UN General Assembly president calls for boycott of Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 25.11.08, 20:21
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1. its true. so what is all the fuss about?
sami ,   son of yaffa   (11.25.08)
stude ham   (11.25.08)
All taking place under the watchful UN eyes. And this horrifically bigoted hate monger thinks the greatest UN failure is the the non-creation of a pali state? bull! the creation of a pali state would be the world's greatest failure.
3. Father Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann
Richard ,   Scottsburg, Indiana   (11.25.08)
As U.N. General Assembly President and as one who is suppose to lead this body of nations, shame on you. I assure you God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who curses Israel. You have shamed this nation of Israel with your pro terrorist statements and the Christian world holds you accountable for this.
4. Miguel d'Escoto Brockmann of Nicaragua
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (11.25.08)
Nicaragua....Quite the success story. NOT!
5. SHAME! U.N. Created After Holocaust Only to Promote it Again
dp   (11.25.08)
the U.N. should be smacked across its face, and people of this nature who call for boycotts of Israel, who inspire, promote & provoke racism and hatred for Israel, for Jews should have no platform on an International stage and should be charged as criminals.... Iran creating a Nuclear Bomb to Destoy Israel should be its PRIORITY #1 if the U.N. is to ever save face and act upon that which it was created for in the first place: NEVER AGAIN!!!
6. Padre d'Escoto
Pio XII ,   ?   (11.25.08)
Now that you're through settling accounts with kikes, time to take care of whites being persecuted by native indians in central/ southern America. Regards to a sandinista crusader.
8. represents the "single greatest failure"
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (11.25.08)
of the UN. Hummmmm. I guess that means this is even worse than Cambodia, Rwanda and Darfur. That's unique perspective that I hadn't ever considered. Never realized it was that bad there! (Note to all literalists, heavy dose of sarcasm here!)
9. UN
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (11.25.08)
I cannot but help remember Ben-Gurion's words...."Um, shmum." This organization has turned into a redundant, corrupt, non-value added entity, living off the donations of a few countries. Its time the countries reconsider its value and effectiveness.
10. House of lies
Mordechai ,   Brooklyn NY   (11.25.08)
Here we have a bunch of Morons sitting in a building in New York, thinking how they can wreck havoc. Being that Africa is already in ruins, they dont need to do anything there. The Arab states, well they are protected by all the other third world countys that they stit with, places that only the leaders in power able to vote, places where human rights are as foriegn, as Mohamad is to Judaism. So they attack Israel. That is the whole story.
11. There are only 2 failures here, Mr. Escoto:
USA   (11.25.08)
The first was when Arafat could have had a Palestinian state for Arabs, but refused to sign on the dotted line. The second is the failure of the UN and its representatives to recognize that the true Palestinian agenda is to delay achieving "self-determination" until it posesses the all the territory, including the entire State of Israel. Some people are merely blind. Mr. Escoto is blind, deaf AND DUMB.
12. Padre d'Escoto
Charles   (11.25.08)
be proud of the 2008 Blood Libel and persecuting the Jews again hope you burn in Hell one day, Am Yisrael Chai
13. Rwanda no UN Failure?...
Jon Felix ,   Yorgen, Sweden   (11.25.08)
DARFUR, CONGO, RWANDA? Couldn't those have been one of the "single greatest failures of the United Nations"
14. Padre d'Escoto
Pio XII ,   ?   (11.25.08)
Now that you're through settling accounts with kikes, time to take care of whites being persecuted by native indians in central/ southern America. Regards to a sandinista crusader.
15. 1: Exactly right - you earned it, so why is it a bad thing?
..............DACON9   (11.25.08)
17. The UN is nothing but a bunch of idiots
Byron ,   Dallas, Texas   (11.25.08)
I thought the Arabs were the ones that rejected the two state solution in 1947 and then in 1948 they attacked the new State of Israel. They rejected the two state solution and than started a war, so they lost out in my opinion. What would the UN have done if the Arabs won the 48 war and there was no Israel. Would they do all this that they are doing for the Jews? I think not, there is plenty of land in Iran that the Pals. can go and live in. Stay out of Israel and screw the UN
18. First of all:We should be united as a People.
Keren ,   Israel-SP   (11.25.08)
Instead of seeing the differences among our owns-Seculars,Haredim,National Religious,right wing ,left wing,etc-we ,with the help of a conscient Media,should start seeing what can unite us and build positive things about this.We should have constructive dialogs about our differences,and that is possible to be built, the same way a building or an enterprise are-in a pracmatic way. After ,and only after we are united,we should show to the world that this "apartheid"idea is a narrow way of thinking from them(not to say antisemitic)and that we,as a People,have the right to fullfill an ancient espiritual project,and that when this is finally accomplished,all will benefit ,for sure.We should be more offensive in our ideals and stop only defending our selves from injust bashings. We have the right to live only among our owns and among those who are our friends and shun those who are not. Everybody knows that Jews are a fair People and that's why arabs and palis stick on us-just because it is good to be near us! Fact is:reality must be shown the way it is and not the way a politicaly correct idea dictates,and reality is that palis do not belong to us and we don't belong to them and that the world is too big to squeeze two people that don't feel to live with each other to do so.It is very simple.
19. CONS in America are the most persistent
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (11.25.08)
advocates of two states. The bush administration counts failure to achieve a strong Palestine one of it's preeminent failures in the last eight years. But this goes back so much farther. Durban 09 is the next big move with the Ford foundation in full operational mode. Prescott Bush, Joseph Kennedy, Gen. (Sir) Evelyn Barker, Allen Dulles, Herbert Walker, Henry Ford, Roger Pearson, John McCain, George Habib Antonius, Michel Aflaq, Michel Auoun, Fred Phelps, Gen. McPeak, Gen. Boykin, COL. Bo Gritz on and on and on. In an earlier post a "talkbacker" stated "everyone, know that those who bless Israel shall be blessed and everyone who curses Israel shall be cursed" problem is evangelicals believe they are the "real Israel", the "real chosen". As it is written in Br'shith, in the time of Enos, the creation began to deify itself. Hitler, Pope Pius and, evangelicals the world over face the same dilemma and, isn't it ironic that comparable alliances and similar associations continue to foment. the American republican party is no different then Sinn Féin in Ireland; it is a legitimate political front to terrorist organizations.
20. UNunited Nations
chop-chop   (11.25.08)
ONE of single greatest failure of the UN's lamentable history, is to have to many of D'Escot's "stature" at his helm. Hypocrites,is the most commonly adjectif used all over the world to describe it's "venerable" diplomats. Bloated with the $$billions in "dues" from 200 countries,---overpaid, overstaffed, underworked tenants. The single greatest smoke polluter in Manhattan from their 30' chauffeured limos; known the world over for their kickbacks in oil, foodstuff, contracts deals, and more. --Did the UN prevent the arabs from attacking Israel in 48", OF COURSE NOT. --Did the UN prevent the unlawful boycott of Israel by the arabs, OF COURSE NOT --Did the UN prevent Egypt's Nasser from closing the Staits, resulting in the 67' war, OF COURSE NOT. --Did the UN create a UNRWA for the 800.000 jews expelled (and worse), OF COURSE NOT. --Did the UN allow the Red Cross to see,visit, dead jewish bodies in coffins, held by the sadistic Lebanese Govt.; or see if Shalit is alive?, OF COURSE NOT Can anyone, anywhere, name another world antisemite body ,embraced by the majority of it's occupants.OF COURSE NOT --You, the UN ,were NOT A FAILURE in preventing the creation of a Palestinian state. THE ARABS WERE, and ARE STILL.....! --
21. Father Miguel d'Escoto the OLD and NASTY ANTI-SEMITISM
22. The "single greatest failure"...
Soeren ,   Cologne/Germany   (11.25.08)
... of the Palestinians was that they didn't support the "UN-partition plan" in 1947. Then, they would have a state for more than 60 years. It's astonishing how one can talk about the Palestinians without even mentioning Al-Husseini, Yasser Arafats uncle, who – by rejecting the partition plan – DECIDED to reject the realistic possibility to found a Palestinian state as well. But acknowledging the own responsibility of the Palestinians? Oh no, then Nicaragua itself would have to confront with its own inabilities. There are "failures" and "flops" among the nations? Anybody surprised that this is "always the fault" of those who did not fail – who succeeded? The losers can't face the truth. It's never their own fault...
23. That one kisses this one who ...
avi   (11.25.08)
"J'ACCUSE" We, the jews of Israel, the israeli people, have been deceived by our leaders, be they from right or left, religious or seculars of one of the most terrifying psychological brainwash of modern history, a PsyOp beyond all understanding: to erase a country of the map, Iran. It has been some years that one can see on the front page of the first non hebrew israeli newspaper, the Jerusalem Post, a nuclear ticking bomb symbol with only one word written in the center: Iran. But since a few days, it has disappeared. ...
This fellow is abusing his position. He has the right to point out Israel's deficiencies...but not without weighing them against the contributing factors of which he is completely blind.
25. As a New Yorker, I loathe having this structure in my city
Korem ,   New York, USA   (11.26.08)
26. End ALL Peace Talks Until the UN Can Talk Peacefully!
Harry ,   NY, USA   (11.26.08)
Until the UN can speak in a non-racist way, all peace talks with the Palestinians should be boycotted. If the UN General Assembly can't even stop its racist diatribe against the Jews for half a minute, what hope is there of peace with people who have set the destruction of the Jews as their life's work. What worse things could this Communist "Priest" call for if Israel actually expelled the entire population of "Palestinians" back to their respective homelands of Syria, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt? Maybe Israel should just do it and actually earn the scorn of the "Padre" with the German last name who was born in 1933 (no wonder he's a disgusting anti-Semite).
27. Olmert
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.08)
Didn't Olmert and Sharon say that everyone would love Israel if we ethnically cleansed Gaza of Jews? It seems that things got even worse. I guess Olmert and Sharon were wrong.
28. That garbage organization must be dissolved.
Gabriela ,   USA   (11.26.08)
29. Israel should quit the UN..spite the world!
Edithann   (11.26.08)
If Israel doesn't like the UN..they can leave the orgainization..I'm sure there would be no hard feelings..and probably be a sigh of relief... TATA
30. Palestinian society!
Hiqliah ,   london, england   (11.26.08)
Palestinians are a society of Arabic speaking peoples. In terms of their religious affiliations they are mostly Muslims but the society includes many Christians also. The land will always be referred to (in historical and biblical terms) to be the ancient land of Israel, the Promised Land. That is the historical reality and the source of Israel's cultural and religious heritage. However, the State of Israel does not maintain a claim of sovereignty to all of the ancient land of Israel. The State of Israel is a democratic society of people. It is the policy and ambition of the elected Government and President of the State of Israel to obtain peaceful relations with Palestinian society. The President and Government of Israel also see it as a test of their leadership to offer constant help and considerable cooperation with Palestinian society and the aspirations of Palestinian society to achieve status as an independent nation State. There is no need for Palestinians to seek arms and ammunition. There is every need for them to practice the role they say they want to fulfill. Namely, to be an independent nation State and to act as a responsible Member State of the United Nations Organization committed to the maintenance of universal human rights for its citizens and respecting the same for the citizens of other nation States. All they have to do to be independent is to find more oil than Saudi Arabia has. That's impossible. Therefore their economic independence is impossible. They should begin to practice political independence by being honest with the world. That means being GOOD to Israel. Then we can all say goodbye to war in the Middle-East. Simple. Why didn't the UN think of this?
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