Iran: We uncovered Mossad espionage ring
Dudi Cohen
Published: 24.11.08, 14:21
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1. I wonder how many squirrels were in the ring?
Danny   (11.24.08)
2. I hope Ali was well paid.
Erastus CoupeDeVille ,   Ong's Hat, NJ   (11.24.08)
3. Ali Jafari's "discoveries" of spy rings reminds me of
Rivkah   (11.24.08)
how Iranians "discovered" spies when the Ayatollah took power: anybody who returned to Iran after visiting relatives in America was a spy worthy of torture and imprisonment. The blood of the innocent people Iran has falsely accused and tortured to get phony confessions cries out from the ground. God listens to innocent blood that cries out from the ground and when the cup of indignation is full, judgment comes. That happens in a lot of countries. In Illinois, there were so many people falsely accused and convicted of murder and then found innocent by DNA that the Governor suspended the death penalty rather than to have innocent blood cry out from the ground and curse the land. Iran should take a lesson from that. Protecting people who are possibly innocent resulted in a person from Illinois getting elected US President for the first time in more than a century.
4. psychotic warfare
Septimus ,   Rome   (11.24.08)
The growing paranoia of the Shiite entity show openly their weaknesses to the world. The mad mullahs use these childish news, day after days to try to deflect the deepening of the economical crisis that hit particumlary hard the Tehran regime since afew months, since their oil revenue melted down as snow under the sun. Now the last trick they use is to try to make the other players sick afraid like they are with their pathetic "drills", the testing of new (sic) "secret" weapons. Shiite irrationality at its best. It is the ultimate prove of their nearing doom.
5. Anthropology
Gerard Paclouf ,   Paris   (11.24.08)
Jafari, Ahmadinejad and Nassralah are teh bets living proof of the validity of Darwin's evolution theory. There are abolutely no intellingent design at work with these 3 things who bears on their faces the infamous marks of their simiesque origin.
6. We need to follow Iran's example
Anonymous ,   Virginia   (11.24.08)
The USA NEEDS to follow Iran's example and get the mossad infestation out of our country!!! Especially since they've been linked to the demolition of the Wold Trade Center and they're pushing the USA to attack iran, for which the Russians have said they would preemptively nuke us!
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