Obama: Change has come to America
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Published: 05.11.08, 07:29
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31. American election.
CLL ,   Tampa FL USA   (11.05.08)
78% of American Jews that voted voted for Obama. That should tell Israel how much support you have here among your "own". Evangelical Christians are more committed to the preservation of Israel than they are. Jews leftist agenda's get in the way of common sense and the Jewish state.
32. 9 Steven Wilson: The radical Muslims are already
Rivkah   (11.06.08)
training in the mountains of many states in America and no one does anything about it, whether the President is Republican or Democrat. In Badger, California, the owner of Sierra Glen Mobile Home Park (Don Barton), asked the Russian Spetznatz and the Muslims who shoot up vehicles with AK47's at night if they are going to attack his trailer park when they get orders to attack Fresno. They said, No, they would not attack Don Barton's properties because he is a Freemason. Freemasons, when they get to 32 degree and become Shriners, wear a red fez hat to parties. The red color of the fez celebrates the deaths of Christians and Jews in the Middle Ages when Muslims dipped their hats in Christian and Jewish blood. Islam and Freemason upper orders are closely intertwined. The lower order Freemasons might think Solomon's Temple construction is what it is all about. Then why is only 5 per cent of money collected by Shriners used in hospitals and for charities? What is done with the 95%? Political enterpises? Freemasons swear on a Koran at the national temple in Washington, D.C., not a Bible.
33. to #28:ha yeah whatever you Bum!
Pablo ,   NYC   (11.06.08)
i'm sure you like obama never volunteered to serve a minute in the military during a time of war(and obama could have in the first gulf war)so your experience must be about as extensive as a nun's.i wouldn't want to serve guys like you and obama who have no experience and don't know what they're talking about.i'm sure its guys(wimps) like you that voted for obama because you were afraid of mccain's aggressive foreign policy and were afraid you might one day be FORCED to wear the military uniform.
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