Khenin loses to Huldai, promises to continue battle from Knesset
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 12.11.08, 04:55
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1. Dov Henin
Jojo ,   Israel   (11.12.08)
A true achievement for Dov Henin! On a shoestring budget, Henin received vast support in Tel Aviv. Let's hope this is the beginning of a wind of change not just on Tel Aviv but throughout the country!
2. yes, #1
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.08)
Let's hope for Israel's transformation into a Communist, non-Zionist state. This way I won't have to move to Cuba or North Korea--I can stay right here. Oh, goodie! After all, Communism was so kind to the Jews and we owe it a huge debt of gratitude--we should be the last ones in the world to carry the Red Torch! Won't you be happy when they start burning synagogues and sending rabbis and Likudniks to the new Gulag in the Galil!
3. Dov Khenin is dangerous
Ilan Levy ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (11.12.08)
I saw loads of teenagers and hippy types wearing his tshirt around the city - but honestly a communist from an Arab party who denies the State of Israel's right and duty to be a Jewish state and protect Jews, is a dangerous development even at 35%.... Tel-Aviv needs changes but the cradle of Zionism cannot be run by an ivory tower academic with extremely questionable views...
4. further to #3
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.12.08)
Although there is probably still a Zionist majority as seen in Huldai's win, Tel Aviv is to a substantial extent a self-seeking, me-first city that allows the state of Israel to protect it. Draft-dodging is very common among its youth, "rampant" may be the word. It's a painfully depressing and scary picture. The schools in the city seem to convey close to nothing in terms of Jewish or Zionist values. It's very sad that things have deteriorated this far. The Khenin youth might as well have gone to school in Greenwich Village; they have absolutely nothing but to be part of the same Western a-national pacifist culture that paved the way to WWII and the Holocaust and more recently, here in Israel, to the suicide bombings.
5. draft dodging?
Bruno ,   Haifa   (11.12.08)
#4 - taht's funny - I thought it was the Charedim who wouldn't serve in the army. Those that I know who've worked to support Dov Khenin include the brightest, best and most motivated of Israel's youth, fighting against pork-barrel politics and the vested interests of real-estate developers.
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