Abbas at Arafat memorial: We'll continue to follow shahids' path
Ali Waked
Published: 11.11.08, 14:44
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1. All of Israel for Palestinians
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.11.08)
The Arabs,Palestinians,Moslems want all of Jerusalem,all of Israel and use the fake Bush peace agenda to springboard to their final solution for the Jews. And the grasshopper Jews help them. That is what this faithless generation of grasshoppers in Israel are doing in helping their enemy to do with this phony peace process. They will l die as their ancestor grasshoppers died in the wilderness.
2. Ahmed Tibi
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (11.11.08)
Hey Mr. Olmert, Mr. Barak and Mrs. Livni! This Tibi guy is not being a traitor to Israel? Is he the people you want to talk with? Do you really believe peace is possible like this? Kick him out of the Knesset! Tell Abbas that this are our terms and that if he doesn't like it's OK, no peace then and you'll see what happens. They'll come to their knees asking please to continue speaking! Why should we be governed by a bunch of cowards?
3. Didn't we all know...
Harriet ,   U.S   (11.11.08)
the true Abbas? No one asks why Bush, Israel and much of the world consider this man a peace partner having not changed the Fatah charter which calls for the explicit destruction of Israel followed by an Abbas santioned Fatah poster which shows all of Israel Palestine? Remember, Abbas recently met with Samir Kuntar famed Jew Killer (released in the name of peace gesture) in Beirut. Later Kuntar taking a break from Hezbollah training exercise (exercise - fat man-no pun) intended!) proclaimed he will not rest until all of Israel is destroyed. It is a sad state of affairs that George Bush called Abbas a man of peace. Bush grabbed the idiot puppet Olmert to do his bidding and Olmert did it quite well indeed. Strange bedfellows but bedfellows no doubt. Upon leaving Israel the last time Bush declaired: "TAKE GOOD CARE OF OLMERT." The world should be ashamed for their lies so twisted that truth is now obscured. After this latest insanity with Bush and Olmert what can we expect from Obama but more of the same.....
4. We'll continue to follow shahids' path
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.08)
sound's like a standard speech that will be passed on to the next Palestinian President
5. Give them their wish
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (11.11.08)
They want to be martyrs, ok, no problem. We should, to parafraze patton, help them die for their country.
6. olmert concessions
alexi   (11.11.08)
Protest olmert and his family who at this late date are damaging the hand of israel's next PM, by conceding everything before fatah offers anything to israel.This is a family of cowards, I mean it. You have Ehud who is afraid of one drop of blood, oh my god, I can't take it anymore, who showed himself to be a military imbecile in the hezbollah war and cost 150 israeli dead, yoiu have his son Ariel who ran out to Paris to the Sorbonne to avoid idf duty, his other son Shaul who protested idf activities and hides out in New York to avoid reserve duty, and his wife aliza who foisted her views on ehud, yet endorses her sons cowardice while asking other israelis to die in the name of her politics. her daughters protest israel at every turn. Every other PM family served the country. This family of cowards talks about peace, and does nothing for the country. Ehud has stabbed israel in the back. Its only by luck that he has a weak man mazzuzz as attorney general who is afraid to indict him.
7. His path?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.11.08)
You can follow his path all the way to the circus. Why don't they miss the billions of stolen money? Why do they talk about this man like he was some sort of saint. Hello!! wake up call! He lied and cheated to the Palestinians - he stole from them and he had a penchant for young boys – he was a sleaze ball and a dirt bag.
8. Arafat rising from the grave...
John ,   Europe   (11.11.08)
I have in my mind the image of Arafat, in Romero zombie-like body, with tattered kaffiyeh, stumbling towards Jerushalaim, and mass zombie like Palestinians behind him, chanting: "Brain... Brain... Jerusalim... Jerusalim..."
9. Abbas and Hamas hated Arafat's guts!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.11.08)
... kissing his @$$ after murdering him is because neither Abbas nor Hamas can claim that they are respected and followed by the majority of their people. And the fact that a terrorist is so revered by the PLO only shows that PLO has never relinquished the dream of destroying Israel. Our message to the palestinians is simple: do you want Peace and the jailed terrorists freed? Then there are conditions: stop your terror, brainwashing, incitement against Israel. Stop expecting Jerusalem to be your capital. Jerusalem was NEVER the capital of ANY non-Jewish state or entity and we won't allow anybody to rape its history. Stop dreaming of the "right of return". The only right ot return will be appicable to the Palestinian State if and when it will be formed. Only and only then we will be prepared to discuss real peace with you.
10. to 3 & 9
Vared ,   Israel   (11.11.08)
Everyone who knows better, knows the truth. Please. NO ONE CARES! We stand alone again both out of stupidity and simply being outnumbered. The train left the station right in the middle of intifada of slaughter of Jews when Bush declared there must be a Palestinian state. Soon after Bush put together a team of Israel haters and called them the 'Quartet for Peace' consisting of UN! EU! RUSSIA! This in and of itself was a warning. From that moment on there was no turning back. Everything bad for Israel fell into place while everyone contributed millions of gallons of white paint to white wash the Palestinians and the little bit left of truth followed by millions of dollars to boost their terrorist society. I cringe to think what lies, lie ahead but I do guarantee they are coming faster than we could ever imagine. As an Israeli going to grad school here in Ann Arbor Michigan all I can do is look to my shores with horror.
11. palestinians need Olmert not Abbas as their president
zionist forever   (11.11.08)
His little speech yesterday could have come out of the mouth of Arafat king of terror himself. We must give up the West Bank We must give up East Jerusalem We must give up the Golan. If I was Arafat I would be proud of Olmert and wanted him as my succesor because he is so dedicated to the palestinian cause much more so than Abbas. All Olmert needs is a keffiah and the islamic world will follow him gladly. As for Tibi the traitor he can call to Arafat and ask him to rise from the grave but I dont think Arafat will be taking much notice. Considering homosexuality is frowned on in the islamic world I dont think Arafat wants to rise from the grave and have to explain how he got AIDS.
12. Why all the talk about peace ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.11.08)
When we know we're at war? It may not be very PC but quite frankly, to hell with all this BS talk about peace. At this point, I'd vote for a candidate who promised all out war & didn't mention the word "peace'' even once.
stude ham   (11.11.08)
And you will be out of office in the very near future.
14. The Arabs are unwilling to make any concession.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.11.08)
When the enemy is an Arab entity unwilling to make any concession whatsoever, and when the world expects Israel always to give and the Arabs always to take, then to continue along that same path to nowhere, becomes an Israeli self-delusion, leading to worse: Self destruction. It is high time for Israel to be making demands upon the Arabs, starting with territorial concessions from the vast Arab world. To put things right :
15. The policy of land for peace.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.11.08)
Stop the policy of land for peace, which has really been concessions for terror We need to say clearly that there is a military solution to Hamas, that Syria must be isolated and that any big decision on a diplomatic agreement must be brought to a democratic vote in a national referendum." As to the disastrous Oslo Agreements it is a failure, from the start, it didn’t have a chance. After the horrible mistakes he commited as a result of his total lack of vision, Peres should keep away of politics and the Media. More at :
16. Shimon Peres didn't make a speech?
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.11.08)
How surprising.
17. Araputz in a Suit
Hinda ,   SF, Calif USA   (11.11.08)
Road Map?! HAH, Oslo?! HAH., Peres a dove?! HAH Why do they always show the world what they are (terrorists in suits) and yet the world appeases them? When will we ALL wake up and say NO WAY Mamzerim!
18. Abbas, with plenty of US funding wants to continue infitada.
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (11.11.08)
I have abbas on videotape, several years ago, saying "Only 95% of Israel? Absolutely not. Why not 100% [all] of Israel?" Arafat WAS abbas!
19. Why is this story now buried on your website?
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