ElBaradei confirms traces of uranium found in Syria
News agencies
Published: 17.11.08, 17:08
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1. el baradei
sir, while you continued to sit on your ass and think about whether iran or syria were enriching uranium, we israelis already knew it for years. we were just waiting for an opportunity to do your job for you, knowing you'll be sitting on your ass doing nothing against this enrichment. we took our chances knowing what is going on in syria and did the job for you.
2. Join!
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (11.17.08)
ElBaradei is weak and so his IAEA which only appeases the rogue states like Iran and Syria. Please join me and others at the new blog in which you can make your voice heard without censoring. You can comment, suggest, vote. Tell everyone about this blog.
3. Dictatorships shouldn't have nuclear anything
Zion   (11.17.08)
4. This IAEA Head
Elianah ,   Ramat HaSharon, IL   (11.17.08)
Mohamed ElBaradei is the most useless head of the IAEA in it's history. He is a joke and a laughing stock and he runs one of the most inefficient, laughable, and corrupt UN organizations ever (and this is the UN, so that's saying a lot). This man's practically giving nukes away. Under his watch, North Korea, India, and Pakistan have become nuclear powers. Soon, we'll be able to add Iran to the list. This man should be sacked!
5. Uranium not proof and Syria didn't murder Hariri! YEAH,SURE!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.17.08)
6. Mouse droppings not proof of a mouse in the house.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.17.08)
7. #3 you don't believe that the USSR was Dictatorship?
8. Exactly what WOULD constitute proof?
Danny   (11.17.08)
Syria has made up so many stories about what this installation was
dp   (11.17.08)
the IAEA theories from Disney movies
10. IAEA
Jacob ,   New York, NY   (11.17.08)
Will someone please tell me why the head of the int'l atomic energy assoc. is named Mohamed?
11. And so the UN returns to its favorite pastime.
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.17.08)
Sitting on its hands, terrified of the consequences of actually *acting* or even *deciding* on something. The UN as truly perfected itself as a bureaucratic framework that spends money on setting up a bureaucratic framework... ad infinium. The only time a UN committee ever agrees on something is when a large enough number of dictatorships land seats at this or that council or vote - resulting in finger-pointing that is purely for the benefit of avoiding any interest in *them*. And this organizations purports to being a world mediator and stabilizer? All it ever did is try and limit conflict today at the expense of much greater conflict tomorrow.
Arik Silverman ,   MIlwaukee USA   (11.17.08)
Reports on the state of completion of the facility suggest they would not very likely have brought nuclear fuel to it (if it was a reactor). And where is the graphite? The Korean reactor used graphite, which would have been brought in before any uranium and in much larger quantities. LIKELY EXPLANATION: IAF dropped traces of uranium to justify its raid.
13. Israel has nukes,so every mideast country has right to do so
Neer ,   USA   (11.17.08)
14. ElBaradei is a liar!
JAyjay ,   Israel   (11.17.08)
He knows very that Iran and Syria are trying to produce weapons grade uranium. WHo actually gave him this important position and why isnt he fired if he cant do the job properly? Alot of questions unanswered!
15. & this frim Reuters
yuno oryudontno   (11.17.08)
16. #12, Arik, removing traces of graphite is much easier
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.17.08)
than removing traces of radioactive material. Assuming the neutron moderator was even installed in the core itself at the time. Removing graphite blocks is one thing. It leaves little to no ground trace, and can easily be explained away. Not so with active radioactive material.
17. If a string does not pass between ...
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (11.17.08)
.....two bodies, then one can say that those two were making love. Well, Mr. Baradei ,if it walks like a duck and quacks like a is a duck.
18. #13, Neer, the Arab states had chemical WoMD's before
Roman ,   Lod, Israel   (11.17.08)
Israel even started a nuclear program. And they used them with no scruples, and showed their clear and present interest in eradicating Israel utterly. It's what started the Israeli nuclear project in the first place. Further, Israel, unlike the aforementioned states, isn't a signatory of the Non-Proliferation Treaty. They wanted the financial and technological aid and the "pure" appearance without actually having to keep to the rules. Thus was the case with Saddam, and thus is apparently the case with Assad. Israel retains its nuclear project on its own terms, having not limited itself with international treaties on the matter. Should Syria be found in violation of the NPT, though, it will face grave repercussions. There is no "right" to violate agreements.
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