We'll go to war over Hebron house, warn settlers
Efrat Weiss
Published: 17.11.08, 01:31
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1. Kol Hakavod
Yisraeli   (11.17.08)
But this has nothing to do with "greater israel" this has to do with jewish owned property that the gov together with the traitorous high court wants to throw out its rightful residents. The more that stands before them the more they cant enact. Bring in Knesset members, thousands of orange folk, all of kiryat arba should camp out in its surrounds and yes have baseball bats for those coming against you are goyim not jews. The yassamniks are mostly russian christians and druze. A revolution is needed in Israel against all the traitors seeking Israels destruction. I pray and hope one days all these traitors will face a real jewish court.
2. [snigger, snigger]
The big kahana...   (11.17.08)
These hebron settlers are quite obviously mad! Something Ezekial 38 maybe? yeah yeah, whatever... The High Court has no authority? What? Your beloved Yehova is the only authority? 'G-d' is on your side? is that what you think this is all about? Deluded, completely. It's just a book, and a book of fiction at that! Get over yourselves. You're not chosen, not special, and don't have a special job on this world. You're just people, like everyone else.
3. G-d bless Baruck Marzel and Noam Federman and all settlers.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.17.08)
ENOUGH of sharon's pogrom of Gush Katif, ENOUGH of kissing the feet of the terrorists, ENOUGH of the kadima pogroms on the Jewish people. May G-d protect ALL the settlers from this pogrom and reign pestilence on ALL who would would steal this Jewish home from Jewish families.
4. pioneers and builders
colin   (11.17.08)
ALL RESPECT FOR THE DEFIANT STAND BY THE PIONEERS. The Israeli court system and the corrupt political criminals must be eradicated. The people of Israel will stand by these builders of the future.The twisted leftest media are coaxing a early civil war .When the first serious fatalities emrge thw wrath of public will be difficult to control. Uprising in the ranks will split the esteem of the youth and Israel will be very badly injured. BEWARE IDF WHO WILL GIVE THE ORDERS????
5. The former Palestinian (Jordanian) West Bank must be shared
z   (11.17.08)
6. The Low Court
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.17.08)
Change is coming to israel ,the Hight court will go the way of the apopeasers and retreat cowards of Kadima and Labor who reward the islamic terrorists and attack the true Israeli's in Hebron..
7. Israel! focus on the arabs not the Jews in Judea and Samria.
MrLincoln ,   usa   (11.17.08)
Leave these people alone...they have purchased this property and it belongs to them without question. Your enemies surround you arming to unheard of with them! not your own people.
8. Olmert Cares More About Himself
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (11.17.08)
Olmert cares more what the British and the EU thinks than he does his own people.
9. I support them
Ralph levy ,   USA   (11.17.08)
I support Them something needs to be done to drive a message to the government.Olmert and Livni won't fight rockets but they will fight their own people. They care more about the UK, USA, and the EU. What cowards.
10. Federman abuses his own children to fight for HIS war
Concerned citizen ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
He is educating his children to become the next Jewish terrorists. This is extremely dangerous as they learn nothing but hatred. The state must act here!
11. Arrest the extremists if they can't obey the law
Law and Order   (11.17.08)
Irrespective of political orientation!
12. "house of peace"? House of extremists!!!
Adi   (11.17.08)
There can't be peace with those people!
13. Stop stealing
ron morris   (11.17.08)
I knew it. A couple of weeks ago therre was an article in Y-net saying that the court was ruling in favor of the settler fanatics because of a recording of the Arab owner admitting he had sold the house to the jews. I knew that it had to be a lie. Why would the settlers buy the house when they can just steal it, like they've been doing? Israel has a a fine court system. They would never tell the settlers to leave if there was proof that they had bought the house.
14. Send them all to jail
Steve ,   The sane Isarel   (11.17.08)
These rabid settlers should be put behind lock and key. They are a danger to the majority of normal law abiding citizens. Any talk and incitement of illegal activity and a call for violence should be treated by removing these maniacs from our society and isolating them. They are poisining the minds of the youth they are in contact with
15. they have only one document: Greater Israel will be realized
observer   (11.17.08)
Settlers say: "fight for the right of Jews to settle anywhere in the Land of Israel", Hebron was the first Jewish city & second in holiness" Settlers are abusing their G-d as a property broker.
16. Mistake to let Federman and Marzel get involved
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.17.08)
This has to be fought out in court.
17. Join the Jewish Cause
JewishRefugee ,   U.S.A.   (11.17.08)
Judea and Samaria is Jewish forever. Want your voice finally heard regarding the State of Israel without any censoring now you have a chance join me at to discuss the current issues and danger that Israel is faced with today. Please tell everyone you know about this opportunity. We need everyone who cares about the state of Israel to participate. Again
18. Olmert should be ashamed of himself
Steve ,   Australia   (11.17.08)
A Jew should not kick a fellow Jew out of his home. This government is an embarrassment. After the disaster that was the disengagement, Olmert is repeating Sharon's mistakes. I call on Olmert to resign NOW and call a general election in 2 weeks.
19. "The high brothel"
Sagi ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
For that alone he should go to jail.
20. incredible but true !!!
avi   (11.17.08)
read the last C.Glick op.ed at : and think ... Why is the JP now on the ''settlers'' ' side ??? good day !
21. Dishonour among thieves
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.17.08)
The right-wing thieving settlers' attitude to the law makes the Abergils and Alperons look good.
22. Get down to brass tacks right away, should have done so year
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (11.17.08)
If these (usually) loudmouthed, talk big but do little nitwits have the courage of their "tyalk", they'll need to plan properly, and not "ad lib". They'll need a large {500-1000 man) heavy, strong trained phalanx equipped with American football protection, including helmets, ready to charge, maybe in trained, smaller tightly knot units, to break up any knot or group of the mamzerim. THEN, VERY important, long sticks with pins at the end to jab horses and make them unmanageable for the rider, who may be bucked off, the prodder to get out of the way quickly. THEN a cohort with refillable sprays, some to "blind" that is, spray police helmet visors. (Our guys must wear goggles) Others with heavy stench nonremoveable sprays for the mamzerim. Also, maybe research might bring up smells unacceptable by horses too...... All sorts of possibilities to an intelligent planning group.....which you need to organize....BADLY.
23. extreme-right activist
larry ,   chicago   (11.17.08)
when are we going to hear that Meretz or Labor are EXTREME LEFT-WING ACTIVISTS?? seems that Ynet is slandering people and prejudicing readers before the facts are even known. Shame on Ynet for its yellow journalism
24. #3 Bunnie - God bless all those who remove these thiefs
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.17.08)
May God bless our security forces , who are giving their hard earned service and risking their lives in order to maintain justice and law. I pray that these fanatical religious lawless thugs who do not represent Israel and are a cancer to the body of Israel will be removed and that they will serve time in prison where they belong. Amen
25. Avi #24
Joseph ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
In a few years you will beg for mercy when the residents of Jarisha come to you. What mercy should they show you for stealing their houses when you gloat and show no mercy for your brothers who lose the home they legally bought?
26. #25 oh really
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.17.08)
you make me laugh, now be a good boy and go take a couple of reality pills youll feel fine in the morning. Thanks but we would rather have Arab neighbors than fanatical religious right wingers.
27. 20 # Avi Great Link- Honestly everyone should read it
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.17.08)
28. Avi #24 "Security forces"?
rotenone ,   quds   (11.19.08)
"secuitry forces"? they are the IDF, Israel Defense forces. Defense. They are sworn to defend us from our enemies. These troops were out in numbers today destroying Jewish homes outside of Shilo in Adei ad, in Kochav yaakov, 10 minutes from Jerusalem, in practice for the big evacuation in Hevron. I hope none were still smarting from a kick from Federman's two year old. These cowards should pick on someone their own size and start defending instead of abusing Jewish Israelis. The family of the murderer from Mercaz is living in a 600 meter illegal mansion in JAbl mukbr but the kadima cowards won't touch it for fear of getting hurt. Shame on them. There is nary a Jewish farmer in israel who has not been robbed but out security forces are busy with abusing Jews. The mafia injures 3 in a TA hit and the police cheif says his mn are ill prepared to deal with the mob ever since they put all their resources into evacuating Jews in 2005. Wake up and smell the Hashish before there is no Jew left standing in the land
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