Rishon Lezion: Thousands of Ecstasy pills seized in synagogues
Eli Senyor
Published: 15.11.08, 11:07
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1. Ha! Talk about getting a spiritual high!!!
Rueben ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
2. Its one-way of getting high on GOD .
Eric.... ,   Israel...   (11.15.08)
3. Look how our religion has been corrupted...
Aharon   (11.15.08)
It's so sad that this happens in Israel of all places.
4. If they catch the dealers,then force feed
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.15.08)
them the pills.
5. That's why you guys are losing BIG
MT   (11.15.08)
You stock pile love-your-neighbor pills, while your enemy stockpiles weapons in their schools and mosques. It's pathetic. It would be laughable if I didn't care so much for you.
6. I've NEVER done this before...
Talula ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
I've never ever defended the religious...... but this time - I'd really like to think that it wasn't the religious that hid them there - maybe it was a bunch of drug dealing bastards who thought they would never look in synagogue and decided to hide them there?
7. Ecstacy pills seized in synagogue
Anonn ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
No wonder the Ultra orthodox and hasidic youth spend so much time in Temple trying to obtain a higher level of spirituality!
8. # 4 JASON
Ginette ,   Toronto, Canada   (11.15.08)
I could not agree more with you! (Force) feed the pills to those bastards when caught. Like they say, "let them have a taste of their own medicine", ha, ha, ha!
9. Aah Talula !!!
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
I always had the feeling that you were a good old soul but my guess is that you are wrong.
10. probably a set up
ora   (11.15.08)
Ynet maybe?? (ha ha.) Yhey do love reporting this kind of muck. OR , those fake weirdos calling themselves 'chozray bitshoova', the oafs with the newly plonked black kippot on their ugly heads. Good luck to that youngster fencing tonite Motzai Shabbat, and good luck to his mates who started their competitition earlier. Viva respect, viva tolerance. Go kids, go.
11. To pill or not to pill, that's our religion
chop-chop   (11.15.08)
Since we are created in HIS image, high above us mortals, it is only befitting that our religious leaders support their congregation reach these hights in the most appropriate manner, environment,HIS house of worship.
12. SHASS .... AGAIN
13. extacy in synagogues
rich ,   pittsburgh, USA   (11.15.08)
this is sickening, infiltrating the very place where we thought it was safest to be !!! what wicked people !!!
14. #6, #9, most likely you're partially wrong and right.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.15.08)
I suspect a "reformed criminal" belonging to one of these congregations, and with access to the second synagogue, decided to use them as a stash for his drug cache, figuring it was the best way to hide them. I also think that the tip-off was from another member of these congregations - who else would notice?
15. to all self-hated jews !!!
yoel ,   ra'nana   (11.15.08)
read carefully the article, and tell me where you read that Dealers could be religious, orthodox, Haredim, or whatever...
16. This is Scandalous!!!
Avi   (11.15.08)
Close down these synagogues until they find out who is responsible for this. And those rabbis who preside over them should not be able to practice until there are some answers as to how this took place. A synagogue should be a place of goodness, and a refuge from what is happening out there. If we can't count on it for that purpose, what gives?
17. 15 - self hating - not self hated
Israeli ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
18. Sagi - I AM a good soul!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.15.08)
My bark is worse than my bite. Except when I'm provoked - and that's often! : )
19. Dismalness
John Hanks ,   Laramie, USA   (11.15.08)
Just a form of dismalness to relieve the general tedium.
20. Round up the usual suspects
Mikesailor ,   Miami, Fl   (11.15.08)
I wonder why the Israelis defend the religous and deny ther possible culpability in this scheme. Do 'secular' drug dealers have unrestricted access to the synagogue? Did none of the rabbis or their followers notice 'strange' visitors placing objects in their house of worship? Or was this a money-making scheme done with the acquiescence of the congregation as a whole?
21. to no 15
jeremy tel-aviv   (11.15.08)
Apparently goyim, or Russian immigrants sneaked into the synagogues and stored them there, of all places...
22. synagogue and drugs??????
moshe ,   telaviv   (11.15.08)
15 IDF members were recently arrested on various drug charges and now drugs siezed from 2 different synagogues!!!! Everyone knows now why Hezbollah managed to kick our behind so bad in 2006.
23. reply to #15 Yoel
Yunan ,   telaviv   (11.15.08)
When the drugs were found conceilled in the ceiling, who do you think put it there? Hezbollah? No, pal, I dont think so. It must have been placed their with the knowledge and approval of an enterprising Rabbi.
24. nomber 7
Had Enough   (11.16.08)
Ulra orthrodox hassdic? where in this article has 'ynet' even mentioned what sect this synagouge is?? it could even be a reform syngagoue (if such a 'temple exists in israel it certainly wouldnt suprise me) But it just goes to show just because someone is religious doesnt mean u should automatically trust them (same goes for rabbis not everyone who has a long beard is a rabbi)
25. The "Ecstasy" trade, however, is totally dominated by...
Brianne ,   Tampa FL USA   (11.16.08)
The "Ecstasy" trade, however, is totally dominated by Jews. You wouldn't know this just by watching television news programs or reading the mainstream news periodicals aimed primarily at Gentiles. Among themselves, however, the Jews talk more freely about such things than they do to us. The Forward, formerly the Daily Forward and formerly published in Yiddish as a Jewish-Communist newspaper, is one of the most informative of the specifically Jewish newspapers published in New York. The January 19 issue of the Forward carried a long report on the "Ecstasy" trade by their correspondent Benny Avni. He reports: ". . . Israeli criminals have cornered the market on the drug ecstasy, controlling by some accounts as much as 75 per cent of the American market. Avni then cites a statement by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration: In recent years Israeli organized-crime syndicates, some composed of Russian émigrés associated with Russian organized crime syndicates, have forged relationships with Western European traffickers and gained control over a significant share of the European market. The Israeli syndicates are currently the primary source to U.S. distribution groups. Well, I hardly need to tell you that these so-called "Russian" émigré groups in Israel have no real Russians in them at all. They are all Jews who merely lived in Russia before going to Israel.
26. Druggies would hide drugs anywhere, not a shul fault.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.16.08)
27. Were they kosher? Can't buy food but have money for drugs.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (11.16.08)
Jews going hungry in Israel but Israelis have money for drugs. Can't buy kosher food but will spend money on drugs. Were they kosher pills? Probably made from pigfat for binder. Go figure.
28. Called up for an Al-E-Yah!
Noah ,   New York, NY   (11.16.08)
Sorry, I couldn't help it.
Zoila Lopez ,   Florida   (11.16.08)
Here in South Florida the biggest sellers of Ecstasy drugs to young people in nightclubs are Israeli mafia; also big in slave trade (prostitution).
Rene Palma ,   Fort Lauderdale, FL   (11.16.08)
Big drug trade of ecstasy by Israelis in this part of the world. It's OK, by their logic, because they sell them to Gentiles.
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