Son of Israeli immigrant accepts Obama offer to serve as chief of staff
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 06.11.08, 21:13
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1. Yippee doo..Am I supposed to be happy now?
Al   (11.05.08)
A closet Jew who will do Obamas bidding. He is the new house jew... There is nothing to be proud of with this appointment.
2. Emanuel
Christian lady ,   USA   (11.05.08)
This is sick. Another way to entice Israel to follow evil Obama.
3. Obama is throwing a bone to keep us quiet
Jake   (11.05.08)
The "Chief of Staff of the White House" will do what Obama says, or else. It is not a cabinet position. And I am sure that the American Jews, who just love sound bytes, will take this offer as a sign that "Obama is a true friend of the Jews" and has a "Yiddishe neshama". We only need to look at history to learn how misleading this is. The Roman Emperor/General Titus appointed a Jew, from the most prominent Jewish family in Alexandria, as his 2nd in command and as Chief of Staff of the entire Roman Army, during the Jewish rebellion of 66-70 C.E. Titus' fiancee Berenice was a Jewish princess of royal Hashmonean blood. Titus and his father Vespasian surrounded themselves by infuential Jews, including King Agrippas II, and even adopted Josephus into their own family (Flavius). But that didn't stop Titus from turning the Jewish homeland into a smouldering ruin and destroying the 2nd Temple, though he was good enough not to except a wreath to celebrate our downfall.
4. Raum
Marilyn ,   USA   (11.05.08)
In this, although he has an impressive resume, it's worrying cause he seems to be a little on the aggressive side. Kind of trying to get away from all that, so we could have the kinder, gentler America that we were promised.
5. I betcha this is just talk
Jake   (11.05.08)
This is all sound bytes designed to placate the American Jews, who are so easy to reassure. Notice how it was George Stephanopoulos who made the announcement, that Emanuel was "offered" the position. Notice how Obama hasn't said anything, and Emanuel himself has not accepted the offer.
6. Muslim President, Second most Powerfull A Jew
DM ,   Amsterdam   (11.05.08)
This means the time of false peace has arrived.
7. no need to stress his Jewishness
observer   (11.05.08)
if his father had emigrated from Israel to the US, then certainly he is a Jew. if he speaks a little Hebrew, despite he served in the IDF, then he is certainly a Jew. if he is sharp-tongued, sharp-elbowed, keenly intelligent veteran of the Clinton White House, then he is certainly a Jew.
8. They know each other very well before now
You guys forgot that they have been very good friends for a long time. They (Obama, Axelord, and Emanuel ) are the Chicago troika.
9. Emanuel's father was in the Irgun
Andrew ,   USA   (11.05.08)
This article forgot to mention that Rahm Emanuel's father Benjamin M. Emanuel was in the Irgun.
10. #6. Wrong. The 2nd most powerful will be the Mrs.
Jake   (11.05.08)
11. Obama is throwing a bone
Mother Anastasia ,   Taos, New Mexico   (11.05.08)
Jake, can you tell me where this was prophesied in Scripture? I remember reading about it but never knew the particulars of its fulfillment.
12. Muslim president?
charicleia   (11.06.08)
how many times does it take for the facts to sink in> Obama is not a Muslim and saying so only makes you and others like you an ignorant and stupid fool. can't you read? can't you follow the news? please don't keep making a fool of yourself.
13. Ram Emanuel
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (11.06.08)
All of you who are running down Ram Emanuel as being less than loyal to the Jewish Community don't know what the title "Chief of Staff" to the White House means. It means that he runs the show at the White House. For goodness sake, rent the TV series "The West Wing" at your local video store and follow the character Leo McGarrity and see what power is.
14. Served in IDF???
Matt ,   U.S.A.   (11.06.08)
Rahm did not serve in the IDF. Rahm is also the one who pushed forward Bill Clinton to secure a handshake with Rabin and Arafat regarding OSLO. How'd that work for Israel?
15. Volunteering in Sarel is not serving in the I.D.F.!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.06.08)
They are wonderful people who fix and clean equipment. But they are not in the I.D.F. Since his father was an Israeli citizen,emmanuel is automatically an Israeli citizen. He should have reported to an I.D.F. induction center at the age of 18. He is a draft dodger like olmert's sons. He will be no friend in the short lived obama administration. Let the investigations, then impeachment begin.
16. Rahm's father was borin in Palestine not Israel.
17. as someone who knows ram emanuel
his father was A MEMEBER OF THE IRGUN. ram got a real ZIONIST education with a love for israel from his israeli pediatrician docrtor father who sent ram to a very religious jewish school in chicago where ram also is sending his children (3) presently. ram is great friends with not only israel, but with a very influential jewish community in the usa and especially in chicago. he is pro zionist and pro israel 100%. during the first gulf war, we went to israel as a volunteer, not in the idf service, but to do manual work on an israeli army base during iraq's scud missile attack on israel in 1991. he supports many many israeli causes and is very much attached to israel AS A JEWISH STATE FOR JEWS. i believe even though i didn't vote for obama, that having ram in the white house will make sure that the us government deoesn't put unnecesart pressures on israel that will undermine her security. today, when ram was interviewed he claimed that israel , AS AN INDEPENDENT SOVREIGN NATION HAS TO ACT ALONE IN SOLVING THEIR CONFLICT WITH PALESTINIANS AND THAT THE USA WILL SUPPORT THE PROCESS, BUT NOT FORCE ANY DECISION ON ISRAEL THAT WILL UNDERMINE THEIR SECURITY AND SOVREIGNITY. i believe ram will be good for israel and now that HE was chosen as the number two man in the obama administration, ALL ARABS AND MUSLIMS AROUND THE WORLD MUST BE OVERLY SOMBER AND DISMAYED because only a while ago they all thought that his stance on israel-palestine issues will change. what a disappointment to the arabs!!!
18. And like most liberal American Jewish men married a shiksa.
Not Amused   (11.06.08)
Emanuel doesn't care about Israel or Judaism because he doesn't have a Jewish family. He has never publicly supported Israel and in fact is ashamed that he served in the IDF. Just another self-hating Jew who supports the anti-semitic Obama.
19. Check your facts
Ussishkin ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (11.06.08)
There is nothing on Rahm Emanuel's internet presences that states he served in the IDF.
20. enough talkbacks
Tired_of_lunatics   (11.06.08)
ynet, why don't you follow yahoos lead and stop these talkbacks. this is populated by lunatics and religious weirdos who have nothing to do in their lives and probably nothing to offer, and just delight in the opportunity to get 'published'. it is revolting and nauseating to read this rubbish.
21. yeah, but who's gonna have OUR back?
Shneerhere ,   USA   (11.06.08)
Liberal Chicago Lakefront Jews are not exactly the bastion of stalwart guardianship of the State of Israel. They are usually busy saving furry animals and such things. I"ve met Rahm, definitely savvy and highly intelligent, but this will be a replay of Clinton's naive and concession-oriented foreign policy with no patience for little things like the safety and protection of Jewish lives.
22. #16. And Arafat was born in Egypt not "Palestine"
Jake   (11.06.08)
That makes a Jew more authentically Palestinian than the founder of the entire "Palestinian" outfit. But since Palestine before 1948 was not the name of a country but of a mandated territory, and since Jews called Israel before 1948 Eretz Israel in Hebrew, we'll just settle for using the name Israel all of the time. And since Arabs have mutated the name "Palestine" to make it represent something fraudelent which it had never represented in history, we'll just consign this abused name into disuse on the ash heap of history.
23. Actually Ynet, Emanuel has not yet accepted the position.
Jake   (11.06.08)
24. Emanuel May poisen Mu'BARAK OBAMA, keep him away from OBAMA
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (11.06.08)
25. #18 Mr Judgemental
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.06.08)
So what if he is not religious enough or he marries the woman he loves who is not jewish. Thats his right as a human being, still it gives people like you the chance to judge and slander him based on your own warped sense of morality, ever heard of acceptance and tolerance for as much as you judge others you to will be judged.
EM ,   Ra'anana   (11.06.08)
This is definitely going to be an exciting and inspiring White House.
27. #12 denying Islam, other side of the coin
observer   (11.06.08)
Obama's denial of being Muslim only stresses the fact that being a Muslim is not only by birthright, but also by personal choice whether by conversion or inner acceptance. Once embraces Islam, the person is a FULL blown Muslim.
28. Looking forward to you all ...
Amy ,   off rt 40   (11.06.08)
... being proved wrong. Living without fear and suspicion will be difficult, but I know you can do it. Kol ha'Kavod to the new President-Elect. Make the world a better place. Yes, you can. (And maybe the rest of us will help. Even the cynical, fear-obsessed folks around here, once they get used to the idea and calm down a bit.)
29. "have his back."
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.06.08)
....but not Israel's back. The price of power and prestige in America's corrupt politics is treachery and betrayal with a smile and a dagger in the other hand.
30. To nr 25 Avi in Ramat Gan
Alexander ,   Herzliya, Israel   (11.06.08)
I agree with nr 18. People shouldn't make such a fuss over the fact that the guy is Jewish if he doesn't give a sh*t about Israel or the Jewish people and expressed feelings of shame that he served the IDF. On one hand it is his freedom to marry anyone he likes to and it his freedom to dislike Israel and the Jewish people but on the other hand it is obviously not nr 18s right to criticize Emanuel for Emanuel's hypocrisy. So who is a hypocrite, dear Avi?
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