The Jews left behind in Russia
Michael Freund
Published: 27.11.08, 00:58
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31. Talula , yes Wikipedia gives information
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.27.08)
Where do you take your information on subjects not so known to you ?
32. Talula , notonly wikipedia says what i wrote
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.27.08)
Google it , and see .
33. There are still programs on American religious tv stations
Rivkah   (11.27.08)
that ask for money for Russian Jews to emigrate to Israel. Where is the money going if the Russian Jews cannot get out?
34. We need mre Jews and less government
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.27.08)
interference. Maybe we could have tenders and let private contractors replace government "workers" with workers with intelligence and civility?
35. A lot of people have died when they chose the Saturday
Rivkah   (11.27.08)
Shabbat and monotheism. But it is better to die and be with the Lord than to die and go to hell like the persecutors of true believers. God will make up for the terrible persecutions and martyrdom of His saints. It will be worth it and God will wipe away all the tears.
36. The mitzva drives these people
Damir ,   Russia   (11.27.08)
I cannot think of any other reason for them to leave the Russia today. Life is not easy there and crisis stil around, yes, but this is not tumultous nineties. So prepare to meet very religious, very observant people who on their own will took upon themselves 613 commandments, one of them requires living in Eretz-Israel. The language might present a problem, of course. The Subbotniks study the Tanach and other books of Judaism but are still far from the street language of TA. And these people bring with themselves no hatred against anyone, arabs or Russian government. This counts a lot these days.
37. More religious jews in Israel ;NO WAY
trumpeldor ,   eurabia   (11.27.08)
Israel must become an muslim state asap Those subotnilks would delay that process Bibi shouldl open the gates when elected
38. Observant Jews of any kind are not wanted
Sheine   (11.27.08)
The Kadima traitors & haters only want those who will vote for their sell-out. Since the majority of observant 'olim will vote for Mafdal or Kadima or Israel Beitenu the pnimheads will do whatever it takes to delay their entry, putting all manner of arbitrary obstacles in their way. The Subbotniks happen to be an easy target because Jews in general are merciless to converts, and never forgive them for bringing in some much needed non-Jewish values such as courtesy and mutual respect.
39. #35 Seriously, are you for real?
Talula ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
40. # 39 , Talula , What a great TB .
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.28.08)
Well informed , with serious sources . Great . The same level , or even lower as this 35
41. Russias Jews
Petra ,   usa   (11.28.08)
it should be remembered that Judaism was not allowed under communism. If I recall correctly, all religions were banned. My mother left the Ukraine after WW1and what they had to endure to escape was herendous. She was a Levi, a brilliant woman who might have died if she and her family had not escaped to America. She kissed the ground when they arrived in America! While my heart is w/ Israel, my husband is now 82 and we're raising our granddaughter after her mother ( my youngest daughter) died. I have to admit that the way Israel treats her women is repugnant to me.( could I trust the 'religious' Rabbis to treat my granddaughter well on a bus?) It seems to me that the argument is over who's MORE Jewish than another.. Who's the final judge? Those more established 'correct' Jews or all Jews?( doesn't G-d have a role here?) Israel collects lost, wandering Jews and how will they become 'real' Jews if they are shunned by their own? Weren't we once strangers as well? I'm sure vodka is a price to rescue the less Jewish than others but, would you have them perish for not being 'Jewish' enough? p,s, maybe when I grow up, I can visit Israel, lol? As for now, I love her from a distance. If it matters, one of my favorite places to contribute $$ is a girls orphanage in Israel. Does that count or, am I a 'Russian Jew" that should also be discounted? Can we offord to eliminate some Jews for not being "Jewish' enough? Israel has many seculars so, is it vodka or, that they're Russian and less sophistocated in the ways of Judaism? I'd hate to think my darling mother would be condemned to death by indifference or, those calling her a Russian over a Levi Jewess.( she lived in Jerusalem for a while and loved it) As G-d calls them to return, I think someday you might regret this callous attitude of "I'm more Jewish than you." I hope this helps clear up any confusion why I prefer to remain in America, where I was born. My birthright is important to me as well. We have troubles here too but, my Jewishness is not one of them, thanks to G-d the G-d of Israel. "Pray for the peace of Jerusalem."
42. Avi: There's a place for fake-Jew pork eaters.
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.08)
It's called Gentilistan. Let them go there, be happy, eat dead pig meat by the truck load, and be as goyish as they want to. Eating treif, defiling Shabbot, dressing like hookers- these are all ways of expressing non-Jewishness. They can be as non-Jewish as they want in any of the other 200 or so non-Jewish countries in the world. They do not need to come to Israel and turn our country into just another Gentilistan. Torah says that we WILL NOT be like the other nations.
43. Petra , the way Israel treats women...
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.28.08)
is repugnant to me , you wrote . Who treats the women in a repugnant manner ? only some [ or most ] charidim . Not all Israelis do it , believe me . I was also born and lived most of my life abroad , West Europe . Made Alyah after retiring . It's not easy , the contrary , but here you are at HOME , and with this feeling you forget all the things you don't like in this little country . The Russians , as all the other mass Alyoth , brought with her some undesirable elements , that's true . Some were not Jewish , some even antisemites , that's also a fact . But most of them contribute very much to their new country .
44. 39 Talula: You obviously have not read the history of the
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
Jews or the Waldensians or other Saturday Shabbat people. Try reading "The Great Controversy" for a start. Then read about Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany. Are you stupid? Don't you know six million Saturday Shabbat keepers (Jews) were slaughtered in Nazi Germany? You belong in a mental ward along with Charles of Petach Tivka who is as mentally disturbed as you are.
45. Rebeccaca , your pills , try # 2
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.28.08)
listen dear , i'm not a writing disgusting words to you . But i can . I have only to repeat what you told us about you , i did it , but as a non disgusting person , i omitted something . This could change , and i regret it if i had to do it . So shut up , stop self recommanding your TB's , stop writing your stupidities out of your crippled brains . And learn history . The six million Jews who were murdered , were not murdered IN nazi germany , but by nazi germans and their allies , mostly outside germany .
46. # 43 Charles, thank you sir,
Petra ,   usa   (11.28.08)
you are a gentleman and I greatly appreciate your honest words. I too encourage all Jews who can to return to the land of our fathers. For me, it may be too late but, as the economy worsens, many Jews will return as foretold.( especially those who will feel the sting of anti semitism) Home, what a sweet sound. I'm so glad I got to live this long to see the rebirth of the Promised land. Shalom & Shabbat Shalom sir Charles.
47. They are Slavs
Proud Secular Jew   (11.29.08)
Not real Hebrews.
48. 45 Sir Charles the Stupid: six million Jews were murdered in
Rivkah   (11.29.08)
Nazi Germany's territory which encompassed nearly all of Europe at one time. You must be a drunk or a drug addict to be so disgusting and stupid.
49. Petra , it's never too late
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.29.08)
My grand grand parents immigrated around a century ago , to die and be buried in the Holy land . And then it was a big journey , not as today . But there are people for whom it's more difficult to leave their birth place as i did . I must add that i had around a 20 visits here , the last years twice , 4 weeks at Pesach and Souccoth . So i knew my country a little better , and i spoke Hebrew [ not perfectly ! far from this ] All this made it maybe easier to make alyah for me
50. Rivka , it was in OCCUPIED Europe . Try # 3
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.29.08)
not nazi germany . all those territories [ exept annexed Austria ] had their OWN [ mostly puppet ] governement bodies , different laws and even their own postage stamps . In Poland , as an example , contrary to other countries , hiding a Jew was punished by death . But of course with your CRIPPLED small brain don't know it . With what was i disgusting ? i can become so .it's up to you , if you ask it , you will receive .
51. Not Jewish enough?
Am Yisrael ,   The World   (05.23.12)
Since when ethnicity is s matter to our Jewishness? Since when Jews are a different race? Why there is so much racism among us? We are breaking several mitzvot here, to loving other Jews, to love converts, to not gossip, to not hate other jews... It's shame for us. P.S. no matter how Jewish they are they are Jewish, their ancestors converted to Judaism, and yet after several generations, they consider themselves Jewish. It's our duty to help them to keep their believes and to pass words of Torah to their children.
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