Camouflage fatigues concealed in humanitarian aid to Gaza
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 28.10.08, 16:25
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1. Ynet views, but does not watch
observer   (10.28.08)
coats, sweaters, hats, and camouflage fatigues, flour, cooking oil .... what else was concealed?
2. Yeah big suprise,what did they expect to find!
Debbie ,   Toronto Canada   (10.28.08)
3. At least this time it's not a bomb in an ambulance
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (10.28.08)
4. Proves once again that jihad is more important than life
grigorius   (10.28.08)
5. no schalit, no entry to gaza
bernard ross ,   st anns bay,jamaica   (10.29.08)
blockade gaza 100% until schalit release....this is true humanitarianism to the jews.
6. Another type of [my] surprise
Norma Fares   (10.30.08)
What surprises me the most is the astonishment of some western journalists or organizations or speakers who show surprise, even more, a kind of shock at such a description i.e. news report of our daily living-life with [Palestinians] Hamas & Co. or Hezbollah or Fateh El Islam or MB... They would dare to describe you as inhuman or racist! The hunger to acknowledge the truth became --for some Human right watch members and organizations-- a human right violation these days. Longing to hear/read the comment of UN and other Human right watchers about this news. Thanks to Honest Reporting for sharing this news report with us at digg.
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