Israeli negotiator tells Egypt Israel willing to resume truce
Roni Sofer
Published: 27.11.08, 00:47
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1. More stupidity please, they're not finished making rockets.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (11.27.08)
2. no need for truce .. solve the problem by peace
Jalal ,   Gaza   (11.27.08)
3. Pathetic...
David   (11.27.08)
how low Israel can steep.
4.  How long will the “truce” go on.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.27.08)
Smuggling continues and Hamas is increasing the threat from its rockets, which increases the threat to Israel's home front. In the past, every laboratory in Gaza was in danger of attack by the IDF, but now, since the IDF is not attacking, they are smuggling raw material and producing [the rockets] locally. This produces greater accuracy and a longer shelf-life for every rocket. More about the cease fire with Hamas at :
5. Gilad, don't forget your white flag.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.27.08)
It might upset the Egyptians - you know, just kissing their backside is insufficient groveling.
6. Hamas
Jalal from Gaza ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (11.27.08)
Gazans voted for Hamas which does not want peace with Israel. Even negociating the liberation of Gilad Shalit failed, so why do you believe peace is possible ? As long as Qassams are shot on Israel there is a war going on.
7. Hamas prefers the deaths of Israelis over the lives of ...
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.29.08)
Hamas prefers the deaths of Israelis over the lives of Palestinians Hamas, the Palestinian branch of the Muslim Brotherhood, sees the struggle for Palestine as neither an ordinary political dispute between two contending nations (Israelis and Palestinians), nor even as a struggle for national self-determination by an indigenous population against a foreign occupier. Rather, it sees Palestine as but one battle in a worldwide holy war to prevent the fall of a part of the House of Islam to infidels. Hamas tends to prefer the deaths of Israelis over the lives of Palestinians as described at :
8. Declare Peace. Do it right, Hamas will accept or fall fast.
James Hovland ,   a product of freedom   (11.30.08)
This whole conflict has been an exchange of reaction with very little strategy for peace from either side. As long as this is tit for tat anything, it will continue. If Hamas Declared Peace, Israel's hard-liners would fall in the same way. People underestimate the ability of profound change to create even greater change. Address the people directly with a far better answer than Hamas is offering. Most importantly, don't negotiate anything while emotions are still this high. In fact don't negotiate peace at all, just declare it and commit. If the change is dramatic enough it will flush any previous conditioning, this is technically brainwashing, a very misunderstood word. Conditioning is what most people associate brainwashing with, but it is the opposite and can be caused by profound change. A bit of PsyOps for peace, and ongoing "humanization" campaigns on both sides and your in the clear. Peace~It's not just for hippies anymore.
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