Knesset's right-wing factions merge to form new party
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 30.10.08, 02:55
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1. LOL what a joke
Aharon   (10.30.08)
These guys can't even agree amongst themselves, this party has no future.
2. Shame on the NRP!!!
David ,   Los Angeles   (10.30.08)
Once a centrist religious party, with roots in the religious kibbutz movement and a goal of bringing more Torah to secular Israel, the new party is now the home of rabid Messianic settlers and Kahanists. Disgusting!!
3. I hope they triple their seats
Yonatan ,   Nahariya   (10.30.08)
The only party with true vision and an excellent plan was banned. I hope the Olmert backlash finally drives the left wing from our government. People like Barak, Tamar and Livni shouldn't be able to run a falafel shop let alone our government. We now have non-Jewish sworn enemies of Israel voting in the Knesset.
4. David from Los Angeles
Yitzchak ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (10.30.08)
David, why not come here and say that. Until you make aliya then shut up and watch quietly from the sidelines.
5. It's the only path to winning
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (10.30.08)
Tolerance encompassing and embracing all Jews who are BOTH Zionist and Orthodox.
6. Go for it!
Gary S. ,   Hadera, Israel   (10.30.08)
Let's hope they reach an agreement and merge into a single party. Fracturing the right-wing vote among multiple political parties is counter-productive. And let's hope they have the good sense to elect MK Arieh Eldad as their leader. Eldad is a brilliant guy with impressive credentials (see his page on Wikipedia), and has both the personality and the political skills (incl. media savvy) to succeed in Israel's hostile political climate.
7. if orlev is in it-count most of us out!
8. to #6--Eldad formed his own party and he
doesnt even want to be it's head...its called Hatikva. I m sure if i post a link-the tlkbk police wont publish this so as not to give anybody a chance to actually find out about other options that dont include meretz,labor and kadima. but yes, secular right wingers do have a representation now.
9. This is incorrect information
Ran   (10.30.08)
these 2 parties united for the last election, people, use your memory, don't believe Attila and the other left-looneys. They are not "factions", they are two political parties which came together to unite the right - if they can unite with Likud and the Russian bloc, then the silent majority has half a chance to take back the country from the communist haters and traitors.
10. The left says,..."Uh-uh".
Gideon Reader   (10.30.08)
The "Left" is "dissing" this effort to consolidate the various right'ist small parties. Translate that to mean they are petrified of such a consolidation, based on it's adherence to an actual ideology. Jewishness. Zionism. Security, economic and political viewpoints, etc. As opposed to a Kadima like effort about, protecting it's founding head from criminal prosecution, expellation and dispossession of Jews from their homes and businesses without sufficient cause, and continuance in office supported by corruption, incompetence and political malpractice. A political three card Monte game for the fools who adhere to such silliness from the "beautiful spy" (choke, snort, giggle) who wants to be PM, beacuse,....? Well, just because.
11. umbrella party = likud
nadav ,   tel aviv, israel   (10.30.08)
why does the right need an umbrella party? Likud is enough, no? I thought Lieberman’s party was an umbrella party for the right wing and religious right wing? Was I wrong? In any case, there is an umbrella ight wing party, its called LIKUD!
12. parties merge
elliot ,   usa   (10.30.08)
fewer is better on left too--factions are too costly as well as divisive
13. Yitzchak #4: Because of People Like You
David ,   Los Angeles   (11.03.08)
I will "shut up" when Israel stops calling itself a Jewish State and attempting to speak on my behalf. I will not "shut up" because individuals like you tell me to any more than I would shut up about Soviet Jewry because I didn't live in Russia. Don't like what I have to say? Don't read it. Capiche?
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