IDF clashes with gunmen in Gaza
Ali Waked
Published: 28.11.08, 13:52
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1. absolutely murdered
observer   (11.28.08)
because it would have logically been said he was killed only if he had been trying to prevent Israelis from plant explosive device near border fence.
2. Israel in control of the Egypt-Gaza border crossing.
Robert Bernier ,   Tel Aviv   (11.28.08)
Israel should make no concessions to Hamas. The Egypt-Gaza border crossing should be exclusively under the control of Israel. The only second possibility should be the free choice of the inhabitant of Gaza to emigrat to other Arab countries (most of these countries are not very populated and can easily integrate them). The time has come for these people to stop with politics and terrorism and search for a solution for their families based on well-being and peace. That is the real solution as explained at :
3. Good job IDF!
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.28.08)
4. CAll them what they are! Terrorists!
JAyjay33 ,   Israel   (11.28.08)
Notice Ali waked and Efart Weasel never use the correct term "Terrorist"! Im sure they would love to be able to call them freedom fighters but i guess YNet only allows them to get away with their propaganda so much!
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