Porush: In 10 years there won't be secular candidates
Ronen Medzini
Published: 03.11.08, 00:07
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1. "Every child is a blessing" or "Every child is a vote for us
Aharon   (11.03.08)
Now there can be no doubt as to what their ultimate objectives are. We've been forewarned. Now let's see if anything is done about it.
2. Two destructive demographic time
Zooog   (11.03.08)
bombs. The Haredim and the arabs.
3. The seculars just arn't having babies, now are they?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.03.08)
4. If they don't serve in the Army, don't let them run or vote!
Ariel ,   Kfar Saba   (11.03.08)
5. Then there will be nobody to protect your mooching asses....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.03.08)
6. We have to thank them
Richard S. ,   Miami, USA   (11.03.08)
Without their high birthrate, the discussion would not have been about a secular or religious candidate but rather of an Arab becoming Mayor of Jerusalem. Without the Ultra-Orthodox higher birthrate, Jerusalem would have had an Arab majority years ago.
7. #1 Stupid!
Porish is right, BUT for a different reason. In 10 years or so the Secular will relies like many do today that their inner conflict is their worst enemy. Being a Jew and fighting for the land that were given to the Jews but for what, they feel empty; being a Jew is meaningless to them. This inner conflict will waken must of them up and they will come back to their Jewish roots, as many of them have. So rest ashure that the secular society in Israel will be a thing of the past.
8. To 1: Thats not a threat!
shua ,   NY   (11.03.08)
We Chareidim would be more than happy if the secular Jews start having more kids! If anything it would help fight the demographic problem which the secular public, have so neglected.
9. The Right
Ironman ,   Los Angeles   (11.03.08)
It seems that the religious right in any country or culture exhibit the same mindset of intolerance. The pious, who will use any means to further their political ends... including outright lies and the assassination of their brethren (10 Commandments be damned) are as godless as the secular they condemn.
larry ,   chicago   (11.03.08)
he may be correct. I personally predicted that in another 20 years because of the birthrate, the many religious new immigrants and numerous secular emigrants Jerusalem will be a large majority religious, and in two generations the rest of the country. Porush and I seem to disagree on time. But THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL
11. Lies: At the core of his values
Alex ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (11.03.08)
The fact that he lied when he denied that he had said what he said is a good example of the kind of values this ultra-Orthodox person stands for. No ethics, just hunger for power and aspirations for a totalitarian regime like we see in Muslim countries. The state and private donors should stop supporting these fundamentalists.
12. Seculars, don't get offended, get even
Antonio ,   Haifa   (11.03.08)
It's not us vs. haredi, it's us versus Arabs, after all. God bless haredis for doing their Jewish duty!
13. Bull Shit!!! he never said it!!!!
larry ,   jerusalem   (11.03.08)
14. ONE PEOPLE ! please.....
15. jerusalem
sas ,   israel   (11.03.08)
a shame and sad
16. It will be a brief victory - until you all starve
17. Thank The Haredim......
Tzioni ,   NY   (11.03.08)
They are the only ones standing in the way of an arab majority.
18. Only Haredim ! who will feed and protect them ?
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (11.03.08)
Maybe they will have to join the army or the workforce.
19. He has just removed all doubt in one sentence!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.03.08)
I can't help but laugh at this. Where would the Haredim be without the seculars? Who works to keep them? Who dies to protect them? Do they honestly think that if the demographic balance changes and life becomes intolerable for seculars (which is highly unlikely) we will still carry on and work to support the sick bastards? I for one would not. Porush, is a sick evil no-body who protects a baby murderer – he is not religious, but sick in the head and morally bankrupt. Do the citizens of Jerusalem really want him as mayor. It's just not going to happen.
20. The Land of Israel is the home of all Jews.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.08)
The Jewish People have always been made up of different kinds of Jews. We have to make every effort to explain to all Jews that the Land of Israel is their home. Some of them may want to become religiously observant, and some may not - but if this Land cannot be the home of all Jews, then our State will not be able to last. A united Jewish people will not fear anti-Semitism as explained at :
21. Who's going to pay taxes then?
Dan ,   Herzlia   (11.03.08)
22. Picture of Israel 2018
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.03.08)
A Nation of black coated, long bearded folks trying to run a country which will be in such serious decline that the end will be inevitable. Democracy will no longer exist simply because it can not exist alongside the intolerance practiced and promoted by the Religious who will be the majority. I do not mean to be facetious but please someone tell me how will we fight our wars without an army. Will the Tanaach take the place of the M16, who will man the tanks and the aircraft ? My own opinion on this is very simple. We shall have no army because there will be no need for one. There will be nothing left to defend. I shall be gone by 2018, either by natural cause or by choice. Either way I do not intend to see my beloved country go down the tube, at least while I am breathing and standing on its hallowed soil. Sad, very sad.
23. Great
No seculars All Haredi wonderful whos going to do all the bloody work to keep the economy going and feed these polish peasants?
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (11.03.08)
25. Comparisons
Raptor ,   Tel Aviv   (11.03.08)
Thinking as opposed to reciting. Zealotry as opposed to normalcy. Servitude as opposed to freedom. Creativity as opposed to emptiness. State as opposed to Stateless. Ghetto as opposed to Tel Aviv. Take your choice. Any form of extremity is bad but when it comes to religion it is evil. Religion and deep faith are neurological disorders and in the past have had disasterous consequences for humanity. Why does man never learn from his past experiences. Religion has caused more death and human suffering than any other single factor. It will happen again.
26. Not only is Israel a land for all Jews
DM ,   Amsterdam   (11.03.08)
These so called Chareidim are acting like the generation of the destruction of the beth hamikdash. Let them be sent into exile for their sinat chinam and evil speech. The Rambam told us that the reason the beth hamikdash was destroyed was because the Jews did not study warfare anymore, and were only sitting and learning Torah.. Let them rule Israel and we will face the same destruction. Jewish society is supposed to be build around gedolei Torah, and as we all know there are only a few Gedolei Torah in every generation, all the other Jews should've jobs, fight in the army and build the land. We are all tzadikim, but do you really think all Jews during David's dynasty were Chareidim? NO!!
27. #12 Antonio - talking of duty
Simon ,   TA Israel   (11.03.08)
They do not accept the rules of the game - equal work, equal pay and equal duties. They said, 'No, we have a special status in which we do not work and we do not pay taxes and we do not defend the country; you defend it for us. Sorry buddy but their days of "free riding" is coming to an end. Enough of these religious parasites, who claim to be religious while committing acts of civil disobedience and acts against the very state that supports them.
28. What we are witnessing
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.03.08)
is the rape of a People, the rape of a Nation, the rape of an ideal. There are two sides to an act of rape. The rapist will go through life with a deep scar on his conscience while the raped will go through life with a deep scar on his soul. We are both doomed to suffer. One side is determined to rape while the other side is determined to be raped.
29. if so
Itamar ,   Israel Ramat gan   (11.03.08)
Maybe he is right, but it means at the same time the end of Israel, Only the seculars are able to defend Israel
30. Porush's Remarks
Millicent ,   Israel   (11.03.08)
Are clearly naive in nature. for without the secular population in Israel the Haredi and ultra religous way of life would cease to exist simply because they would not have an army to defend them from attacks from the arabs, and no one working whose taxes go to support the Haredim,Ultraorthodox who do not work. Simply put the State of Israel cannot survive without the secular Israelis so Mr Porush your remarks are really not that intelligent are they?
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