High Court orders disputed house in Hebron vacated
Aviad Glickman
Published: 16.11.08, 13:46
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1. Ilustrated dictatorship
Ricardo Macher ,   KarneiShomron Israel   (11.16.08)
Can somebody more clever than me explain what this tittle means to the Israeli High Court please? I just know it's very much different from Democracy!
2. no rights in Israel
Yisraeli   (11.16.08)
what a disgusting decision, you own your own property and get evicted. Hope that guy from the USA sues the State. This is no longer a State but a dictatorship run by a small cabal.
3. Eviction BEFORE a verdict.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.16.08)
Now that's real justice. Any doubts this is a Banana Republic Every time I read some delusional fool talk about ''the rule of law'' I can't help laughing, from bitterness not humour.
4. Leftist controlled courts are sickening!
Jayjay ,   Israel   (11.16.08)
They have the paperwork and proof with a tape recording where the Palestinian admitted selling it to a realtor. Wheres the Palastinians proof? The treatement of the Settlers by the leftist high court is criminal and not democratic!
5. Once Again - A Bad High Court Decision
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.16.08)
Once again, our High Court has come down on the side of those who want to weaken or limit Jewish presence in the Holy Land. Is this believable that this is happening in the State of Israel? Not only is it a bad decision, it is highly discriminatory against Jews. Rather than come to support the G-d-given right of Jews to live anywhere in their Land of Israel, the High Court finds expedient reasons to minimize our settling of this Land, the Land of the Jews. How can one understand this? I am appalled.
6. get out now while u still can.
rami ,   hebron, palestine   (11.16.08)
the squatting settlers of hebron both in the old city and out will not be part of any final settlement with the Palestinians or with any disengagement plan for the west bank. when Sharon himself the father of the settlement movement got his precious letter of understanding from the dumbest US president in history it did not mention hebron as one of the major settlement blocks israel wishes to keep under any future deal. so, that means either the settlers get out or can be guests in palestine, if they play nice that is.
7. Good descision , Get rid of the illegal squatters
judge jew-dy ,   Ramat HaSharon   (11.16.08)
We all know they obtained this property by deceit, they should not only be kicked out but put in jail as well.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (11.16.08)
Why go to the supreme court , when one knows that all do they is pursue a political agenda and are in no way a body of law and justice. The outcome could not have been any different according to their secular doctrine. The law is only applied against people that do not fit the values of the ruling elite. There realy is no reason to recognize the courts , with judges who do not care about justice. The media and the people they represent must feel good about themselves after this travesty of justice. 50/50 chance this will pass publication by our esteemed freedom loving censors.
9. So sad....
A house divided against itself cannot stand. May the L-rd have mercy on us and deliver us from these "decision makers" (see Ezekiel 34)
10. extreme left wing government
larry ,   chicago   (11.16.08)
why call Jews extreme right wing, what about this dreadful government that will do all in its power to kiss up to the Arabs and beat unmercifully Jews? The government has time and time again shown that it is anti Jewish and anti-Israel. Slander by Ynet dose not help.
11. Arabs need use "jewish brain" & soon High Court free Jaffa..
Bob ,   Moscow   (11.16.08)
12. Fight it out in court then
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.16.08)
Efforts should be invested in seeing that the State will safeguard the property until the ownership is adjudicated. The evidence that the house was purchased should not be in dispute as the tape and other documentation clearly shows that it was sold.
13. Chief Justice Dorit Beinish harms court's public image
Steve ,   US   (11.16.08)
President Dorit Benish is behaving like a partisan polician rather than a Supreme Court Justice. Some earn and rightly deserve the public's trust. Others do not deserve the trust of the public because they've not earned it. This past August Justice Beinish lambasted the media for causing levels of public trust in the judiciary to plummet. Beinish said the court is a place "of great power that is not easy to contend with. The form of reporting and type of description [of it] are strongly related to trends in the media." Benish: "I've endeavored to emphasize at different occasions that when there is skepticism toward the different establishments, the public wonders why it should believe that judges are different to politicians and public figures." Benish behaves like an ordinary partisan politician. Why should the public view her as an impartial judge?
14. Shas has an opportunist cheesy nose ...
avi   (11.16.08)
beginning to oil the right ... poor guys, really sad !!!!
15. the RULE of LOW !!!
avi   (11.16.08)
who really stand by them ??? a couple of antidated schnorrer from north TAV and a bunch of traitors from southpark ...
16. yes #9, unless we move fullspeed to Ezechiel 38 !!!
avi   (11.16.08)
17. Not one inch of Hebron is "disputed". It is 100% occupied.
Khalid ,   Gaza City   (11.16.08)
18. Why is it okay for Arabs to live in Jewish territory but...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.16.08)
not the other way around.???
19. Bibi Turning Left-
David ,   Hasmonaim   (11.16.08)
Bibi is abandoning the Likud principles and bringing the party to the Post Zionist left. Once again he didn't condemn the Supreme court ruling on Beit HaShalom nor did he codemn the destruction of the Federman farm. I am worried that he will be just like Sharon and evacuate Yishuvim if we don't control him. Why is he working so hard to bring a leftist like Dan Meridor back to Likud and offer him a cabinet post? Meridor was the only delegate to Camp David in 2000 who didn't oppose Barak offerring to give away parts of Jerusalem. In 2006 Meridor openly backed Kadima and Olmert in the last elections. As recently as last week while missiles were flying into Askelon and Sderot Meridor announced that withdrawing from Gaza and evacuating the settlements was the right thing to do but we should have done it with an agreement. We must stop Bibi from bringing leftist into Likud such as Uzi Dayan, Assaf Heifetz and Dan Meridor, who supported the disengagement and want to give away Yehuda and Shomron such as Uzi Dayan, Assaf Heifetz and Dan Meridor. If Bibi had proper intentions he would be working with true Zionist Jewish Leaders such Miki Ratzon, Moshe Feiglin, Uzi Landau, Michael Kleiner and Dani Dannon With Love of Israel,
20. Dire situation
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.16.08)
Violent antisemitism is increasing the world over. Jews are in danger even in the United States where extreme Right organizations blame the Jews for Obama's election and extreme Muslim organizations are increasingly powerful. At the same time, Iran and the Arab states increase their call for destruction of Israel and the resulting genocide. Hamas and Hezbolla, emboldened by their rout of the IDF in Lebanon are ready for another round of fighting while Livni, Barak and Olmert compete in making empty threats. At this moment, the only chance for Jewish survival is unity. Instead, the most basic principles of justice are trampled, alienating half of Israelis by making it clear that the "system" is their enemy. As Urit Struk so eloquently says "“Throughout the Beit HaShalom case...the judges enlisted all their wisdom in order to legalize injustice...the laws and the precedents were all distorted unrecognizably for the purpose of legalizing the expulsion of the Jewish buyers from their property. To this end, the Court contradicted itself in every possible way. Both the judges and the Attorney General stood fast and did not allow the facts to confuse them."
21. Yes, Bibi will divide Jerusalem...
avi   (11.16.08)
We don't have anyone to turn to; that's why UNITY is the only key, B"H
22. Israeli government throws more Jews off their land...
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (11.16.08)
Shame on you Israel. Prophecy could have been a warning, but G-d knew you wouldn't do the right thing. Shame on you.
23. No controversy
Yoel ,   Ra'nana   (11.16.08)
This is a jewish house, owned by jewish people who bought it, and upper the normal price !!! they must remain inside their property, and people who want them out MUST AT FIRST proove they couldn't. It's about the first time innocent people must proove they did nothing... Shame on Bagatz and leftists. Self-hated jews who forgot they were jewish
24. No one can be confused
nr ,   los angeles, usa   (11.16.08)
One would expect this kind of decision in Nazi Germany but not Israel. The land is so obviously Jewish, with Jewish ownership. What is the court thinking? Can someone shed light on why they would kick people out of their own house with this kind of evidence? If they kick out the Jews in Hebron, who is really safe in their homes?
25. This story barely lasted 1 hr on front page,I wonder why?
Yisraeli   (11.16.08)
26. Sharia Court STEAL Jewish property for Expansionist Islam
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (11.16.08)
Hebron is the first Jewish city and second in Jewish holiness - Hebron is intensely hated by US/EU/Israeli elites who maliciously seek to steal ALL of holy Hebron for Muslims. At the same time, pro-Islam Israeli leaders REFUSE to Defend rocket attacked Ashkelon/Sderot. Tel Aviv MUST realize they ARE Sderot - they ARE Ashkelon. In doing everything it takes to protect Sderot and Ashkelon, Tel Aviv and all Israel will be protected. So enormous is pro-Islam Israeli leaders all-consuming hate for G-D and Jews, they are willing servants of expansionist Islam and Islam's god in the cruel world war that has been declared against ALL non-Muslims. Refusing to defend Sderot/Ashkelon; giving war supplies to the enemy - it is all connected. Anti-Jew Israeli leaders agreed to the ceasefire because it benefited Hamas, enabling Hamas to amass huge numbers of much more powerful rockets and continue building Hezbollah type underground war structures. Israel supplied the cement. The IDF's primary purpose is now vicious ethnic Jew cleansing; seizing Jewish property for Muslims (also helping PA Muslims harvest olives, etc.) A large private army is the only way Sderot/Ashkelon/Israel will be defended.
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