Netanyahu offers new peace vision
Roni Sofer
Published: 07.11.08, 13:59
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1. Not interested....
In whatever you have to offer Neten-yahoo!
2. Netanyahu ,another Sharon ,Olmert
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.07.08)
Same old doubleminded Bibi who talks good but nothing else. No end to the failed Road Map and too spineless to tell Bush and Rice to stop trampling Israel's sovereignty and rewarding Islamic terrorism against Israel. Netanyahu is another US stooge as he proved during his time as P.M.
3. Voting for Bibi is like voting for Livni
Norman   (11.07.08)
He proved it when he was PM with chevron.
4. Netanyahu wants to make peace with jihadists?
Steve ,   US   (11.07.08)
YNet wrote: "During the meeting, the opposition chairman also expressed his gratitude to the Bush Administration, and specifically to the secretary of the state, for the American efforts to advance the Middle Eastern peace process. " This is the most direputable Secretary of State we have seen to date and Netanyahu is grateful for her and her ignoble efforts? Rice has got to be the most anti-Semitic woman we've yet to see in any administration. Rice compares the Jews in Israel to white supremacist / racists in Alabama and the Muslim-Arabs to the Blacks seeking their civil rights. Such hatred! Netanyahu is grateful for this comparison? Bush successfully pushed for the division of Israel, for the forcible uprooting of thousands of Jews from the Holy Land, turning Gaza into a terrorist state. Netanyahu is grateful? Bush made his Saudi road map for Israel's dismemberment and destruction a formal goal of U.S. policy and Netanyahu expressed gratitude? What is wrong with this man?
5. wait a minute, wasn't this Peres' pipe-dream ???
aaron ,   ra'anana   (11.07.08)
I have to admit i was considering voting Likud but this hog wash is very disconcerting. Peace needs to be based on security and reciprocity... not pie in the sky economic incentives which only help the palestinian upper crust who don't live here anyway. Netanyahu could end up being pushed around by Obama just like he was by Clinton in '96-'99 and thats bad news ...
6. Eli Yishai for Prime Minister !
Raphy Cohen ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.07.08)
7. The top down approach has not worked
Chaim ,   Canada   (11.07.08)
So Bibi is right. We must try the bottom up approach. As long as the Arab population is not interested in Peace, it's irrelevant what their leaders say. But if they start working for a living, they will have less time for terror.
8. #1, then get back on your camel. Hut-Hut-Hut!
Jake   (11.07.08)
FAD , EGYPT   (11.07.08)
10. bibi is always bluffing
ami ,   israel   (11.07.08)
11. Everyone has a peace vision...!
Harriet ,   U.S   (11.07.08)
Condi Bush praising Abbas who recently met with Jew killer Samir Kuntar in Beirut claims chance for peace is still alive! Let's do the math here to see what adds up to peace. Abbas still holds the Fatah charter which calls for the destruction of Israel. His Fatah santioned poster confirms this showing 'all of Israel, Palestine.' The true Abbas model of democracy santioned by Bush and company with the help of the west is one where every corner of society screams of virulent hate and incitement for Israel. Yet, the vision for peace is still alive?? Kuntar taking a break from Hezbollah training declares: "I will not rest until all of Israel is destroyed." Abbas stronger than ever as George Rice calls him a MAN OF PEACE! Look at Bibi, he too even does the double-speak dance: "During the meeting, the opposition chairman also expressed his gratitude to the Bush Administration, and specifically to the secretary of the state, for the American efforts to advance the Middle Eastern peace process. The two figures also discussed the Iranian threat. " No one talks truth. The whole peace process is filled with lies. I cringe to think what the world will say when God forbid Israel is attacked by Iran when no one not even Israelis both left and right embrace the diplomatic dance! While the two talked 'Iranian threat' one has to wonder why Bibi kept his mouth shut as to why the U.S refused to sell Israel much needed long range aircraft to take on the Iranian threat not to mention why Israel is denied flying over Iraq let a lone re-refuel there. How pathetic we have all become.
12. dont believe everything you read
all that warm and fuzzy words in article is nothing but whats released to the press. Im sure Bibi didnt play pussycat purring all over Condi, Im sure he had some frank words to her over the idiocy of much of Condis and Bush's stupid policies. Only they wont tell you that. Remember 45 min is considered a long meeting at such levels. Im not saying I trust Bibi implicitly but hes no fool and knows well whats going on. Also know that Washington dont love the man coz hes not afraid of speaking up. So dont believe all the bs you might read.
13. Tell her any lie, she is out of a job on Jan. 20.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.07.08)
14. And what was Bibi supposed to say?
David Masada ,   Orlando, FL   (11.07.08)
Come on, let's be realist. Bibi can't tell Condolezza to go to hell with Bush's utopian Arab peace... Right now, Bibi is the only one we can trust to take the necessary decisions to keep Israel safe.
15. #10: "Bibi's" actions belie your confidence
Steve ,   Fla.   (11.07.08)
Yitzhaq Shamir was a more honorable leader. At least Shamir tried to withstand immoral G.H.W. Bush / (f&^% the Jews) Baker pressure. Netanyahu folded. He embraced Yasir Arafat at Wye River. He caved into immoral Clinton pressure. He gave up parts of Hebron under pressure. He is very weak and compromised. Words mean things. Now he is expressing gratitude to an anti-Semite like Rice. Bush is the worst Republican president ever. Ever! The first thing Bush did post 9/11 was to declare war on Israel and the land of Israel. Netanyhu expresses his gratitude? Feh!
16. Fad #9: Hope you are right.
Steve ,   Fla.   (11.07.08)
17. #2Poor Marcel,just another mouth piece 4 the sewage spewing
haters of peace.Bet ,   you hate yourself 2!   (11.07.08)
18. To Aaron #5
Concerned Israeli   (11.07.08)
Peace needs to be based on security AND economic incentives. They go hand in hand, because if the Palestinians never form their own functional economy, they will never have anything to lose by fighting us. Bibi's whole point here is that we need to bypass the Palestinian upper crust with the incentives and improve the economy for the Palestinians on the grass roots level. The Palestinian leadership has always been inept and corrupt, but there are many regular Palestinians who just want to make a living and support their families. They probably never will love Israel, but if they are making a steady paycheck, they will be less likely to turn to terrorism.
19. Bibi is just plain wrong
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.07.08)
It's not about money nor is it about land. It's about non-Muslims attempting to live on land the Muslims claim as their own. They do not tolerate anybody else. Appeasing them doesn't work. This has been proven for the past 70 years.
20. Bibi is only option!
Meir ,   Toronto   (11.07.08)
Bibi has saud that he would make concessions based on reciprocity-getting something of value in return. In any case, who else is there that stands a chance of forming a govt.?
FAD , EGYPT   (11.07.08)
22. Don't be dumb
Marty ,   USA   (11.07.08)
Jews face a mountainous Obama challenge that is even greater then the Carter and Clinton challenge, no thanks to liberal American Jews. This is not the time to act like dumb Jews. Instead try to understand what Netanyahu is trying to accomplish.
23. Bibi and peace what a Joke!!!
Yossi ,   Israel   (11.07.08)
Bibi and peace, who you try to fool, he never had a peace plan or any plan for Israeli people, the only plan he had is to put more money in the pocket of his rich friends and more settelments in the West Bank.
24. Marty #22
Steve ,   US   (11.07.08)
We are not dumb. We recognize Israel faces a potential monster in the White House, as does the U.S. Israel's Jews will likely face a life and death choice come February. Nonetheless, we need to honest about Mr. Netanyahu's shortcomings; his penchant for compromise and surrender. There are men in Israel who are stronger than Mr. Netanyahu but if this is the choice the Jews have, this is the choice. No question, Israel faces an existential threat to her very existence with a nascent nuclear Iran breathing genocide. Israel cannot afford a Prime Minister Livni. There is nothing wrong with exposing the deficiencies or holding your "side" accountable. I would submit to you, Republicans have taken this terrible defeat at the hand of the left in large part because conservatives, conservative activists and Republican party leaders failed to hold a treasonous Republican president accountable as he provided and provides aid and comfort to the jihadist enemy. May I ask what you did, what you said publicly,what you wrote in your newspaper's editorial page, etc., in an effort condemn Mr. Bush for his treasonous acts? What did you do to hold him accountable?
25. Harriet #11, I am with you.
Steve ,   US   (11.07.08)
26. #21 Fad, would u like to be Israeli PM?
Rehavam ,   Israel   (11.07.08)
I'll vote for u! I trust u more then Bibi or bunch of other politicians. that's how low we got. ;(
27. sharon and real leaders
alexi   (11.07.08)
Where are the real leaders? Oh, we long for some younger sharons, or shamirs, or yaalons or begins. You have Barak, who is a hasbeen given to empty threats, olmert who is a military coward and loser of wars, Livni who is timid and a bit simple, Netanyahu who talks very well but is more bark than bite. Its not good.
28. None of America's business
Steve ,   Australia   (11.08.08)
The Israel-Palestinian conflict is none of America's business, it has nothing to do with America, and Bush/Rice do not help by butting in all the time. What Bush and Rice need to do is to stuff their peace process where the sun don't shine.
29. Bibi
Paula Hammond ,   Paso Robles, CA, USA   (11.08.08)
He is a Statesman and can say little against the US. He will never sell out and for that God's hand will remain on him. I pray my country will stand by Israel. I trust Bibi, but not Obama.
30. #22 I agree
Paula Hammond ,   Paso Robles, USA   (11.08.08)
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