Israelis in US desperate to return home
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.11.08, 09:27
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61.  Sure cure of US ills- if all Washington Jews diappear
george ,   toronto   (11.25.08)
True homeland for all Jews is Russia. Returning to Palestine is not in the best interest of Americans. Just wait when America cuts the $billions of welfare to make believe Israel-Jews,they will folk back into Uncle Sams arms.
62. israeli-Americans return to Israel
mystic ,   new york   (11.25.08)
It's hard to feel sorry for those who supported two wars that incurred huge deficits that contributed to our financial problems.A cousin of mine living in Israel slammed the phone down on me when I told her the UN had to be involved with the Iraq invasion. Who the hell is she to dictate to me, an American, that I should consider Israel's safety above that of my own country?
63. What's going to happen?
Patriot ,   USA   (11.25.08)
What's going to happen when US can no longer send checks to Israel? What are the citizens/govt going to do? No place to run, no place to hide. Better start making friends with the neighboring countries/territories and hope they are forgiving.
64. @3 USA taxpayer pay for Israel
arthur Myrtle ,   USA   (11.25.08)
"now I and other taxpayers, reserve duty soldiers and activists have to pay for their return? " Now you know how I feel about the multi-billions of dollars we give to Israel every year. Let Israel fend for themselves. Thats truly the American way.
65. Dumb
SUe   (11.25.08)
You guys live in la la land!! Your enemies are extremist moslems. not Jews. Jews make your lives better. Where does that ignorant info come from that Jews are from Russia? Hello!! Jews are originally from the mideast. Israel is their homeland. Israel can easily exist without the U.S. It provides most of your technology and medical developments even tho there are only 6 mil Jews there. Did the holocaust teach you nothing? How dumb to blame the U.S. financial problems on the 6 mil Jews living in the U.S. and the aid to Israel!! Do you have idea of the aid to Africa and the arab countries? You speak with no knowledge. Educate yourselves-that is the real answer to your problems. Explore the realities instead of writing dumb things and feeling that now you can pound on your puffed out chest -good lord.
66. re pig
anon   (11.25.08)
I meant compare yourself to Yehoshua!! You see how annoyed I was?
67. Windowdressing for those other
michael mazur ,   victoria/australia   (11.26.08)
dual loyal sorts, long safe in Israel, who had already done very well in unloading subprime mortgages onto unsuspecting investors. The Trillions so gained ended up in Israeli bank accounts resulting in the liquidity crash in American banks, as intended, of more than a year ago. By doing this article on the occasional stranded Israelis, attention is focussed away from the perps of the subprime crisis who are whiling away their time in Israel for when asset prices in America for everything are pennies on the dollar.
68. helping people
Bram ,   Israel   (11.26.08)
If someone askes for help, Jewish,Muslim, Christian, it does not matter, help with what you can. Its not for us to judge if the person really needs help or not. God will judge that. Do good in this world, its so much easier that doing bad.
69. yordim
RT ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
It really angers me that the Israelis who ran away from here now want to come back and want us to pay for their ticket. They abandonned us when the going was tough. We who stayed here and suffered terrorist attacks, sons, husbands, and brothers in combat, a lower standard (but not quality) of living, wars, etc have to now pay for THEM?!!
70. poor israelis
ermanno barone ,   palm springs, usa   (11.27.08)
These saprofitic, people never lose an opportunity to mulct the unwary, credulous, American public.
71. #57 yeah!!
Ilana   (11.27.08)
We are the ones!!!
72. Shame on people like you
Israeli and Jew   (11.27.08)
"Who are the most pernicious race of odious little vermin ever to suffer to crawl upon the face of the earth?" You are and those like you! Not us as you say.
73. is a Jew hater and dangerous
#70   (11.27.08)
74. yordim, you have got to be joking...
Uri ,   Cape Coral   (11.29.08)
We have come to America, who spends billions of our tax dollars to support Israel. And as for combat, the poor American boys are sent all over the damn world fighting Israel's battles. It is shameful to actually read about Israelis complaining about their own life support mechanism.
75. jews going back home
richard diamondgold ,   west hartford ct.   (11.30.08)
you should ask our brothers in hollywood for the money needed to ship all of us out,they do own it lock stock a barrel. money is not easy to make anymore.
SAS ,   ISRAEL   (12.05.08)
77. More honest society? Are you kidding me??
Ingmar ,   Boston, USA   (12.21.08)
What "more honest society" are you talking about? Israelis? Hahahahaha!
78. number of Israelis living in the US
Dr. Yaffa Keret ,   Tell-Aviv Israel   (05.31.09)
I am looking for an article that have an official statistic about the number of Israelis that are living in the Us
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