Uzi Landau joins Yisrael Beiteinu
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 17.11.08, 09:54
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1. Very interesting
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.17.08)
I've always liked him...he may be one of those "rare" candidates who is really interested in the welfare of the country as opposed to his personal ambitions.
2. Likud vs. Lieberman= No more Farce
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (11.17.08)
Good thing that Lieberman is not pascifist. Want your voice finally heard regarding the State of Israel without any censoring now you have a chance join me at to discuss the current issues and danger that Israel is faced with today. Please tell everyone you know about this opportunity. We need everyone who cares about the state of Israel to participate. Again
3. These parties should meld into one party
Rami ,   London/Tel Aviv   (11.17.08)
Yisrael Beitenu, Likud, Ihud leumi, and mafdal and the other religious torah parties: you must all join into one party now - if you are able to overcome your selfish hard hearts and unite, then you will have a decisive victory over the looney left. If you don't - well, more of the same.
4. This is good.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (11.17.08)
Although I got excited to hear of rumors that Mr. Landau was running with the Likud, this is even better. It will help balance the power of the rightist camp and raise the standing of Yisrael Baytanu compared with Kadima as a coalition partner in the next government. If the Likud wins, as its assumed, it will now need to take this party more seriously and decide between it and the left-of-center Kadima. Its never good to give Bibi too much power. It gets to his head and he flip flops on vital issues. So far, Lieberman, although I disagree with many of his stances, has not been a sellout and has been a strong member of the nationalist camp.
5. # 3 # 1 totally correct
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.17.08)
Sad day for the Likud. Uzi was one of its biggest assests
6. He will get my vote!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.17.08)
7. Landau back
DT ,   TA Isr   (11.17.08)
Top have Landau in the government - anyhwere - can only be good for the Right right
8. I like Uzi. Seems like a good man.
Avraham ,   NYC   (11.17.08)
9. Sad actually that the Likud and Israel Beiteinu.....
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.17.08)
Are so far behind the times that they are bringing political has-beens in to the political firing line. The next thing we'll see Netanyahu wheeling in Itzchak Shamir on to the podium! People like Uzi Landau, Dan Merridor, Benny Begin and others from the days of the Irgun have had their day. The people want fresh faces with new ideas and most of all, we want politicians who will do the best they can for their country and not what their their country can do for them! So Dr. Landau, pray tell us what is your solution to the terrorism against Sderot, and Ashkelon and the threats of Hezbollah against the North of Israel which many seem to forget is still part of Israel? How are you going to solve the current economic problems that are facing us, the increasing crime rate and the death toll on the roads? These are matter which concern us Dr. Landau so we would love to hear your ideas as we would those who have been co-opted into the Old Age Home of the Likud? It seems that unlike old soldiers who never die, old politicians don't seem to have the grace to just fade away! So, Israel Beiteinu is now Israel Moshav Zkainim Shelanu!
10. Uzi Landau
Norman ,   New Yor, NY, USA   (11.17.08)
Uzi Landau has always been the one member of the Knesset with the highest standard of integrity. He has never compromised his ideals for political expediency. Israel Beteinu will gain apprecitively by adding Uzi Landau to its list. Bibi would be smart to look to include Uzi to his government when he becomes PM.
11. #9 - You are obviously a leftest...
Scott ,   Haifa   (11.17.08)
All these things you mentioned are very important...but in the case of a severely injured casualty, you must treat the more life-threatening wounds the case of Israel, the first issue is existence and a strong government...we are in desperate need of mercy from God that we don't have a government that is leading us to destruction...I'd rather have an old prune whose been around, than fresh faces with new ideas...the neighborhood is still the same, maybe even more dangerous these days...Don't discount experience, it has its place. It is the fresh faces that probably have no clue as to what happened in Shoah, and what Ahmadinajab and all the other idealogically opposed enemies want to do to us...
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