Qassam barrage hits Sderot, no injuries
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.11.08, 12:50
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1. No wide scale operation is required
Kim ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Again, a simple decision to close ALL borders and not let any food, aid or otherwise into Gaza will stop rockets.
2. Sick evil government
Joshua ,   Afula   (11.30.08)
As terrorists murder innocent Israeli's in Mumbai, bomb IDF posts and maime soldiers, and send bombs into civilian areas close to Gaza, this sick and evil government makes a decision to release 250 prisoners as a good will measure. Perverse.
3. #1 Kim
Marcel ,   Florida   (11.30.08)
Israel's combined leadership is so weak and ferarful that they will never even do what you say. They only have bravery and courage to go after fellow Jews in Hevron and to release more Islamic terrorists. This is how a godless and faithless nation works !
4. Barak not a minister of war or defense but of welfare of pal
elie   (11.30.08)
5. Claim of responsibility
Lee ,   USA   (11.30.08)
Have the world know that the boders will remain closed for atleast 24 hours after any attack. We can post responsibility also: "Todays closure brought to you by Islamic Jihad"
6. Is the truce still on?
Adam Eliyahu Berkowi   (11.30.08)
It sounds like a stupid question but we are releasing 250 more prisoners. Or does that come under the headng of "humanitarian aid"? I sincerely want to know if the truce is still on.
7. Qassam barrage hits Sderot
Marlene ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Adam the truce is one sided , our side. How many more Israeli's are going to be hurt, killed or go into shock? It is a pity that our Prime Minister and Minister of Defence were not there when the rocket hit. They may have been so shocked they would have ordered retaliation. Why are the border crossings being opened, shut them permanently. It is pointless opening and shutting them - it is like telling a naughty child you cannot watch TV but then allowing them to do so.
8. No wide scale operation required
oscar ,   buenos aires   (11.30.08)
Just accomplish UN resolutions about palestinian rights and the problem will be finished. After all, the State of Israel was created by an UN resolution.
9. Zevulun Orlev Needs Convincing?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Why? Doesn't this gentleman really believe that rockets land in Sderot and do damage? Does he think it's some kind of a joke or scam? How many years does it take for MKs like Orlev to get it through their heads? He's an embarrassment.
10. #8 Oscar, The PALs are an excuse and totally irrelevant
meir elazar   (11.30.08)
No Arab country gives a damn about the PALs. They are only an excuse to attack Jews. Look at your own attack on the Jewish Center in Buenos Aires. What did that have to do with anything? The PALs massacred Jews with knives and axes in 1920, 1929, and 1936. Haj Amin al Husseini collaborated with Hitler and shared the goal of exterminating the Jews. The PALs have engaged in every form of terrorism from hijackings, to terrorist attacks at Munich, Buenos Aires, Rome, Bali, Sinai, Amman, and countless attacks in Israel. They pioneered suicide bombings, lead in kidnapping, rapes, murders, etc. When they terrorized our cities we devised counter-terror measures and learned to contain them. And now they are deservedly suffering the results of all their terror. They hand out candy and toys depicting the terrorist attacks on WTC. No Arab country wants them. They have been kicked out of Jordan and Lebanon. If they were not to have behaved like barbaric 8th century animals, they might have rights. But these terrorist deserve nothing. The democratically elected HAMAS to represent them and they got what they deserved. On the other hand look at the standard of living of Israel Arabs. They enjoy prosperity and a standard of living higher than any Arab country. Look at Arafat who was born in Egypt. He and all the others who are trying to escape Arab rape and murder are risking their lives to get to Israel for some possibility of hope. The fact is that PALs NEVER had a legitimate govt in Israel and they terrorist deserve nothing but wholesale deportation.
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