Man who killed infant son sentenced to 6 years in prison
Aviad Glickman
Published: 18.11.08, 11:19
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1. Baby Killer should be jailed for life
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.18.08)
This baby killer should get life. And as for the quote from Porush :"Finest yeshiva boys" this lunatic belongs in jail with him! What kind of a sick person does such a thing to a baby? Prehaps instead of having one child after the other in order to fulfill a religious commandment these sick people should stop to think about the welfare of a child and bring a child in to this world for reasons of love not some religious commandment. We should ask ourselves how common is this, from a community that attempts to cover such things up. No doubt they will riot on the streets of Jerusalem , burn trash cans in their usual style.
2. Six months in jail for murder
Barry Berger ,   Qiryat Tivon   (11.18.08)
Is 6 months in jail and a 2-year suspended sentence the "norm" for the murder of one's 3-month old child ... or do public pressure and membership in the haredi community determine the extent of the punishment.?
3. There's no justice in Israel. Move to America.
Attorney ,   Texas USA   (11.18.08)
4. 6 months
Talula ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
What an absolute disgrace. He murdered his own child and he serves 6 months in prison. It's quite possibly the most despicable thing to have happened lately. I hope he gets beaten up so bad in prison he is unrecognizable – then I hope he dies and goes to hell. Where's the justic for the murdered baby? The judge is a crook.
5. Infanticide
Israeli grandmother   (11.18.08)
The quality of this young father's learning does not mean that he is incapable of mistreating a small and helpless baby. And where was the mother, one may reasonably ask. Presumably silenced by communal sanctions. Possibly the over-emphasis in his community on the importance of study caused him to loose his temper with the natural crying of a small baby, and attempted to silence him with violence. There does not seem to be any other explanation.
6. six years?
TZVIAH ,   jerusalem   (11.18.08)
Something is very fishy! There has to be something behind this verdict. It just doesn't make sense. Was the judge drunk?
7. justice
av ,   (11.18.08)
8. The punishment should have been to
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.18.08)
shake him and see if he has a brain to injure. porush should be ashamed of himself! What about the infant that was killed? Who stood up and said nice things about him. They are an evil people who care little about their children,except for the child allowance they bring in.
9. Baby Killer - Telulala where are you?
Voice of Reason ,   Here & Now   (11.18.08)
Where is Telulalala Blankhead? You sick comments and one sided view of the Israeli scene are just foaming at the mouth to comment on this story. Where are you? Actually the father needs some serios psych attention.
10. Baby Killer should never see the light of freedom again!
Saftala ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
11. #9 Voice of an idiot
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.18.08)
yoo hoo try looking at #4 i think you may find its from Talula, sorry if offends you if Talula finds baby killing somewhat offensive, "needs some psych attention" well you as well dear friend.
12. punishment for killing baby
Hilda ,   US   (11.18.08)
Fist he was given 6 years not 6 months, second he probably would not have been given more in US. Was there evidence of previous child abuse.? This just proves that these Haredim are marrying and having children too soon before these "children" have themselves matured enough to bear the responsiblities of parenthood. Add to this the secrecy of the community and you have a Mess. He should be forced to give his wife a get .
13. #4 Talula and #2 Barry - It says six years
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (11.18.08)
Six years not six months. Although I would would think that 6 months is the norm for an unintentional killing. I think that is too lenient but that is the norm in the US and Israel.
14. the solution
mike ,   Namibia   (11.18.08)
This guy should be hung by his balls with piano wire.
15. What a bunch of crap!
Israel Watchdog ,   Akko   (11.18.08)
If this man truly studied Torah then he should know the commandment "Thou shalt not kill". For this sad death of a child he should be stoned to death. What kind of example is the court system setting. Where was the leniency he showed to that poor child? This is just plain sick. The courts are just as guilty for they're abhorrent decision.
16. Man who killed infant son gets 6yrs in prison
Roxy ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
Why aren't all new parents given parenting classes in the hospitals here before they are allowed to take babies home? We have Lamaz classes for expentant mothers so why not also include parenting classes before the baby is born along side Lamaz classes? these classes will save infant lives,especially in the more isolated areas of society, where men are not exposed to child care, and spend their days doing other things, just because one studies Torah does not make him a good parent,a parenting class makes good parents!
17. This is a blood libel
Shalom   (11.18.08)
He showed no remorse because he did NOT shake him to death. Note - that originally they said he threw the baby against a wall. The nurses and Doctor at Bikur Cholim hospital saw NO TRACE of maltreatment whatsoever.
18. Judgement on Religion or Case
mark ,   israel   (11.18.08)
"We have to consider that this is a young man, who has never before been given any responsibilities besides learning the Torah". Even as a non religious jew it bothers me that the judge seemingly is belittling his torah study making it sound that it is not a great responsibility
19. Two Sides
david ,   houston usa   (11.18.08)
There are those that are saying that the allegations are untrue and in the hospital instead of treating the baby possibly saving his life they looked for abuse and wasted time
20. original article said 6 months !
Avi ,   Ramat Gan   (11.18.08)
Seems Ynet made a mistake in the article and have since changed it to 6 years, although for this monster i think 60 years would be more appropriate.
21. Valaas
nadia   (11.18.08)
Considering the charges how on earth can Porush say he is destined for great things. What to you have to do to be destined for VERY great things!!
22. how do the courts know???
larry ,   chicago   (11.18.08)
IN the absence of any proof except the testimony of a doctor that it appears as if the child was shaken severely, the court has no evidence other than : "We have to consider that this is a young man, who has never before been given any responsibilities besides learning the Torah. " what kind of bull shit is that for a court of law to use to condemn this fellow to jail, because the judge "feels" that he is guilty?? This country is a third rate imitation of a good hollywood movie, but cant seem to make the grade when it comes to judges or politicians. Either Ynet is leaving out much in this article -which is par for there comitment to honest reporting- or the court of law in this country is just a laughing matter.
23. What kind of man? What kind of Rabbi?
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (11.18.08)
That sanctifies a student breaking the commandments. I have no pity for any person that kills their own child. Neither should their community. If its was a secular father on trial their community would come out demanding justice. But Haridi seem to have a law of their own. "Thout shall read thy commandments, but thout shall disobey them if you belong to my Yeshiva."
24. #13 it said 6 months first - obviously a typo
Talula ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
Still not enough.
25. 6 years is still not enough
Talula ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
He took the life of his infant child - an innocent child who he should have given his life to protect - but he didn't - he murdered him. 6 years is not justice for that baby that died a violent death at the hands of his 'father'. I hope he has a miserable painful life. God isn't going to forgive him - NOT EVER!
26. #17
Talula ,   Israel   (11.18.08)
You are a sick evil filthy man to protect a baby murderer. And you call yourself religious. You are the worst kind of scum on the planet. One finger salute to you.
27. If this man is one of the"finest yeshiva boys"
Shlomo   (11.18.08)
So I'm worried how the others are.
28. Eye for an eye
Darrin ,   USA   (11.18.08)
What ever happened to Law of Moses that the Orthodox Jews follow.. eye for an eye and a life for a life?
29. It's not murder: it's manslaughter
Ephraim ,   NYC   (11.18.08)
Huge difference. Even if this is true, he was not aiming to kill his own child, he just made a bad mistake. He didn't know better. He should have been given no more than a few months. What's with the anti-haredi articles in YNet lately?
30. I think doctors are capable of hate crimes since I have been
Rivkah   (11.18.08)
nearly killed by physicians who just bury their mistakes and their vendettas 99 per cent of the time. Did the physicians who testified have an ax to grind against haredim? This is a case where a NO LIE MRI detector test would be helpful in establishing guilt. Regular lie detector tests can be fudged on, but that is more difficult with a NO LIE MRI. If a person is a compulsive liar and does not know right from wrong, that could skew the test. But asking questions with obvious answers can establish a matrix for later answers to be compared to. Brain edema or swelling can indeed be caused by shaking the baby, but some babies are born with brain edema and are called blue babies. Did the mother jump up and down to cause that syndrome? Of course not. It was a physiological phenomenon of unknown origin. If the baby dies of brain edema just after birth, the parents are innocent. If the edema causes death a few months later, the parents are considered to be culpable. Glad I don't have children if acts of nature can destroy a parent's good name. Here is someone with the courage to have children who has been destroyed. That will destroy the courage of a lot of people who don't want to end up in the same boat of DA's frame machines.
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