Hamas policeman killed while taking apart bomb
Ali Waked and agencies
Published: 31.10.08, 07:51
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1. A first time for everything
adam eliyahu berkowi   (10.31.08)
I can't believe that this article got printed. Every other time a Palestinian gets killed by an explosive device, it is called a "work related accident", which is a truly disgusting euphemism. It atttempts toevoke images of an innocent arab sipping his coffee, kissing his wife, and going off to work, only to suddenly die in an inexplicable disaster that makes no sense. Can we suppose, as strange as it might seem, that perhaps the Palestinian sources are fibbing, stretching the truth a little for PR purposes? Could it be that an official PA policeman was involved in making a bomb that would be used for terrorism? NAAAAAH! No way.
2. hamas"policeman"??
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (10.31.08)
sorry ynet but my iq is only medium and I do not grap that concept...
3. Maybe they were putting the bomb together
Leah ,   Israel   (10.31.08)
4. correct me if i'm wrong, but...
oferdesade ,   israel   (10.31.08)
is itnormal to transport a bomb to be dismantled? all thsoe traffic jams - arent they coz you're meant to dismantle the bomb on site? could it be that if it went off in the poolice station, that's where it was fabricated in the first place?
5. Sure believe ham-ass, have they ever lied to you?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (10.31.08)
6. this sounds like another work accident
jerome ,   basalt co.   (10.31.08)
and may they have many more when they try to build their bombs!
7. #3 could very well be right
Ronny   (10.31.08)
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