Army chief: We must uphold rule of law in Hebron
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 23.11.08, 13:21
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1. Go Go Gabi!! Kick ass!
DL ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
Remove the mental cases.
2. Let's see you flexing your muscles at the real enemy
Sarit ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
3. #1 kick ass
Michael ,   Haifa   (11.23.08)
I am a afraid that neither Ashkenazi nor his impotent political masters and mistresses are going to kick ass, since they are too busy kissing settler ass
4. Chanucah is approuching.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (11.23.08)
Israel should draw a lesson from Chanucah. Although Hasmonians were succesfull once,the Temple was anyway destroyed some years latter,because of the bad deals Hasmonians did with the Romans,eventually selling out the country.Jews tried to resist but it was too late. The non religious Hasmonians of our time are Kadima ,and previous gangs, making bad deals with Clinton ,and that other one, that I even don't remember the name,who made deals with that Egyptin president along with Begin...Well,these were the seeds for destruction. Now ,loyal Israelis are fighting against destruction,and instead of these "hasmonians"do Tchuvah and approuch their owns in order to save Israel,they keep in their stiffed and corrupted ways and are destroying the country from within,just making space to enemies'taking over. That will not happen,B'H,with the help of G'od ,and only with His help,because these(bad) Jews in Israel seem to be doing exactly the opposite of the right way and are blindly repeating an old history. It is about the time to be united and fight the external enemy ,TOGETHER,ALL JEWS! Not all of us have a luxury apartment in "rome"waiting for us while the stage emblazes.
5. #3 Shhhhhh, let's wait and see now
DL ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
6. We can't uphold law over Gaza attacks
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.23.08)
We have failed with Hamas and the fraudelent peace process and so we must look successful against fellow Jews for the crime of living. The lost of Israel will love us for this move against the last remaining zionists faithful to Hashem. That is all we have left.
7. Settlers, The Observant, Sephardic Jews are the new enemy
Sarit ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
Why do we not see these extreme left wing elitists exerting the same efforts to preach the holiness of law and order to the Arab sector who view our laws as merely a suggestion. Or their radical left wing anarchists who stone and curse out our soldiers on a daily basis while 'protesting' the security fence with their Arab friends. It seems that the extreme left wing, radical Ashkenazi elite ruling this country only view Sephardim, settlers and the observant as their enemy. The 'enlightened' of this elite, who are by the way a minority in this country, they speak of cutting off water and electricity to the settlers. Yet when it comes to cutting off water and electricity to the enemy in Gaza, the enemy who bomb us day and night with Kassam missles...when it comes to shutting off their supply, these leftists scream of the injustice of doing such a thing. The same leftists who would offer to cut off the supply of their own brethren. How sick are they.
8. What does the Army Chief mean?
Steve ,   US   (11.23.08)
Ashkenazi said: "I am also sorry for some of the things that were said, that even contradict the Jewish tradition..." What does he mean by this? How can the Army Chief uphold the "rule of law" when the rule of law, Jewish tradition and the evidence is ignored by the High Court? Where is the rule of law when our leaders are so corrupt? Why do the Jews deserve the land of Israel when Jews like Chief Ashkenazi and FM Livni do not love the land: rather they hate the land? The Arabs love the land more than Ashkenazi and Livni.
9. Rule of law
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.08)
Ashkenazi knows that there is no rule of law in Israel. He knows that the law is not applied fairly, with massive Arab building violations and Arab attacks on Jewish agriculture ignored. He knows that the YSM regularly breaks the law when acting against Jews. He knows that the Court did not order the Transfer of the Jews, only that the government was permitted to Transfer the Jews by a distortion of legal precedent. He knows that this is an interim government and that the Transfer is an election ploy of Ehud Barak. We can only hope that Ashkenazi learned from his reviled predecessor who lost a war because he agreed with a corrupt Prime Minister that Jews are the enemy. By supporting an assault on the Peace House, Ashkenazi will demotivate two-thirds of the army, telling that their families are the enemy while the remaining one-third will be heroically fight unarmed Jewish women, but will flee in the face of determined Hamas and Hezbolla fighters.
10. double standard
larry ,   chicago   (11.23.08)
for years the army let the arabs get away with everything. now one or two idealist Jews exercise their idealism, and the BIG STRONG israeli army threatens to get tough. HA HA go fight arabs, you bunch of cry babies.
11. Rule of law ?
DT ,   TA Isr   (11.23.08)
Actually it is not a "Rule of Law" but a left-wing judicial interpretation of the law biased to the the left wing position who then hide behind "their rule of law". I am sorry for the Military and police who have to implement such.
13. #6 What is this "we" business? You don't live here & we don'
want you to live ,   here.So SHUT UP!!   (11.23.08)
14. let them sit there for the next 30 days! imprisoned in their
own intolerance!   (11.23.08)
15. The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.08)
The Jewish people, strong and united will not fear its enemies. Carrying out the demoralizing ejection of patriotic Jews from Gaza was implemented by training the IDF to see the "settlers" as the enemy and the families of Arab terrorists as more worthy of protection than Jews. This made for a psychically weakened IDF when it was called on to fight in Lebanon the next summer. Our total faith in our legitimate rights on the Land of Israel will restore the spirit of the I.D.F and its deterrence. The Jewish people, strong and united, will then face its enemy and vainquish. As to our legitimate rights on our land at :
16. #13
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.23.08)
You don't make the laws of who can speak. I don't follow your stalinist,Islamic ways. How does one address a cowardly lemming who is afraid to leave it's name ? For one, Who listens to you ? You hide behind the spineless Livni',Barak and Olmert who only knows how to surrnder. Who believes or listens to them ? Cowards of Kadima and Labor who only know appeasment and retreat for no peace ,YOUR time is coming to an end with your failed agenda. of course the cowards can only go against unarmed fellow Jews.
17. Not "Rule of Law" but leftist judicial interpretation of it
Sarit ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
18. Uphold the law? Put the high court in prison, thats justice.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.23.08)
19. Amen Bunnie!
Sarit ,   Israel   (11.23.08)
20. The settlers are our misfortune
charicleia ,   USA   (11.23.08)
The settlers have benefited far too long from the failure of the IDF and Israel to uphold the law: turning a blind eye to settler vandalism and obstruction of others' rights. To judge by the posts, the defiance is alarming. please, Israel, wake up and see that the greatest harm to Israel is from these ideological and selfish so-called citizens
21. charicleia #20 :Shades of Der Sturmer?
Steve ,   US   (11.23.08)
You wrote: 'The settlers are our misfortune'? These wonderful, faithful Jews are fulfilling the divine requirement to settle our ancient homeland. Why do you say the Jews living in our land is an obstruction of others' rights? The Jews returned to their ancient homeland. How does this obstruct another's rights? Substitute the word Jews for settlers and you get the following from Julius Streicher: "The Jews are our misfortune!" "He who eats with the Jews perishes!" "He who knows the Jew knows the Devil!" "The Jew wins with lies and dies with the truth!" Are you anti-Jew?
22. Gabi Ashkenazi, go and uphold the law at the Herskowitz
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah   (11.23.08)
B"H Gabi Ashkenazi, go and uphold the law at the Herskowitz house in J.em. There, Arab squatters are occupying the Jewish owned property, house and land, and the court order to evacuate the Arabs are refused by the police, claiming shortage of manpower. Go and help THEM out first, Gabi - It is very important that we uphold the rule of law - Ashkenazi! !
23. What is wrong with all of you
Dov Jacobs ,   Yesha   (11.24.08)
all of u people that are writing back are all nuts. The settlers are the best thing in Israel. Without them the Arabs will have full control over Israel. The settlers bought Beit Hashalom for a huge amount of money. How can you all believe an Arab over your fellow Jews?
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