Obama's Israeli adviser: Next White House chief of staff?
Orly Azoulay
Published: 02.11.08, 11:25
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31. Ok, let's review....
Joshua ,   Jersey City   (11.06.08) Obama's Chief of Staff is the son of a former Irgun member, he volunteered to help the IDF during the 1st Gulf War when Israel was being scudded by Saddam, he has consistently voted for and spoken out in favor of Israel. And some people here are still worried about commitment? Obama will be great for Israel. Most of us knew that already, but this makes it even clearer.
32. #19
Get your facts right   (11.07.08)
The only effective way to lose your US citizenship is to: 1. Go to an embassy and swear in person that you renounce your US citizenship 2. Accept a high ranking position in another country's government or military. You are correct that an American passport does say something to the effect that "volunteering in a foreign Army risks your citizenship," but in practice it is never enforced (to the best of my knowledge). There are plenty of Americans who have volunteered for the French Foreign Legion and who have not lost their citizenship--hell, one wrote a book about it.
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