Maj.-Gen. Almog: Universal jurisdiction used to delegitimize Israel
Published: 30.11.08, 17:08
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1. Yesh Gvul is paid
Alex ,   LA, USA   (11.30.08)
by the same people who support attacks India, Israel, US.
2. Why does the UK not adopt her laws
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.30.08)
as the Belgians did ? If a complaint is lodged against an alien citizen for alleged "crimes against humanity" , and his country has democratic justice , the files are transmitted to this country . Remember the Sharon case , and another against a USA [general or politician ] for alleged crimes against humanity .
3. Double Standard For Islomonazis
Yoni ,   Chiloquin   (11.30.08)
When will killers like Abbas with a litany of crimes and murders that would fill volumes be arrested? For centuries Europeans have used Jews as their perennial excuse for anything from hangnails to war. Now that we have our own country they must devise intricate schemes punish us anew. The Jewish whipping boy mentality is ensconced into the very DNA of these blatant Jew haters. They also claim that the only roadblock to peace in the middle east that has been consumed by war since the advent of islam is the arabs in Gaza and Judea and Samaria? Briton worked for many decades to stop the implementation of the Palestinian homeland for Jews. They aided in the slaughter of millions of Jews by not letting them freely immigrate to an area assigned to them by a standing international treaty. Why weren't Britons arrested for those crimes? So now Jews have been demeaned to the level of pirates and accused of Genocide? Even with the Fatah and Hamas charters still specifying the destruction and murder of all Jews in Israel? I ask you all, what is wrong with this picture?
4. What The Heck?
Larry ,   zefat Israel   (11.30.08)
I would be amongst the first to defend Almog normally ,but after watching the I.D.F heartlessly evict thousands of jews from their homes in Gush Katif,and for what ? more Kassams?I have at least temporarily lost sympathy.In fact,I relish that there is some form of twisted justice.Hashem certainly works in strange ways.Nevertheless,Doron Almog was once a hero and should really not run away now.He should go to the U.K and call the bastards' bluff.Create an international stink and embarrass the so impartial british justice system.
5. Israel Chooses Path Of Least
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (11.30.08)
Resistance,and consequently gets cornered every time.
6. Almog Is Cowardly
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (11.30.08)
Sorry to say it,he should be on the first plane to England and call their Bluff.Come on Brits,want to make an international incident out of it? 12 Year old settler girls are prepared to go to jail for their beliefs.
7. Maj.-Gen .chicken.
sami ,   son of yaffa   (11.30.08)
8. Piece of what?
Amir ,   Canada   (11.30.08)
All fascists tend to crumble towards the end. The war criminal is afraid to set foot in the uk. Many more to follow in many other places.
9. #3
Amir ,   Canada   (11.30.08)
what about judeonazis...they kill and claim victimhood? Can you agree on that?
10. Lawrence , 12 year old don't know what they do
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (11.30.08)
and they are [ eventually ] judged here , in Israel , and they were against the LAW . Almog did'nt do anything wrong . Will you pay for his expenses ? will you be in his place when arrested ? No of course , only courageous with words .
11. #2
Is your post meant as a joke? Do you really want jiustice to be served by being the judge jury and executioner?
12. Yesh Gvul's funding should be investigated
Tahl ,   Israel   (11.30.08)
Indeed I find it very interesting to know who funds this group, as well as others such as Gush Shalom, Machsom Watch, Peace Now, Women in Black, Anarchists against the wall, Courage to Refuse, and of course Yossi Beilin.
13. to 9
smith   (11.30.08)
Wow, a "turnspeaker" in action, you are good exemple of "Turnspeak". I give you an A+
14. # 10 If He Did Nothing Wrong
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (11.30.08)
He does not have to run or hide.I have been in jail,although I dread ever returning I would do if I had to make a stand.You do not know me so kindly shut your trap and do not judge.
15. Fight fire with fire?
Awake   (11.30.08)
Israel should probably look into filing complaints against all those prisoners and other known militants and terrorists among the many Palestinian organizations. Submit all intelligence she has on them when filing the complaints. Then ask/demand for international investigations into the funding going towards these groups (Including giving a shout out to the Dutch for all of the funding towards racist texts they provided). Then file further complaints against those fuding the groups. However, since I have little faith in many of you, I must stress the complaints being legitimate. So the moral standing is higher than that of the British groups who exercised discrimination on Israelis simply because they were Israeli.
16. # 10 Unless Israel /Almog Stands Up
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (11.30.08)
For himself,no Israeli will be able to safely travel anywhere.If you were smart you would understand that.I am not the one who needs to be courageous in this instance.
17. Good for Almog!!
Cynthia ,   USA   (11.30.08)
He found a way to participate in the conference and bypassed these hypercrites in the UK who turn a blind eye to Palestinian terror. I hope they realize their racist boycott attempts against Israeli academics were totally illegal. So much for legalities.
18. thank you general Almog
mdhalevy ,   EIlat/LA   (11.30.08)
Thank you for being a General in the IDF. I thank you for any terrorist acts you prevented that might have killed or mutilated me or other Israelis, who are alive and walk and talk whole bodied because of you. This antiIsraeliness you suffer from now is part of what you pay to protect us - Todah Rabah, G-D bless you. Love, An Israeli
19. I guess all readers are supposed to know what yesh gvul is
Hen   (12.01.08)
I understand it means "there is a limit to everything" literally "there is a border" but who are they?
20. almog
elliot ,   vancouver   (12.01.08)
a hero and right on the law --thank you for all of what you have done
21. The Israeli legal system
Jerrold Cohen ,   Seal Beach, USA   (12.01.08)
Since the Israeli legal system is structured to violate international law often, what's wrong with avoiding the Israeli legal system? If it weren't for the US veto, Israel would probably have been thrown out of the UN years ago.
22. #21 Really?
Cynthia ,   USA   (12.01.08)
What international law is the Israeli legal system structured to violate and when was the last time this international law was violated? Also, which international law allows the Palestinians to launch hundreds of kassams into Israel?
23. #22 Just Ignore The Fool
Lawrence ,   zefat Israel   (12.01.08)
#21 Jerrold has a chip on his shoulder because he was born with the name Cohen,a self-hating jew.Not to mention that he is also not the smartest kid on the block.
24. Lawrence ,
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.01.08)
For GOOD [ not you ] Israelis he did'nt do anything wrong . For the complaining in UK , he did . Someone who spend a time in jail should keep quiet , and not be proud of it .
25. Lawrence , the "courageous" in arm chair
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (12.01.08)
Knowing he did'nt do anything wrong , why should he go and spend a time in arrest ? But you , of course , the "smart" one , can't understand it .
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