Report: 5 hostages found dead in Chabad house
Published: 28.11.08, 16:06
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1. God rest their souls......speechless
Erik ,   ny   (11.28.08)
2. baruch dayan ha'emet
jim   (11.28.08)
3. I am deeply saddened by the death of
Ahmad ,   East Jerusalem   (11.28.08)
the Rabbi and his wife and the other hostages. He was serving his faith and he died serving God and the people. May God bless his soul and those who were with him.
4. Nariman House
Suncountry ,   U.S.   (11.28.08)
You guys need to check this again... the IBN feed says it's still on. Not looking good for the hostages.
JL ,   israel   (11.28.08)
you must all be so happy now....
6. B.B.C. just said 5 hostages dead, a real tragedy!
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (11.28.08)
7. When the maid ran out...
Donna ,   Netanya   (11.28.08)
she saw bodies and blood on the floor. Do we really expect mercy from these hayot?
8. "Brave Muslkim Warriors" murder Rabbi and his wife
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (11.28.08)
.. and as usual, hide behind civilian hostages - woemn, children, babies and innocent tourists. Their barbaric Moon God must be very proud of them. This is the so called "religion of peace" which preaches for the murder and rape of innocents and stealing from the poor. Islam is slowly pushing the West and Asia together against them. We may all bleed for a while, but eventually, Islam will invite its destruction. Islam's self-defeat is a fact, and it is only a matter of time.
9. Why would the troops leave the building smiling?
Harry ,   Montreal, Canada   (11.28.08)
Happy they survived? Happy they killed some terrorists? Happy that the hostages were already dead because they were only Jews? Troubling if true.
10. Sad very sad..hashem yishmor aleinu
Al   (11.28.08)
We need a strong eretz Yisrael, where the Jew has a backbone. israel as it stands today is weak and uninviting.
stude ham   (11.28.08)
i grieve for the victims of this monstrous hate crime.
12. I still have Moishe's birthday present
Gary Spund ,   Mumbai, India   (11.28.08)
I stay with Gaby and Rivkey so often they feel like my own children. Moishe remiinds me of my own 18 month old grandson. I was supposed to see them Tuesday evening to give Moishe his birthday gift that I bought for him for his 2nd birthday but couldnt get back from work in time. I intended to visit them this Sunday when I return to Mumbai from China. My heart breaks. My soul is crushed. We have lost two Tzadikim who gave us all so much unconditional love. Does any one know the Levaya arrangements? Does any one know how I can still give Moishe his birthday present?
13. Munich all over again
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (11.28.08)
May their souls rest in peace.
14. predictable outcome
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.28.08)
'We won't have peace until we destroy terrorism!' Israeli citizen Why is it that Israel is incapable of defining this terrorism in specific terms. How is it that you can define messianic terrorism but not 'the other Mumbai, murderous,unmerciful and without compassion,bloodthirsty kind ? The lie of insane correctness forbids us to call it Islamic terrorism or is it that we are fearful that our 'friend's' will abandon us because of our newfound intolerance for evil ? How sad that we can not even deal within the realm of reality in defining the threat. Will the evil ones who rule Israel throw you in jail for speaking the truth while they release more islamic killers with blood on their hands ? Even your grandparents could muster up the courage to define the enemy as Nazi Germany. My how far we have come. Islam is a lie ,it is the enemy and there WILL NEVER BE ANY PEACE WITH ISLAM EVER ! So pleace tell the coward Ellen that the true threat to Israel is not 'terrorism' or messianic Jews but Islam and those false prophet Jews who tell us we can have peace with this cult of destruction and hell.In Isaiah 28 14-22 God speaks to Israel about her peace covenant with the Moslems. Why is Israel not educated in what God thinks about Israel's FUTILE peace agenda ? It is because they do not believe Him and trust a Texas con man more than Him. Exodus 23:27-33 is God's peace for Israel which Israel has rejected. Therefore war and great destruction is what Israel has chosen.
15. Declare Islam A Terrorist Organization
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (11.28.08)
Once again, Islamic terrorists attack the weakest and most defenseless among us and just as predictatbly there is not a murmur of condemnation from Moslems - period. Their inability to condemn the barbaric actions of their followers is a tacit approval of their actions. Maybe it's time to declare Islam a terrorist organization - period!
16. Sanitized terrorism
Stuart ,   New York   (11.28.08)
Please note the void of details on these inhuman terrorists.They ran into these targets and killed at will.The media needs to show the pictures and give the deatils of how these holy spirits were killed in cold blood. The forbidden words,Islamo-terrorists will not be uttered.
17. Sad , sad , very sad
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.28.08)
Not the moment to comment , only to mourn .
18. Harry, Montreal
Aaron ,   Tel Aviv   (11.28.08)
The scene is bad enough and very very sad. So you even contemplate that the only possible reason you seen any of the security forces smiling is because they are only jews? There are enough victims here, stop fueling your head with more angst. Enough already..
19. #8 - Calling our god, Allah, who is also..
Bilal ,   Leeds, UK   (11.28.08)
..your god and the god of the christians, barabaric and a moon god is idiotic. You think we are proud of these people?! An innocent rabbi and his family were killed and all true muslims are horrified at the events in mumbai. Muslims were killed and injured in mumbai too so stop with these islamophobic attacks and pray for these innocents that were killed in the Chabad house and elsewhere. May God rest their souls.
20. Bill #15, you are way offline. Terrorists killed
more Muslims than any other faith. Muslims are the prime vistimcs of terrorism and the overwhelming majority of Muslims dissaprove and reject these acts. You should take a moment and think about your words. It is not helpful to claim and declare a faith to be terrorist. Does that mean we should declare Judaism to be so, and Christianity to be so because some Jews or Christians got themselves involved in killing innocents, invading countries etc. Remeber that Muslims are at least 25% of the world population, and the right thing to do is to help Muslims, who are the prime victims of terrorism, to fight these people who are murdering in the name of the Islamic faith. It is time for all religions to condemn violence, whether coming from Muslims, Chrisitians, or Jews. Do not forget that most Muslims view the Israeli occupation of the Palestinians as a form of violence. Israel was created in the name of God supported by fellow Chrsitians in the US.? What do you think a plain Muslim would think about that too?
21. It Will Get Worse. This Was Child's Play
David ,   Marietta, USA   (11.28.08)
Come Jan 20, who out there will stop them? France? Japan? Germany? UK? Iraq goes Al Qaida with our unconditional surrender and removal of troops. Iran goes nuclear-your Olmert can't be bothered taking out the facilities. The Pakistani forces that abet the murderers in the northwest will be too afraid to restrain them. And our lord and savior Obama will negotiate for their good behavior, begging on his knees not to bring the battle into the United States. America's vote is about to lead to the deaths of many, many innocents. May they rest in peace. It is about to get much, much worse. I hope the Jews of New York, Florida, California sleep well, knowing what they have wrought upon the planet with their liberal, insane swing votes. Give yourselves a big collective, socialist pat on the back-you gutless fools.
22. The people at the Chabad house knew the terrorists were near
Rivkah   (11.28.08)
But it was too late to keep them out. Preparations for terrorists or home invaders must be made in advance. There have been many attempts by burglars to enter homes I have lived in, so I learned to fortify a home and to allow no one in unless I see them first on video camera. Keyed locks do not keep people out. Doors can be kicked down unless there is a heavy door bar across the center of both the heavy metal screen door and the wood door. Armorguard plastic glue paper is on the inside of all windows which makes the window difficult to break. Inside the windows and doors are rolling metal shutters. If those precautions had been done at the Chabad house, entry could have been prevented until the crisis was past. The Bible talks about a time when the houses will be shut up and no one will be allowed to enter into peoples' homes. In the Hebraic Roots Version Bible, Isaiah chapter 24 says, "Behold, YHWH makes the earth empty and makes it waste...Broken down is the city...everyhouse is shut up, that none may come in. There is crying in the streets amidst the wine; all joy is darkened, the mirth of the land is gone. In the city is left desolation, and the gate is smitten unto ruin."
23. 5 dead in chabad house
alex benjamin ,   Belfast, UK   (11.28.08)
i was hoping against hope for better very, very sad and utterly pointless.
24. A grim reminder of Munich
meg ,   Israel   (11.28.08)
the first news was all Israelis ok, then came the horror. The murderers knew they were "dead" so why let the Jews live. why let anyone they can kill live. shamed again is islam by these killers.
25. #3 Ahmed
meg ,   Israel   (11.28.08)
you are very kind to say this. You are true to your faith, as it should be, we are all children under the eyes of one G-d, whatever we call him
26. chabad fatalies
matthew ,   hull, u.k   (11.28.08)
it's rough, mate, rough.
27. Revenge from Hezbollah?
Jewish Refugee ,   U.S.A.   (11.28.08)
Nasrallah did promise revenge for Imad Mugniegh number two in Hezbollah. Some experts predicted an attack on a Jewish center before, since Hezbollah has a history of attack Jewish centers (Bueno Aires). This is a sad moment!
28. #5 JL: indrajaya is busy on Haaretz
Bennie ,   Jerusalem   (11.28.08)
No let up from the Islamic propaganda machines.
29. Please read #16 Stuart - True. Sanitized reports everywhere
Jacob   (11.28.08)
30. #17 Charles
Jacob   (11.28.08)
Hypocritical comments. You and others pour your hatred and contempt for the religious at every chance you get. Whenever misfortune falls on them, you make pious comments that you hope will reflect well on you. Sorry. We don't buy them. Words have power. When you speak badly of the religious, you add your own drops to an ocean of hatred that drowns victims again and again.
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