8 soldiers injured in mortar attack
Ilana Curiel
Published: 29.11.08, 07:05
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31. #15 - a political coward who destroyed Labor
redmike ,   Tel Aviv   (11.29.08)
Nobody questions Barak's past military bravery but his political inaction has caused a huge loss in Israel's deterrence. Groups that were once afraid now rush to take credit for attacks on Israelis. Barak has done enormous damage to the labor party which I highly approve of of course! Mike
32. 8 soldiers injured in mortar attack
Yonatan ,   Jerusalem   (11.29.08)
the IDF should petition the high court of justice for permission to defend themselves. if not the IDF has the blessing and backing of the defence minister to get up and RUN
33. # 25 Actually
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
Barak is not even a Zero .These days he is a kind of Minus Zero,and I do not need you to tell me to think more, perhaps You need to think more....if you are capable that is.
34. # 16 Ever Heard Of Preaching To The
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
converted?Yes I am well aware that Barak and the others have been"neutered" or castrated and is helpless to respond,they fear the International isolation ,boycotts and condemnation which are sure to follow any meaningful Israeli response to terror.I have more contempt for Barak than you can ever have so please spare me your sanctimonious lectures.But he was once a Hero and nothing can change that fact.
35. # 9 Well Said Sir
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
This site is full of loudmouthed,intellectually challenged hothead Armchair Rambos.Despicable and callous to condemn these poor Soldiers,as if they are to blame.
36. # 31 Israel Has Its Hands Tied
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
It is not allowed to respond.Israeli is expected to take it on the chin and to turn the other cheek.We may not like it,but that is the reality.Israel is a small dot on the map with zero oil and natural resources ,and only american goodwill prevents a total embargo on Israel.President Bush does not want to upset the Saudis and Israel has to know its place.Otherwise,we will all be eating bread and Hummus for the next 50 years .To Tell the outsiders to go to hell requires massive Emuna or faith in the Almighty,something lacking in our leaders at the moment.
37. Israel Of Past No Longer Exists
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
It is now a multi-national global Israel plc.Israel will not ,and can not,effectively respond.With the exception that the Iranians lob a nuke or two and then it will be too late.The Israel of yesteryear which tolerated no nonsense is dead and buried
38. Israel Just Does What It Is Ordered To
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
And Menachem "There will never be another Holocaust"Begin is long dead z"l.
39. #30 Israel Is Not Permitted To Respond
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
Please try to understand,then you will not become disillusioned.
40. To All The Hothead Armchair Generals
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
And Wannabe Moshe Dayans...Now is NOT the time to respond and every body from Defense Minister Barak,Chief -of-staff Ashkenazi and others know this too.Bide your time SAVLANUT.When Iran,Hezballah,Hamas and Syria attack Simultaneously,then will be the time to respond no holds barred.Until then,israel must play the game .
41. Israel 2008 Afraid Of Its Own Shadow
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
How are the mighty fallen....
42. Israeli Leaders In Hypnotic Trance
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.29.08)
They will only respond to a serious wake up call,such as a mega attack ,G-d Forbid.
43. to #9 Do you mean the soldiers cannot
jason white ,   afula,israel   (11.29.08)
move out of the base? We the palis using intercontinental mortars. You move in as close to gaza as possible and open fire with all you have. If there are a few hundred dead palis civilians,tough luck. This shouyld have happened after the first kassam fell in Israeli territory. You write like an olmert/barak clone.
44. .... and yet...
oded   (11.29.08)
this incomptent group called"govt"", will do nothing but thorw some hollow , pointless threats.. and the arabs re joice. what a joke.
45. 29
Talula ,   Israel   (11.29.08)
He laid down and pretended to be dead. THAT in my books, is a coward of the highest order.
46. #6 A loud STUPID american
Talula ,   Israel   (11.29.08)
You seem to have forgotten 911 and the invasion of Iraq that has proved to be a complete disaster. So you are not exactly qualified to give advice on leadership. Read the history books you Moron. I'm surprised you even know about Israel, most thick Americans don't even know where Europe is.
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