Israel to free 250 Palestinian prisoners
Roni Sofer
Published: 17.11.08, 15:51
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1. If they are willing to kill and maim, why wouldnt they lie?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.17.08)
Olmert seems to be satisfied with himself in that he got a major consession from the terrorists: all freed terrorists promise to be good boys and girls from now on. But if they, as terrorists, are willing to kill people surely they are also willing to lie to you, Olmert, you fool.
2.  Good will
Edgar ,   US   (11.17.08)
A mutual good will gesture in past years with opportunity for Abbas to have released Scalit/
4. I'm starting to doubt
Ron Morris   (11.17.08)
I don't know if people notice what I write on the talkback but I am pretty left wing and I think that is the correct way to be. I think the right wing camp is pretty evil . But even so, releasing prisoners while the bombs are falling without any pre-conditions is a tough one for me to understand. I think diplomacy is the solution but this isn't diplomacy. Can any of my left wing brothers help me on this?
5. More idiosyncrasies
Talula ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
They don't need to sign bugger all. The PA needs to sign for them, stating that if they return to terror activities - we (Israel) has the right to hunt them down and kill them. These half breeds will sign anything if they can smell freedom. Olmert KNOWS they can't be trusted.
6. 250 terrorist as gift from Olmert
Daniel ,   Amsterdam   (11.17.08)
7. Just great
Alan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (11.17.08)
We've just made ourselves look even more pathetic to the terrorists and other Israel-haters. Well done Olmert 'n Co. What is this guy still doing in office? If Israel gives, then it should also get something in return... oh wait, yes I forgot, we get rockets and mortars.
8. All prisoners freed will be forced to sign commitment not to
dan   (11.17.08)
Stupidest thing I've ever heard
9. Olmert and the lefties
Marcelo ,   Eurabia   (11.17.08)
Olmert an the lefties would free 1000 terrorists as goodwill gesture for the arab "nekba"....
10. How stupig can Olmert be; Oldman never learn
Zohan ,   Tel Aviv   (11.17.08)
11. Israel frees 250 terrorists for NOTHING and BELIEVES - yeah
marlene ,   Philadelphia, USA   (11.17.08)
Right...."commit" to non violence? Asking such a thing from sworn terroristic islamists who obey a koran that tells them "do not make any agreements with the infidel [Jews or Christians} and if you do, DO NOT HONOR THEM". Right...
12. Israel has idiots who rule over them
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.17.08)
What filthy evil men and women who appease and always reward those whose open plan is the destruction of Israel.They attack fellow jews for the crime of building homes on their land while treating the enemy with such care. This is evil and why Israle shall have no peace.
13. Insanity
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.17.08)
14. No! No prisoner release while Gilad is in captivity!!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.17.08)
This is a disgrace and Olmert must be stopped from carrying out actions for which he does not have a mandate. He must be indicted NOW and forced to step down now and not after the new government is formed in February, March or who knows. Another Shas screw up and Mazoz is aiding and abetting. It is true that Fatah is not the organization which is holding Gilad Shalit and not is it the one which is firing rockets at Sderot and Ashkelon. However, is there really any difference between Fatah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and all the merry lot whose ultimate aim in life is the destruction of our country and our people? I ams sure we all know the answer to that question!
15. stupid Prime Minister Olmert !!!
peeri ,   sderot - hadera   (11.17.08)
are they giving us gilad shalit ??
16. can we expect Guilad Shalit for HANUKKAH ???
yoel ,   RA'NANA   (11.17.08)
17. 1000 free in goodwill gestures, still no news on Gilad
zionist forever   (11.17.08)
Since the kidnapping of Gilad Shalit Olmert has released nearly 1000 terrorists as goodwill gestures no strings attached all they need to do is sign a worthless contract. He has released men who smash the skulls of children in return for corpses. He continues to allow terrorists visitors, phone calls in some cases private visits with their wives. Hamas are not even permiting Gilad Red Cross vists and his family have had 2-3 dictated letters to show he is alive. The man is disgusting and belongs in prison himself and not for financial scandals but for treason, he is more interested in the well being of terrorists than he is with jews. Everything he does these days is how we can be nicer to Israeli arabs or what can we do for the palestinians or for Assad but he constantly makes policies that harm jews. He condems few settlers who cause problems for the palestinians and wants to use the full force of the law to crack down on them, but he just pretends that life for settlers is free and easy and the palestinians go out of their way to make them feel welcome and at home. Today is a bad time to be a jew in Israel but if your an arab the good times are here again.
18. goodwill
tony ,   paris   (11.17.08)
Ok,Olmert as usual shows his "Naive side" once again,But what the hell,,At least its out in the open,and Abbas cannot say ,he was not warned? BUT,does anyone know at least one palestinian who has commited a crime say,that he will not commit another once he is released??Bulls,,,t,,maybe Olmert is releasing petty criminals,but Hamas is there to recieve them;;Just like ,Abbas and the Hamas were there to recieve that Blood thirsty so n of a bitch that was held in Israeli prison for nearly 25 years;for the MURDER of a LITTLE 4 year old Girl,;He was recieved as a national hero,,,So whats the difference ??All a Palestinian has to do ,to become a "National hero is to Kill an Israeli.and All the Palestinians go wild,and sweets will be thrown once again in the streets,But Hell,this is a GOODWILL GESTURE,,now will the Palestinians in turn offer a GOODWILL GESTURE to the Israelis???SHIT NO!!!!!
19. More trerason by Olmert!
20. What the article isnt saying!
JAyjay ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
By law, these prisoners cannot be released without a signature for a pardon from Peres! This is one of the reasons Olmert ilegally gave Peres this position as president! Peres is implicated as much as Olmert! They both should be thrown in Jail for treason to the state!
21. To Hamas Fatach etc
gabriela ben ari   (11.17.08)
do as a favour and pick this criminal in exchange for Shalit. We wont put any pressure , closure, nada, to have him released Think about it we are all in a win - win situation
22. Olmert beggards belief and #4
DT ,   TA Isr   (11.17.08)
#4 lets hope you see the light !. The signs are good !. It was the Left who got us into this mess and is now making thigs a whole lot worse. I see no Democracy here because if there was Olmert would not be allowed ot act as a PM
stude ham   (11.17.08)
Some goodwill... what a bunch of idiots run israel's government... how much more damage will olmert do to israel as 'goodwill' gestures?
24. JOIN!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (11.17.08)
What have they ever given us as a goodwill the last time I remember they still call for destruction of the Jewish State and support terrorism. Olmert would you please turn yourself in. Please join me and others at the new blog in which you can make your voice heard without censoring. You can comment, suggest, vote. Tell everyone about this blog.
25. #4
Invicta ,   Europa   (11.17.08)
I can help you with this one: First of all the bombs are not falling as you claim. The Palestinians are firing a pathetic amount of small, virtually harmless homemade mortars in response to attacks by tanks, helicopters, fighter planes, drones, APCs, etc, etc A large amount of Palestinians in Israeli captivity are held without trial or charge. Israel's policy of imprisonment, checkpoints, wall building, incursions and regular killing of women, children, reporters, activists, aid workers are the malign forces of occupation at work. Palestinians must be given rights and dignity or their resistance will simply continue.
26. IDIOT!
Ilana ,   CND   (11.17.08)
idiot idiot idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT AN IDIOT!!!!
27. israel to free 250
elliot ,   usa   (11.17.08)
live prisoners or dead and receive what in exchange?
28. SELF HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!
john ,   sa   (11.17.08)
29. Abbas good will gesture to Israel....
Harriet ,   U.S   (11.17.08)
a visit to avowed Jew killer Samir Kuntar in Beirut.( from previous good will gesture) Imagine that! Recently, Kuntar took a moment out from Hezbollah training to proclaim he will not rest until every Jew is killed! What the heck, we all know Abbas is not obligated to return real lasting gestures to Israel. No one in power asks this of him. Matter of fact, Abbas will keep his long standing Fatah santioned poster which shows all of Israel, Palestine. (which mimics Kuntar proclamation) No one in power asks him to eliminate this virulent poster! Nor will they ask Abbas eliminate the his Fatah charter which also mimics Kuntar proclamation calling for the destruction of Israel. Lucky guy that Abbas. Insane Israeli leaders who have to look at themselves in the mirror each night. Good will gestures? Please! Dog bites back, always. This is the law of the jungle!!!
30. And every Israeli should vote for Kadima, yeah!!
m   (11.17.08)
Olmert is going out in flames and hopeful so will his party
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