Mazuz says planning to indict Olmert over double-billing affair
Aviad Glickman
Published: 26.11.08, 18:29
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1. Olmert, bring Pollard home!
Nethanel ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.08)
This would make you popular again!!
2. Mazuz won't do anything
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (11.26.08)
As long as Give Away Olmert keepings on attempting to surrender the country to terrorists the extreme leftists won't do anything at all. Time to indict BOTH Olmert and Mazuz.
3. Mr. Mazuz has got to be...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (11.26.08)
the slowest moving public official we have. What is taking him so long? He must have been trained by the US Postal Service.
4. Considering??????
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (11.26.08)
After 10 interrogations? Did the Police go there to have cocktails and entertainment? Assuming they DID do their job what part of the evidence does Mazuz not understand?????? Is he functionally challenged?
5. A shanda fer dem goyim.
Gideon Reader   (11.26.08)
But, but,...He is a world leader and on the verge of making peace with the Palestinians. Ask him. How can the Doorpost Guy be so short sighted? And what about the pensions problem he is working on. His own pension first I can only assume. A very interesting song in a Danny Kaye musical show some years ago called "Two by Two"; about Noah and the Ark, reaches the response of Noah's friends and family when he tells them of the impending flood and God's displeasure with humanity. It was called: "Put him away". Works for me Adon Olmert.
6. Indicting Olmert....
EItan ,   Tel Aviv   (11.26.08)
RE # 4 comment .... "Functionally challenged" What a great description! I really like that. But it's not only Mazuz. The entire bloody gang is Functionally Challenged, Morally Mindless or Criminally Crooked!
7. please indict him
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.08)
if it will shut him up. Maybe if he's really standing trial he'll shut up already about national issues. He has to shut his trap. He's worse than Shimon Peres.
8. Indict him for trying to give Israel to the terrorists.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.26.08)
9. he's an empty shell of a former human being
Ran   (11.26.08)
and crawling with evil spirits inside
10. Livni's fears
alexi   (11.26.08)
AG has announced he will indict Olmert pending the outcome of a hearing. Olmert now has to work with Zohar to figure some way out, pinning it on the tour agency or zaken, that he knew nothing about it. He took holidays, he didn't check accounts, he simply said pay it.This is how he'll defend himself. He will be found guilty. Livni, who is genuinely attractive, and who has a mossad background has been showing groundless fear of olmert for reasons that relate to her insecurity. What are you afraid of?Did he ever threaten you? During the hezbollah war, he wouldn't let you in on details even when you protested. After Winograd interim report, he dismissed your call for him to resign and continued. Now, he has offered everything to abbas including taking in some refugees for nothing. You meekly said that you differ with him on policies. Tell him directly to shut up and abstain.You are the chairperson of Kadima, are you not? What is wrong with you?? As you go to the Israeli public, you will not have dissociated yourself from Olmert and will get severely beaten in the election. What will you say when likud correctly attacks your party where Olmert will be indicted, lost to hezbollah, Winograd blamed for the failure, acceded to hamas rockets and told southerners to get used to it, that he could not defend them, offers to take in arab refugees, had Hirshson in finance -indicted, had Ramon in justice no less-sex offender, now raanan dinar in the PMO is being investigated, Bar-on-double voted. Israel is supposed to reelect this sorry bunch of losers!!! The results will be Likud 38-50, Kadima 8-16, labour 4-10, meretz 6-19, Beitenu 7-10, shas 7-10, new Home 4-7, Green 3-5. Whatever, israelis even if they would make peace with arabs, want a government that is proud of israel and the jewish state and believes in jewish history, and will fight powerfully if it has to, not some sorry apologists for the nakba who prefer concessions to defending one's honor.Likud may have their problems as surely they do, but at least they defend jewish history and its right to defense. They did not behave like the neville chamberlain party which Olmert is an absolute duplica of .
11. it's about time!
oded   (11.26.08)
smartutmart's illigal deeds only match his incompetency as a p.m.... the demage hat he inflcted on state of israel wil be felt for years, well after he might be released from jail. tfu!
12. Mazuz lo maiziz= Mazuz isn't moved!
Dan ,   Shomron   (11.26.08)
it is time for us to tell Mazuz - ZUZ- move
13. Moral basis for law & order endangered
H.H.M. ,   jerusalem   (11.26.08)
Moral basis for law & order endangered Is “ all of a sudden the momentum “ of indictment against PM Ehud Olmert to be issued by the Attorney General seems to gaining the upper hand “ over his super snail tempo “ gaining? involving “ measly few hundreds / thousands of dollars “ double billing Rishon L’Zion travel office affair! And even here the Attorney General “ j u s t i n f o r m s “ still acting Prime Minister of his “ i n t e n t i o n “ ! This still whilst media report of ongoing last investigation / questioning in this particular offense of this a rather stupid and ego boosting complex feeling “ so what here we are dealing with peanuts “ To the best of public knowledge there are a number of official, police investigations concerning several times larger and more important criminal suspected cases preparations / investigations for many, many months going on i.e. like the “ Money Dollar envelope “ with its public hearings involving hundreds of thousands US Dollar’s on going. Other cases i.e. on State Comptrollers findings / reports are being dealt with for months and months. Always the impression conveyed by the interrogating / investigating bodies was / is and has not yet been refuted, of containing sufficient material for indictment, seem to have been put on a “ low burner “ activity, for unknown but possibly very weighty political reasons which is now strengthened by this “ sudden officially published warning “. Irrespective of the various, different behavioral actions of the public figure, Ehud Olmert, it seem to have gone “ under Olmert’s skin “, and thus defeated him by the moral turpitude connected to resign a weeks ago! B U T H E S T I L L T H E R E, N O I N D I C T M E N T O R E V E N W A R N I N G H A D B E E N F O R T H C O M I N G F R O M A T T O R N E Y G E N E R A L U N T I L T H E P R E S E N T M E D I A I N F O R M A T I O N of P O S S I B L E I N T E N D E D I N D I C T M E N T Doesn’t this apparent misuse / consideration of law became a CONTEMPT OF LAW which already go’s on u n h i n d e r e d? W H O & W H E N W H A T H A S T O B E D O N E T O R E T U R N T O R E A L L A W A P L I C A T I O N
14. would be nice of olmert to give us peace by going away
yahn goodey   (11.26.08)
and looking after his own affairs which he cannot seem to do without screwing things up.
15. This better not be some scam.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.26.08)
Another con-job, collusion, or some such legal trickery to allow Olmert to escape justice. Our politicians cannot be trusted. Their every move much be watched. Integrity is a non-existent commodity in our political environment.
16. America forgave Clinton
Michael ,   Jerusalem   (11.26.08)
Why can't Israel forgive Olmert? Israel is a police state third world country! Let Ehud Olmert continue as Prime Minister. Call off elections. Oh, also fire Muzuz. Olmert is a good man. He cares about Israel and can protect our country from security threats as well as economic.
17. a deal with Bush
Harry ,   Ramot   (11.26.08)
since Bush loves Olmert so much why don't we suggest a trade? Bush sends us Pollard we send him Olmert!
18. My prayers have been answered
Douglas Miller ,   Detroit, USA   (11.26.08)
Good-bye and good riddance, Mr. Olmert, and the sooner the better. You will go down in history as one of the worst Jewish leaders ever. You weren't able to destroy Israel, but you certainly gave it your best shot. Hopefully you'll leave before you can damage Israel any further.
19. olmert indictment
marcel   (11.27.08)
Mazuz says he would indict pending a hearing at which olmert's counsel can present evidence to the contrary. You have to know that dedicated + kisser secretary zaken, a real olmert lover (surprised Alizia is not jealous) and raz of the tours office will take the fall saying olmert knew nothing of the billings and he just drew from an account through them for his holidays. He had no knowledge of the doublebilling. Mind you, this happened some 9 or 10 times so this was not a clerical error. Olmert knew what he was doing, but he cloaked it through other hands. He would gladly return the 120,000 with interest, he will claim it was a beaurocratic mishap. It wasn't. Anyone who covets pens and watches is vulnerable to doing this kind of thing.The State has to have substantial evidence to lay the charge so the hearing is important and they better have everything ready. Now Dan and the lawyers do their jobs and spin and weave of Ehud, pprince of Talansky. Olmert is guilty as sin. He really needs to spend some time in the cooler, as he is so arrogant that he wants to hold onto the reins of power another 2 .5 months so he can exact revenge on anything that moves. You have to know that he is going to try to do 4 things at least-- 1) damage Livni, who he seriously dislikes and thinks is an incompetent, by saying that she was in all of the giveaways to the PLO 2) leak more damaging information on Barak who he genuinely despises for causing him to be dumped 3) leak some stuff on bibi to try to damage him.(this will not help) 4) Try to sign a gross giveaway including taking up to 100,000 arabs in over 5 years in a core/shelf deal with Abbas. This is to screw Israel for dumping him.He also may try to make life miserable for mazuz by egging Friedmann on to look for skeletons in Lador's closet. Olmert has bad things in mind for israel. It's the old Nixon thing-you screw me ,I screw you. You take me down, I take you down. Lador better be ready, because Olmert will play very rough.It's a pity that Olmert's talents do not lie in security/warfare instead of political machinations and the courtroom. 150 israelis are dead because of him and hundreds have serious war injuries. Israel's deterrence has been torn to shreds. What comes around goes around and finally the Olmert family will reap what they have sown.
20. #16 - Hopefully your post is dry humor
redmike ,   tel aviv   (11.27.08)
If not you need to update the medication. Olmert and Hirschon are disgusting human beings. They didn't just steal, they stole from hospitals and charities and they have shamed the nation. Thinking Israelis want to see them locked up for several years, Mike
21. picture of olmert---this exact time frame
yahn goodey   (11.27.08)
only a picture that his mother could love?-----but to me he looks guilty.
22. mazuz
sas ,   israel   (11.27.08)
ABOUT TIME..................................WHAT ABOUT KATZAV????????????
23. Pheh, the government will not indict itself
larry ,   chicago   (11.27.08)
The government must show the world that it is made up of gooood people, that is why katzav is free, Ramon is still out and running, This evil PM should be incarcerated with the worst PLO terrorists, but our image loving government will not allow it. He will get his fingers tapped lightly and retire with his illegal money, a large government pension, and his draft dodging son in NYC.
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