Exit poll: Secular candidate Barkat wins Jerusalem elections
Published: 12.11.08, 00:04
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gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.11.08)
I hope G-d blesses him with insight, great performance as a major, and in carrying out what he proposed as good ideas
2. FANTASTIC! Time to reclaim the city.
mishehu ,   Pisgat Ze'ev   (11.11.08)
3. YNET __ why are you guys SO LAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.11.08)
Most religious people here voted for Barkat, PLEASE, dont use our vote as hiloni as a secular count, it's simple a lie and repulsive
4. Never trust exit polls
Eyal ,   jerusalem   (11.11.08)
As Americans know from Kerry's "victory" according to the exit polls in 2004, exit polls are notoriously unreliable. There are groups who are less likely to be polled after they vote, and I would bet that haredim are among them. They are probably way less likely to speak to pollsters that kipah srugah or seculars....
5. Yes! a secular victory! Mazal tov Nir
Ariel   (11.11.08)
6. remember what YNet said after Livni-Mofaz primary?
they gave livni 10% victory and she ended up wining by 1% barket is winning by 7%, he will end up losing by 2%
7. Porush should come to New York soon...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.12.08)
maybe he can find work as a department store Santa Claus.
8. Barkat secular hypocrite
David ,   USA / ISRAEL   (11.12.08)
Nothing but a hypocrite Just like all the seculars. why is he wearing a kipah
9. #3 Why you're wrong
Jerusalemite Student   (11.12.08)
Firstly, most of the religious people voted for Porush, since 90% of the Haredim voted for him and Haredim are 30% of Jerusalem's population, while kipot srugot are only about 10-15%. Most kipot srugot voted for Barkat, its true, but he is clearly the secular candidate in that he advocates a more open secular lifestyle as opposed to an imposed religious one. That, and there's also the fact that the man himself is secular. Anyway, don't nitpick, in the end we can both be happy - ZIONISM WON.
10.  Gerrer Hasidim Voting for Barkat in Jerusalem
Yerushalmi ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.08)
assidim of the Ger community are turning out to vote for the secular candidate in Jerusalem’s municipal elections, Nir Barkat, and against the hareidi-religious candidate, MK Meir Porush, according to Ha'aretz. The Jerusalem election is regarded as very tight, though polls in Jerusalem are considered unreliable because many voters in the city deliberately mislead pollsters.
11. YES! WE WON!
Aharon   (11.12.08)
Good work guys, but we can't stop here! Now we have to make sure Barkat LISTENS to us, and does his job!
12. Jews love a non-religious mayor? Why are you in Israel??????
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.12.08)
13. To Bunny
Arielush ,   Ramat Ha Golan   (11.12.08)
Why are you so self righteous and judgemental? You live in California. Those who actually do live in Jerusalem need a real mayor, not just a rebbe who will represent the one sector of the population. Jerusalem is a modern city it isn't a little shteital.
14. Bunnie Meyer
Gerald Finkielsztejn ,   Jerusalem Israel   (11.12.08)
Bunnie Meyer Why aren't you in iSRAEL yourself???????? Mind your own buisness!!!!!!!!!!
15. #12 why AREN'T you in Israel?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.12.08)
You have so much to say about what goes on here and you don't even live here. Pipe down already, you are getting on everyone's nerves with you larger than Texas mouth. What goes on in OUR city, is OUR business and not YOURS.
16. 13,14: Jerusalem is not a Los Angeles and the fate of
Rivkah   (11.12.08)
Jerusalem is everybody's business who love the Lord. It is what the Prophet Joel calls God's land. Dividing Jerusalem will lead to Armageddon and the deaths of most of the people on earth, starting with World War III and the deaths of a third of the population of the world which is two billion people. Famine and pestilence from nuclear winter blocking the sun from the crops for months will lead to many more deaths. There will be so many dead that they will not be buried anymore. Isaiah 26:20 tells people to go into their chambers and stay there until the indignation is overpast. Isaiah 1:26 calls Jerusalem the city of righteousness in the restored Israel. The Rabbis have a clue about what that means. The Bible says if there is peace in Jerusalem, there will be peace in the world. God will not bring peace to a city that flaunts homosexuality and other abominations to the Lord. The Rabbis try to stop homosexual parades and other abominations to the Lord. Such lifestyles might be okay to people, but Jerusalem is the Lord's city and Michael the Archangel is the guardian angel of Israel. The vote for Mayor of Jerusalem should keep those things in mind, which this election did not.
17. #9 Your facts and statistics are totally wrong
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.12.08)
Not that I know anything cut clear.. But 1) Many (and I mean more than few) hareidim did not go for Porush. (may be just abstained) 2) Arabs voted for Porush 3) Many hareidim did not vote on this elections 4) National Religious (srugim)constitute about 50% of the city's orthodox population (published 2 years ago) 5) I don't mind Barkat advocating for pluralistic lifestyle, there are seculars in this city too. What I do mind though is that a hareidi Lupoliansky did tolerate a gay parade. Previous secular majors did not. 6) I think, not sure yet, Porush got votes from Arabs, most Hareidim and a few NR. Waiting for stats, if they are made available
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