Report: Yaalon said Israel should consider killing Ahmadinejad
Published: 23.11.08, 20:26
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1. Wow! that was about as irresponsible as most of our TBers!
but hey I'll push, push the button! :)
2. WHY must Yaalon open his big mouth.
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.08)
Why is it our politicians have diarrhea of the mouth when it comes to threatening other nations. Just take the guy out and then deny it. Sometimes we act like stupid fools that act like smart Israelis.
3. Ahmadinejad is the mouth piece
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (11.23.08)
of the Iranian clerics. Taking him out won't solve anything. You'd have to take out the whole political leadership and their military means to stay in power. Anything else is like a targeted killing in Gaza. A political expediency. to assuage the masses while not really addressing the problem
4. Mr Penis and his wet dreams
Ilan ,   Ariel   (11.23.08)
This guy is laugh a minute.
5. A option among many others..
Septimus ,   Rome   (11.23.08)
The demise of Ahmadarejendeh, the so called "president" of the Shiite entity is indeed a option, but teh solution of the persian paradigm can't be resolved only by this elimination. The one who is in command in that fake regime is Khamenei and he is as poisonous as the other. The solution pass by the destruction of the Shiite entity nuclear ambitions; Their criminal plan for hegemony over the middle east has to be confronted and detroyed by the removing of their nuclear blackmail. This regime is a clawless hyena.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (11.23.08)
The same mistake was made to not finish off A Hitler , so every day this little monkey from Teheran is breathing air is a shame and taking him out is needed. On the other hand this should not be discussed , but put into action.
7. Ahmadinejad
PSALMS83 ,   Selah   (11.23.08)
I'm not necessarly for killing Ahmadinejad .... But I believe events listed in PSALMS Chapter 83 is about to come into play ....and as result the prophcey in ezekiel 37 thru 40 will come into play...
8. Bogey dont play
Gideon Reader   (11.23.08)
Any job worth doing is worth doing well. Achmed bin a dwarf needs some serious offing. You want PC(political correctness) and BS(bovine stuff) check in with the Kadimacrats.
9. ahmadinejad talks about killing yaalon & every jew here
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (11.23.08)
so what's the difference?
10. Ahmadinejad is only a psychopathic puppet
The Supreme Council of Sociopaths in Iran will snuff out Mr. Ahmadinejad's entire family as soon as it's convenient to blame on "the Zionists".
11. You wanna shoot, shoot. Don`t talk.
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.08)
12. be smart
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.23.08)
The Iranians are a great and honorable people who have historically helped the Jews. There is no reason for Israel to attack the Iranians. Iran is a greater danger for the Arabs and the Americans than for Israel. Israel should be silent about Iran and let others worry.
13. #4 - I know - I thought that was tacky.
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (11.23.08)
14. Anyone who knows Ya'alon knows better
abba ,   modi'in, Israel   (11.23.08)
Kadima must be desperate to start a disinformation campagain such as this. Even if he thought it, Moshe Ya'alon would never make such a public statement, and anyone who believes he did is simply taking their bait.
15. This woul be a major strategic error.
Sam ,   NYC, USA   (11.23.08)
While I would not shed any tears over Ahmadinejad's passing, it would do more harm than good in the long run. Nations do not like having outsiders attempt to change their governments for them. Killing the president they elected (sort of) would radicalize the Iranian populace. Many Iranians are nervous about Ahmadinejad's brinkmanship and are quietly eager to have a (relatively) moderate president when Ahmadinejad's term ends in June. Killing him would also kill the push for moderation.
16. yaalon
david ,   herzlia,israel   (11.24.08)
why does yaalon need to speak such nonsense !!!! , just shut up , he is beggining to speak like ahmadinejad..... By the way yaalon is the one to blame for the IDF not being ready for the Lebanon war 2 years ago, !! he was the chief of staff for the preceeding 4 years before the war and he did not prepare the IDF as he should have done.
17. General vs Ahmedinejad
Brod ,   USA   (11.24.08)
When Ahmedinejad called for the destruction of Israel not once but 3 times in his speeches in Tehran, Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, and the whole Islamist world applauded him, what do they expect from Israel?
18. Mullahs Puppet Theater
19. He picked the wrong target
Steve   (11.24.08)
Ahmadinejad actually has very little power. Iran is controlled by the 'Supreme Leader' Ayatollah Khameini or whatever his name is. The Supreme Leader is elected by a group of Mullahs. Being fundamentalist and pro-terrorist, the Mullahs naturally always elect a supreme leader who is fundamentalist and pro-terrorists. The Supreme Leader can overrule Ahmadinejad and the Parliament. He gets the final say on basically everything. If you want to take someone out, take him out. Ahmadinejad is just a puppet. And for G-d's sake, don't announce it to the world.
20. #11 Nora
David ,   USA   (11.24.08)
You've been watching to many Clint Eastwood movies. But it is true anyway so I will join you in your statement.
21. #16 don't insult Sharon
Joseph ,   Israel   (11.24.08)
Give credit where credit is due. The IDF was beaten by Hezbolla thanks to Sharon, Olmert and their lackeys. Yaalon was forced by Sharon to prepare the IDF for the ethnic cleansing of Jews from Gaza. Yaalon was forced by Sharon to subject the soldiers to psychological conditioning for that mission. Soldiers conditioned to assault women and children will run away when faced by real fighters.
22. #7 read also this
Leonard ,   LA USA   (11.24.08)
Yes read Isa: 17:1 and Isa 17:14 and remember Damascus has never been destroyed in heap. The oldest city in the world?
23. The world must awake to the threat Iran poses to all of us.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.24.08)
Iran should not be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons. This is an issue that should unite all peace loving countries : Americans, Europeans and the others. Iran has many vulnerabilities, including a regime weakened by sanctions and a population eager to embrace opportunities with the West. If increasing economic pressure will not change Iran’s behavior, Ahmedinejad, Ahmedinejad alone, will be responsible for the results of a military strike. In order to understand the hate of Ahmedinejad to the USA and its danger:
24. Re 22
psalms83 ,   selah   (11.24.08)
25. why not?
jerusalem   (11.24.08)
it has happened in the past. even to mughneya kind of recently.
26. killing ahmadinejad
sas ,   israel   (11.24.08)
it's easier to kill - even words can do that. we need to start talking peace. otherwise there will be no future here.
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