. Because of her Hezbollah are fully armed and ready to strike Israel. She is now trying to follow the Obama popularity campaign through the manipulation of the media in self promotion.
9. Livni ring
happy joe   (10.28.08)
It is obvious that its a give from a blind man-
10. #7 shaking up in Israel is dangerous
Logic ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
After a certain short period of time, the live-in-friend receives property rights..
11. Talula will be much better for Livni
Peter ,   Toronto   (10.28.08)
This guy is a well known gay activist.
12. #8
Talula ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
Shmendrik is calling me a fool - that's rich AND FUNNY! However with all your bitching and moaning and whining - the ring went back - and Tzipi is going to be the new PM. GET OVER IT!
13. Only 18 carat gold? Why be cheap?
Tahl ,   Israel   (10.28.08)
If you want to appeal to a potential prime minister, the least you could give is 22 carats.
14. #11 Talula is a gay activist?
israel   (10.28.08)
how do you know just from reading talkbacks
stude ham   (10.28.08)
Or the product of dangerously deranged mentalities... Of which even quebec has its share...
16. Kadim: please give cash, in envelopes
Olmik ,   Tel Aviv   (10.28.08)
hand delivered. Thank you
17. How dumb is this guy ...?
Softwalker ,   Canada   (10.28.08)
Not only did FedEx charge him an arm and a leg for shipping, but Livni's office probably had to pay brokerage fees just to pick it up. He could have saved a few bucks by sending it UPS.
18. #12
Shmendrik ,   ISrael   (10.28.08)
Yes, how ironic that a shmendrik calls you a fool, but regardless of who i am, you're a fool if you believe she will be PM. Olmert is still PM till the elections, Livni couldn't form a government because she is totally inept and none of her own factions had any faith in her. You are delusional thinking she ever had a chance!
19. Wow he fancies Olmert in a skirt
Debbie ,   Toronto Canada   (10.28.08)
Where has ne been prison for 20 years
20. May be he is ino beastiality?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (10.28.08)
It was probably zircon and the metal was fool's gold.
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