Chabad: Allow Indian nanny to immigrate to Israel
Published: 30.11.08, 08:50
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1. Ridiculous
Josh B ,   Rehovot, Israel   (11.30.08)
More politics disguised as religion. If she's eligible to make Aliyah under the right of return, then let her immigrate to Israel. If not, then thank her for her bravery. How many eligible people are waiting to make Aliyah?
SHLOMO   (11.30.08)
3. To #1 Josh the Just
Rami   (11.30.08)
Gee, Josh, you're a paragon of compassion aren't you - hope I never have to meet you in person.
4. #1: How many eligible people are waiting to make Aliyah?
Yael ,   Haifa   (11.30.08)
Worldwide, probably somewhere between 15-20, most of them Russian Christians and American Messianic "Jews." Only religious zealots want to live here; the rest come, hate it, and then leave. In saving a young Jewish life, this woman is no different than the righteous among the nations who rescued Jews during World War II. She should be allowed to emigrate. Israel has no problem giving citizenship to non-Jews who neither want it for legitimate reasons nor deserve it. This woman, by contrast, deserves it. Jews should take care of their friends.
5. Sandra Samuel
Israel "izzy" Cohen ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (11.30.08)
Based on the personal experience of adopting a 21-month old girl who was not allowed to become accustomed to us before taking her to our home, I strongly recommend that this little boy's nanny be allowed to accompany him and stay with him in Israel at least until the boy has become accustomed to living with his grandparents.
6. 1 # !
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (11.30.08)
Sandra Samuel deserves the best, and DEFINATELY should be granted stay in Israel, if that's what she wants. She saved a (Jewish) kid, the whole world. Nothing else to add. Any Jew that wants to make Alyah is inmediately taken in to Israel. May be you are talking of wannabes, fake converts, married to Jewish partner or children of mixed marriages. Better for those to stay where they are.
7. #1
Yoni ,   Minneapolis   (11.30.08)
you are an idiot
8. Let Her In!
Eyal ,   Athens   (11.30.08)
For the child's sake, let her in. He has already lost both his parents, it would be criminal to take away the last person he knows and has bonded with. For the nanny's sake, let her in. She is a hero and should be rewarded for saving the child's life. She has also suffered loss and separating her from the child is cruel.
9. #4 You hit the nail on the head
Wise Saba ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Bring her back & give her citizenship, she deserves it.
10. bring her in as a righteous gentile
shlomo ,   jerusalem israel   (11.30.08)
She should be encouraged to emigrate under the same terms (pension rights etc) as the righteous gentiles who saved Jews during the Holocaust.
11. It doesn't say that she wants to come here
Talula ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Does she have any family in India? If not, and she wants to come to be with the child she saved, then she should absolutely be allowed to come here. She's been through enough and she saved Moshe's life. #1 is a cold hearted outcast. Shame on you.
12. Yael #4: WELL said!!!
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (11.30.08)
13. Save one person, and you save the world
linda   (11.30.08)
14. Why on earth would she want to move to Israel?!
Arjun Rai ,   New Delhi, India   (11.30.08)
15. She is like a Righteous Among the Nations
Zvi   (11.30.08)
Had this happened during WW2, the nanny would be rightly honored as a Righteous Among the Nations. The boy's nanny knowingly risked her own life to save this helpless Jewish toddler from almost certain murder by terrorists. She heard the boy crying, which might have attracted the terrorists as well. She emerged from her barricaded hiding place into deadly danger, grabbed up the boy and carried him out of the building. She is a heroine and we must honor her as such. Also, there is this. The grandparents obviously understand that the boy loves and trusts his nanny, and she clearly loves the boy very much. Being together will comfort them both after this horrible experience. Let the nanny come to Israel if she would like to do so. Expedite this process. Bring her RIGHT AWAY.
16. Poor child
Petra ,   usa   (11.30.08)
lost both parents. Thanks to G-d for this savior, whatever religion she may be. I'm sure Israel will do the right thing on her behalf, if she chooses to live in Israel. She's a true hero. G-d bless her and the saved child.
17. An angel who saved an angel
Marta Borenstein ,   Tel Aviv   (11.30.08)
Rabbi Gaby Holtzberg and his wife Rivky, were cowardly assassinated by vile people who have only hatred in their hearts. Sandra Samuel, the nanny who extricated the slained couple's 2-year old son - Moshi - represents the other side of the coin. A few weeks ago, the Israeli press echoed the marvelous story of another rescuer - the Polish Stanislawa Slawinska, whose feats were unearthed by the International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation. Back in the 40's, Slawinska hid several fleeing Jews at her own home. Thanks to the Wallenberg Foundation, she was recently bestowed the title of Righteos, by Yad Vashem. The world is still full of irrational hatred. Saviors such as Slawinska and Samuel are still very much needed.
18. Yes, Come to Israel and live as a second class citizen
Chosen One   (11.30.08)
Yes, let her come; for in Israel we will confiscate her passport, pay her menial wages and enlist her into a life of servitude until the boy is of age, then revoke her passport and toss her out like trash.
19. Of course she should be allowed in!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (11.30.08)
First of all, it will be doubly traumatic for Moshe to leave without her. And she saved the life of a Jewish child. She is a real hero. I have been blogging this at many websites and discussion boards. Number 1 - you have no heart. And I also want to mention the staff at the Taj Mahal who protected the guests and in some cases actually gave their lives to protect them! God bless every one of them!
20. Olmert do one decent thing!
David ,   Shilo ISRAEL   (11.30.08)
Leave politics, right & left wing, secular & dati on one side. If us Jews can't unite on this one simple deed of chessed / compassion...? PM, Ministry of Interior etc., prove you can do it and quick!
21. To#14 Arjun Rai. I guess that the family Holzberg
Shlomo   (11.30.08)
Spoke to people in India to arrange a visa for Sandra, after discussing the situaton with her,otherwise they would have not mentioned it.
22. did she say she wants to come
Jacob ,   Trier, Germany   (11.30.08)
All of us assume that she wants to come over. Let us not be condescending and assume that all poor indians if given a chance is wanting to emigrate to israel or any other developed country. She may have her loved ones in India and might prefer to stay in India. It might very well be a sacrifice for her to agree to come to Israel.
23. #1- You Sicken Me.
Jacob ,   London   (11.30.08)
"...if not, then thank her for her bravery" You are truly a horrible and heartless person. Israel would be so much better without people like you.
24. Sandra Samuel is a brave woman
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.30.08)
She risked her life to save Moshe and I admire her courage. I'm sure the family will find a way for her to stay with him.
25. #15 - she IS a Righteous Among the Nations, not merely LIKE
Silent Majority ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
a Righteous Among the Nations.
26. To #1: You are a disgrace! A note to #20
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (11.30.08)
This woman saved a Jewish child from certain death. She could have saved herself and the hell with her charge. After all, he is only a Jewish kid and who cares about Jews in any case? 1,5 million Jewish children perished in the Holocaust because there were no Sandra Samuels to save them. But no, she chose to ensure the safety of little Moshe. Some might even think that she be awarded the title of "Righteous Among the Nations"! Your comment is selfish and indicates, that faced with the same situation, you would only consider saving yourself and the hell with anyone else. As for your stupid comment about "How many eligible people are waiting to make Aliyah? ", no "eligible" Oleh has to wait even five minutes! I don't see the millions of Jews in America, and the small number left in anti-Israel and anti-Semitic South Africa rushing to apply for Aliyah Visas! Of course, the decision to come to Israel must be her decision but, with people like you here, would she really want to come here? To #20: The Minister of the Interior is the person who decides and based on precedents in "special" cases, I am sure that Minister Meir Sheetreet will do the right thing and grant a special visa!
27. Let her in if she wants to!
Michael ,   Eilat Israel   (11.30.08)
If she wants to live in Israel she should be allowed. Anyone who say the contrary as no moral value. She is a Hero!
28. If she wants to come, by all means!
Rina   (11.30.08)
Sandra Samuel endangered herself to respond to little Moshe's cries. She could have gotten out directly but stopped to rescue him. Everything must be done to help her if she wants to come here. In addition, it will help the Holtzberg family through this difficult time.
29. # 1
yehudi ,   Jerusalem   (11.30.08)
All I have to say to you is that "you Suck."
30. #16
david ,   USA   (11.30.08)
Do you have a problem with God? Why G-d???? Say the name. And spell it right.
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