Ashkelon: Hundreds protest Qassam barrages
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 20.11.08, 18:20
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1. Don't these fools appreciate that I was honored by the Queen
S. Peres ,   London   (11.20.08)
2. This is what you get for electing kadima crazies.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.20.08)
3. Ashkelon: the home of Israeli Patriots
Yacov ,   Chicago (& Ashkelon)   (11.20.08)
My friends and family in Ashkelon: make the cowards in this government do their jobs and protect you. My exile will end soon. Am ready to do some damage to Hamas. Stand firm and don't give up an inch of Israel.
4. ashkelon
jeremy jerusalem   (11.20.08)
Will anyone remember that in 1995 the Right said - the rockets will fall on Ashkelon& They do now, what do the Left, who called them warmongers and enemies of peace, will have to say now?
5. protest
colin   (11.21.08)
Ashkelon protesters can shout as musch as they want NOTHING WILL BE DONE The cowardly running defence minister islooking for somewhere to run The corrupt prime minister is looking for how to defraud more askelon residents. QUESTION why did ashkelon residents vote kadima?????Now accept your wishes.
6. #5 As and Ashkeloni, I can guarantee
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (11.21.08)
I did not vote for Kadima, Nor Labour. I love my country, but not my politicians. What has happened in our society that we forget what our ancestors died for? They died for our right to exsist, and to return to OUR land. We should fight until we get it ALL back from the RED SEA to TYRE, from the MED. to (what is now called) IRAQ.
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