Terrorists seize Chabad offices in Mumbai
Ynet reporters
Published: 27.11.08, 12:12
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1. Say Tehillim
Mendel ,   NY   (11.27.08)
Please say Tehillim for Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma, Rivkah bas Yehudis and Moshe Tzvi Ben Rivkah.
2. Israelis held hostage in Mubai
Roxy ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
These are the people that need the help of the Israeli government not the drug dealers from Israel that got caught inThailand ! The Sate needs to find out where these people are being held and free them from the terrorist, and show the world once and for all that Israeli and her citizens are not to be harmed ...just like Israel showed the world not to mess with it when they raided Entebbie and rescued the Israeli hostages!
3. Mossad plot. Anyone can see this.
Abdul ,   Gaza   (11.27.08)
Another Mossad plot to turn people against Muslims. Islam does not allow this kind of attack. Muslims had nothing to do with this. Just like 9/11-Mossad blew up World Trade Center and Muslims got blamed.
4. Mossad Plot? Abdul is a bomb belt-101 failure
Hinda ,   sf bay area   (11.27.08)
Abdul, I guess it is genetics that makes you what you are - a true idiot or trying hard to be one. How do you love having Israeli Electricity and Israeli created wastewater treatment plants working - that is - when someone from Israel goes in to maintain the plants after world wide complaints because your government doesn't know how to turn a screw.
5. A candle is lit
russel ,   tlv   (11.27.08)
6. #3 "Islam doesn't allow this kind of attack"
Talula ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
This 'kind' of attack? Please, do tell me what kind of attacks it DOES allow. I'm really interested to hear. And I'm not being funny. So, please, go ahead....
7. Terror in Bombay
Abir ,   Chicago, IL   (11.27.08)
I was watching Times India TV. Lets hope the Israeli hostages come out safely. This seems to be the work of LeT (Lashkar-e-Toiba), a Pakistan based group affiliated with Al-Qaeda and supported by the Pakistani Government covertly. This is a direct reult of the appeasement of the Muslim minority in India by Manmohan Singh's Congress Government. How is that anywhere across the globe, every hotspot is fuelled by Islamic radicalism. What is it about this religion that fuels extremism? In the Hindi language, they have a saying......."Mussalman Bey-Imaan," which translates into "Muslims=Untrustworthy."
8. EVERYTHING HAS IT'S PLACE................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   Zion   (11.27.08)
INCLUDING A COMPLETE SEVERING OF ASSOCIATION ! Chabad, some times you need to 'lead" in the courge to jetisen the indiscriminate love of your fellow Jew when it entails involvement in dirty, third world, seudo "spiritual" locations and just engage in evacuation triage with the offer of a free trip out to any Jew with a modicum of wisdom ! I believe India is the contemporary SODOM of our times- LIKE THE EGYPTIONS WORSHIPED SHEEP, THEY WORSHIP COWS ! Can their be even 10 rightious Jews in that subhuman hell hole ? I love you Chabad BUT, everything has it's limits !
9. More from the religion of peace
Ze'ev ,   Haifa   (11.27.08)
10. #8 - I don't think u understand India
Indian Jew ,   Herzelia, Israel   (11.27.08)
India is probably the only country in the world that allowed jews to retain their identity for the 2000 years of our existence there. Sure they pray to cows, but they don't push their religion down other people's throats like the christians or muslims do! Most Indians are people of peace and respect other religions. Its the only reason so many religions co-exist in that country even today - something the world can learn from. Unfortunaly #8 I don't think u understand anything about India!!
11. Talula #6 - Really!!!
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
You appear not to pick up on the sarcasm of this post. 'Abdul' is not an Arab name for a start and is only used as a prefix for other names, e.g. Abdel -Kader. The writer who is probably an Israeli patriot is paradying the pathetic denials of Muslims of such violent outrages in the name of Islam.
12. That's all we need, a Hundu version of Al Qaeda!
Talula ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
I hope this ends with the release of all Israelis. Don't like my people getting murdered!!!
13. "Religion of Peace" strikes again!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.27.08)
Let's add this to the other tens of thousands of terror attacks and brutal murders committed by Muslims over the years. But this won't stop Islamo-Leftists and the UN spineless and corrupt politicians to bend over and hand the vaseline while chanting anti-Israeli slogans and lies. As usual, Muslims are allowed to murder, rape, steal and lie while Israel is not allowed the basic and natural right to simply exist on its ancestral lands. I am so happy that I live in Israel. At least nobody will drive us to death without having a chance of fighting back. And we will fight back with all our might!
14. it is the same story
suha ,   jerusalem   (11.27.08)
who sent them want somthing but sure these attakers want to say - they want fair and want it by their hands . but who sent them want to deviate the eyes away from here or their to terror attacks .... this day is the day of seeking the rule of population even in america and its election .all what we need is thinking and negotiation and true democracy not terror attacks or wars
Indian Jew ,   Israel   (11.27.08)
I request if Mr.Dagan can send our special commandos to free our jewish people held hostages in chabad.Time has come to make world realise our Entebbe Raid after 32 years, we can do it with grace of g*d can make it again.
16. #8 Jews worshipping Golden Calf at Moses' time,
what they are doing now, after thousands of years? the places which are most sacred to Christians-those having to do with Jesus-and which are also sacred to Muslems, are not only not sacred to Jews, but abhorrent to them. As the military situation around the world is heating up so quickly, and as the many nations who hate the Jews are preparing for war, Jews have to destroy Gaza!
17. LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING ............
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   ZION   (11.27.08)
Indian Jew, point well taken and perhaps that's why Israelis flock there for "spirituality" and perhaps your a good case in point; you put your tepee (stupid joke) down in Hertzalia didn't you ? It would seem that tolerance has become the highest "VALUE" today with the "progressive" set and the same insidious "new age" philosophy is the underpinning of abandoners of THE REAL FOUNDATION OF AUTHENTIC SPIRITUAL WELLSPRINGS OF WISDOM : TORAH ! Yup, point well taken but, for me and I suspect you, tolerance is just "natural" it doesn't require the accoutrements of a whole "culture" it doesn't trump ALL ELSE and perhaps, just perhaps, were we to educate, instill wisdom & inform our own bretheren of the depth and breadth of our own traditions, the pitfalls of india would be rendered moot, you do live here right ? Perhaps were that the case, Chabad would not deem it necessary to travel there if RIGHT FROM THE OUTSET our people were permeated with the realization that we are "the light unto the nations" and are in possession of such a wealth of spirituality that anything the world may proffer pales in comparison ! The vicissitudes of life put up many barriers for sure (particularly in Israel) ! I have a theory though, THE VOIDS, THE "EMPTIES" , THE PITS & BLACK HOLES, THE CAVITIES OF IGNORANCE require "filling" BUT WE ARE ALL TOO DISTRACTED BY THE "BARRIERS" rather than focus on the authentic residuals of equity: THE SYSTEMIC EMPTINESS, IN THIS INSTANT DISPOSABLE WORLD ! That's just my opinion and, I'm sticking to it !
18. #8 ignorance
Mac   (11.27.08)
You don't know much about India OR the story of Sodom - the city that was destroyed mainly because the denizens were extremely hostile to any outsider unlucky enough to stumble upon the town, and also because of the sexual perversity prevalent in that society. India is a country known for being welcoming and extremely hospitable to outsiders. The USA is a far better candidate for a modern day Sodom, but still not even close (I hope). Your talk about the "dirty third world" speaks volumes about your own intolerance of outsiders to your shallow little world.
19. Macster, macster (# 18).............................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   Zion   (11.27.08)
It's called an "OPINION" and I've faught for the right to have one, I am indeed VERY OPINIONATED ! Perhaps you'd be well served to explore the innards of a lexicon to make the discrimination between, "OPINION" & "TOLLERANCE" ! Afterwards you could indulge in a copius and inordinate foray into OPININIONATION and I for one will never accuse you of being intollerant !
20. I beg all Chabad people to leave these hell holes ASAP
Al   (11.27.08)
I graduated chabad over 35 years ago when Chabad was still what you may call sane. Its purpose was to educate and to help build Jewish pride. My teachers were boys who were saved in China and then made their way to Canada. They were orphans and their entire families were wiped out by the Nazis in Europe. I went on from Chabad to a career in a profession in which I am still employed. In fact I attribute my happiness in this profession to the discipline and skills I developed in Chabad Lubavitch. Today Chabad has become insane. They are sending their children all over the world to the worst hell holes in order to help "save" Jews. In fact most of who they save are "Israeli dumb nut" backpackers either in India, Thailand, (If they are both drug peddlers or not) and other assorted hell holes. Point being they are putting themselves in mortal danger for no reason what so ever. I appeal to them their parents my neighbours to bring these kids home. This avodah zora of "outreach" will kill them.
21. A first: No anti-religious talkbacks on Ynet
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (11.27.08)
22. Jews attacked
Rexford ,   UK   (11.27.08)
Why couldn't they write Jews instead of israelis. The shaliach is an American.
23. Islam at war with un-believers.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (11.27.08)
Do you know why they call us un-believers? It's not just because we're not Muslims. It's because so many of us don't believe we're at war. Un-believers.
24. #12
ilan   (11.27.08)
please don't be stupid. these are islamic fundamentalists from pakistan.
25. INTERESTING AL.......................................
AVROHOM BILGREI ,   Zion   (11.27.08)
GLAD TO HAVE A LIKE THINKER FLANKING ME ! You have made your point eloquently ! Just one thing, THE WHOLE WORLD IS NUTS,Chabad is just part of it and take my word for it, they're not ALL insane ! Indeed, the world needs a serious "tweeking" as i do believe they could benefit by one but, don't throw out the baby with the bathwater ! They still constitute yiddishkeit's most astute stallwarts and for the most part preform their task with great alacrity !
26. Message to our Indian friends
Zvi   (11.27.08)
Please accept our condolences for the many innocent people horribly murdered by the terrorists. May all of your hostages, and all of our Israeli hostages, be rescued soon.
27. For the record Indian Jew..........................
AVROHOM BILGREI   (11.27.08)
somehow there's a viseral sense in my very essence that abhors COW WORSHIP (care to guess why?), since I'm not a fanatic, my redline is the worship of moo crews and, any other consideration kind of falls by the way side, no ?
28. War is Peace. Peace is War.
avi   (11.27.08)
So, here is the beginning ?
29. Sorry
Sumit ,   Mumbai India   (11.27.08)
I am an indian and my head hangs in shame. They were our guest and trusted us with there lives. May the families forgive us. From Northern Africa to India there are only two non muslim majority country i.e. israel and India. I think religion of peace will never allow us to live in peace :(.
30. IT NUMBAI nd Not MUMBAI !!!
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