Iran accuses Israel of abusing UN interfaith meeting
Published: 14.11.08, 08:14
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1. How dare he make accusations!
vered ,   israel   (11.14.08)
This alone is heinous. Accusations about using religion as a reason to do bad things? Isn't that what he is doing? At least we don't openly promote the annihilation of a people for any reason at all. Why, why, why does the world give this low-life equal time?
2. UN
nossen ,   J_M   (11.14.08)
Just ask the Bahai how life is for them in Iran!
3. To all defenders of Human Rights :
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.14.08)
You should have the courage to denounce and to fight the real fanatics, to defend the real victims of cruelty, perversion and abuse of power as shown at ;
4. He's DEADLY RIGHT !!!
avi   (11.14.08)
Does any jew want to see Jerusalem administrated by a puppet UN interfaith body ??? Come on, do you want a ONE WORLD CHURCH IN JERUSALEM Now why would the King Of Saudi Arabia organize an interfaith conference at the UN, declaring that all religions caused intolerance and bloodshed? And why would Israel's mafia President applaud the King? Look out Jerusalem! The roadblock has been lifted and you're about to be the divided capital of the world's united "religion." And while the ignorant Israelis fear that Jerusalem is about to be divided for "peace," close to none understand that Jerusalem is to be divided to create The World Parliament Of Religions, naturally, For Peace. No Jerusalem run exclusively by the Jews could ever fit the desired bill. Very shortly Israel will accept the Saudi "peace" plan, which supposedly will have full Arab backing, they think, followed by an anti-religious religious Parliament in the new international entity of Jerusalem. Working day and night organizing the plan is The Jerusalem Peace Academy. Here is a brief internet description of the Academy's executive plotters: - Ambassador McDonald was appointed Ambassador twice by President Carter (CFR). - The idea of the Club of Budapest was developed in 1978 in a discussion between Aurelio Peccei, founder and first president of the Club of Rome, and Ervin Laszlo, systems philosopher and also member of the Club of Rome at that time.
5. reply to #1 Vered, Israel
David Boehm ,   USA   (11.14.08)
I agree with you that "srael does not promote the annihilation of a people". Israel has been practicing that principle on the poor innocent Palestinian civilians for the past 60 years or so.
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